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  1. It’s gonna be a fat Neutral From me. I personally don’t see you interacting with the community much. The application itself is... well... below subpar. I’m willing to change my decision based on if you put more effort into your application, interact with people outside of your regiment, actually communicate with the server and try and make yourself well known.
  2. Anything is edible if you’re brave enough.
  3. Neutral. Leaning towards +1 Your pac examples are good, however your activity is scuffed.
  4. I enjoyed Dora the Explorer Movie #2. It provided a unique perspective on life.
  5. BUMP I've updated my response slightly, changes are underlined. Got around 3 days gametime, as it reset recently. I'm also Del Meeko from Inferno
  6. +1 Genuinly one of the nicest person on the server. You'd do great as a moderator
  7. Im gonna be a ski instructor next year!!!! hehe poggers
  8. thing is, i dont get warned
  9. BUMP Being one of those event master guys would be pretty cool. Spawn NPC's brrrrrrrrr.
  10. Hello Mauler oh ma gad. Here my onion opinion How to fix army for dummies v342 1. Remove Shadow. Replace with RANCOR or SCAR or another regiment. 2. Decrease slots of EVO and SKY to 8 (8 is gamer number) 3. Remove Tasers from NOVA (sorry my friends) 4. A long shot. But Merge SK & NOVA Reason being NOVA don't really do anything outside of events. Except shooty shoot. So why not merge them. IHC can request SK guards when they want them. Shock struggling for numbers and the appeal of the regiment has been pretty bland lately. So merge the two, pr
  11. Just value your RP life. Dont run in front of miniguns for revive HAHA
  12. @Josh1. You haven’t been in Storm Commandos, so how would you know what they do. 2. All of the 501st are doing EXTREMELY well. There is literally no need to change anything about it. 3. They have a lot of people in it. They are actually very active. Doing a lot better than most regiments :eyes:
  13. +1 hideyoshi kinoshita is a cool dude
  14. I'm just going to add my 2 cents to this conversation. Again as Theta said, don't take this to heart, these are just my opinions on why Army is failing. -Why would you want to join Army when you could join COMPNOR, Sith or NAVY? We all saw from later July then all through August, a LARGE majority of the server were involved in every other branch besides Army, I think it got the point where there were literally less than 10 army on with 70 players total. I think this mainly came down to the appeal of each branch. For example, why join Shock when I could just join ISB. Or why join sha
  15. BUMP Drop a comment. that would be cool
  16. BUMP Feel free to leave a comment!
  17. Another Application.... See ya soon! (Ceebs that)
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