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  1. These discord moderators are wielding. Freedom of speech must be allowed. Unban him.
  2. +1 Imperial Gaming should encourage people like Clarence to be open with what they say, and have real conversations. Not just, "you said this, ur dumb - ban." It isnt a privilege to be on the server, its a privilege to have people wanting to play. Unban the dude.
  3. realest mf out there
  4. Yes, yes you can.
  5. As by the title, im deleting Gmod. Was fun playing with yall over the past 2 years, but IG just isnt what it once was. I'll be forfeiting my tier 2 pac and other shiz, message me if u want my credits. Bye Bye, Binnlargo x
  6. why would we remove IA? Who would do all the tests?
  7. if your in the gutter for a few weeks over a SWRP rank, than idk why u would take the risk to do it...
  8. Binny

    see ya

    Bogas binted
  9. Unreliable Roleplay. Unstable Maps. All offships are the same. Nothing is unique. Always, attack this place, regain this outpost, take back this place. Crap RP. Fix: Have passive roleplay set by the EM's. Have an EM for a branch, have them engaging in shiz EM's like Yeff are lazy
  10. I'm picking what ever team the 501st pick
  11. Where’s the PAC 3 tier upgrade at?!? What the heck. This is my time to shine
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