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  1. Deadset hop on for it and ill let you
  2. Note: I have permission from MGMT & Resolutions to Comment Here. -1 As the person hosting the training, and having seen you playing the server first hand. This ban is 100% warranted. Context for people that weren't on the server at the time, Dodger had logged onto the server during an event, and was doing quests on DEFCON II, consequently being AOS'd. Sure, simple mistake, nothing punishable OOC wise, but really isn't appropriate for a Roleplay server. Then proceeded to dodge and not deal with the AOS, he decided to, almost 30 minutes later, enter the hanger and interrupt a
  3. Despite popular opinion, this post isn't a a shit post, nor am I taking the piss. The Concept: An Interactive Vault. How would it work? 2 Vaults will be available on the star destroyer, one of which can either be in ISB or The Brig. The other, being in IHC. This vault will be accessible to ISB / SK (NCO+) & IHC/IA. These people can deposit roleplay credits & invoices from other branches. These invoices are created by Imperial Administration, in their sub branch, GOV. These invoices will be accompanied by an automatic balance depending on the amount of security on. M
  4. The last video I'm gonna make for this server. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxOi35ZhRcA
  5. oh man, just wanted a chilli bin
  6. If we make a group project, do all of us get a tier upgrade, (3 people) ?
  7. IA are recruiting! Potential to be chunky! 

    1. [IG] Tackxo
    2. TeeKay


      Are kiwi voices mandatory?

  8. When does the Pac3 competition end, i want tier 3
  9. Message me dude Quinny#8607
  10. Question 1 What year was Rogue One released? 2001 Question 2 Who has the highest body count in history? (Name and number) Arkan. Question 3 What does LOL stand for? Lovely Oranges Question 4 What is 4x4+4+10x2+9 = ? 49 Question 5 What is my playtime in weeks? None Question 6 What are the 3 Government branches in relation to the separation of powers in Australia? ISB Question 7 What year was the first atom bomb used in action and what location? Your last quiz Question 8 Who directed the film 127hours? R
  11. Back Again. After a long few months on the slopes, I'm back. On a real, who recruitin
  12. Pffft, ping launcher and a trusty heavy
  13. Uhh, maybe not. Getting my information is a google search away. I submit
  14. Hey Anderson! wanna answer some of my personal questions on the forums for some credits?!
  15. I’m also giving out 300k to anyone that knows my card numbers, bsb & account numbers, my TFN and my Centrelink CRN. good luck!
  16. Binny

    My room.

    Or men #freethehomiedequavies
  17. Here’s my favourite tunes Rn: - - - - Best Part, Daniel Ceaser - Lost Boy, Jaden - Covered in Chrome, Violent Soho - something I said, bakar
  18. Thanks for being competent and cute
  19. See you next week!
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