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  1. You know what, Yeff does serve a good point. I mean the purpose of this post was to get others opinions as it is a suggestion. I agree with Yeff
  2. Pretty self explanatory, I’d imagine it would be pretty easy to add. Concept is you can activate “Kill Counter” mode to start counting how many EC / NPC kills you gain whilst it’s activated. Users would literally gain nothing from this, and it would just be a statistic. Yes this isn’t a Call Of Duty match of a server, and people should still roleplay with the EC’s. But I would like to see how many Event Kills and NPC’s we tally up during a fun little event.
  3. Wednesday. https://youtu.be/du-TY1GUFGk
  4. +1 Whilst having to download the video's is a pain in the arse. Your pac examples are great. I can see that you know how to utilize importing custom materials, adding bumpmaps, importing a nice coat (might be twists) and other tier 1 components on your examples. Blaze is an extremely friendly person to talk to on an OOC level and takes his roleplay extremely seriously. Defiantly a worthy applicant of Tier 1. Good Luck!
  5. Look, Ill shed my opinion. Whilst having heaps of medics is great, as being revived to continue roleplay is very handy. But I do have to agree with Greyback here. It deters from regimental roleplay as medics are constantly running around the ship having to revive / heal people. I believe (forgive me If Im wrong) the only reason the medic slots became a thing was because the actual medic regiment itself was suffering immensely due to poor leadership, a pretty toxic pre existing community & unexperienced members trying to roleplay without any teaching. With Cammers around a
  6. With the addition of more ranks for Commanding Officers, their capped rank being at colonel for base regiments. Does that mean that the 2IC’s of the base regiment have the opportunity to achieve ‘commander’?
  7. --------------BUMP-------------- just to clarify for new members reviewing my application, those February warns are from 2020. An entire year ago
  8. I dont remember asking dude
  9. +1 Whilst he may be a complete idiot whilst on the server. He knows how to separate roleplay and out of character. He can decipher what is and isnt roleplay.
  10. Look, is there potential? Absolutely. Does the application best represent you, Garry? No. Whilst you’re from the UK, there are quite a few basic spelling mistakes and grammatical errors littered throughout the application I want you to take Hyperion's feedback and gain more experience in the community. Mainly engaging with the server. This is really simple to do, you can participate in events, join public TS channels with others. Simply engaging with others in the community will exponentially increase your chances of getting accepted for Moderator. Nevertheless I wish yo
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