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  1. Would do well for a couple months. then would die. @SiegeMonkey should tell us why we shouldn’t pretty please
  2. Varactyl Squad will return, whether you like it or not.

  3. Good Luck Greyback with what ever life brings you, I’m sure you will succeed. Maybe one day we can recreate something similar to what we all had in shock with misahu, sterling etc. Nevertheless, o7
  4. Isn’t the entire point of progressing in the army to one day achieve AHC? Or are commanding officers just not doing anything and getting promoted for it?
  5. Lol. Regiments aren’t the issue, neither are slots or loadouts. It’s the our issue, the community. The reason why these issues have been around for so long, similar to what mongo stated, is that no one does anything interesting. Imperial Gaming thrives of conflict and drama, that’s what keeps everything interesting. When I look back at a more successful time of IG ( Early 2020) it makes me think of having all these CO’s and high ranking users not having any real care for their rank, they are there to have fun, and that rank compliments their regiments enjoyment. Examples of this were
  6. This is why I love you… hot choccy hits the spot for me right now tho
  7. Best Thrawn. o7 Rad Cop
  8. +1 Just unban the fella, his malicious actions towards the server were years ago. No point dwelling over what was said years ago and taking action about it now :eyes: . I think both sides showed a lack of maturity and I’m recommending that he is unbanned from the IG discord and another senior staff member is too overseer and watch over what things are said in the future.
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