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  1. BUMP Updated Playtime: 4 Weeks Compforce Commader [CL4] > Inquisitor Initiate [CL1] Bitta Fun
  2. Binny

    Dictator Binne

    Sup Gamers. Here is my first project apart of the Media Team. Hope you Enjoy!
  3. Baby Come Back!! You can blame it all on me!
  4. Another Bump! Here is another example. As Clover mentioned, he wanted to see some more variety with my Pacs, so i developed a Rescue Trooper PAC for the Medical Troopers. As per PAC restrictions, tier 1 arent allowed to use Jiggle's on the server, i messed around with them on PAC with the following example for a couple models. This first perspective shows the front view of the pac, clearly visible is the glowing green eyes, green left shoulder armour plate, followed by some bacta bombs strapped to the build and the green coloured legs. This next view shows the modified b
  5. "lets go to the other side! thatll piss them off!"
  6. BUMP Updated Game Time - 3 weeks, 2 days.
  7. HUGE +1 Jones is definitly a player that would represent the staff team well. He is active, knows the rules very well and is a very friendly & respectful person. Good Luck!
  8. +1 I like ya pacs. Hope you get it!
  9. +1 Mature, Knows the rules. Shows staffing qualities.
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