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  1. Don’t worry, Riot is there. Just under a different name
  2. 2 minutes 35 seconds. Fastest hands in the west
  3. Kid Laroi is goated. don’t even try and say otherwise
  4. Please read the pac guidelines before applying please. You need 1 week game time, and to provide pac examples
  5. This all would have been avoided, If Arkan just gave the man the romantic dinner date...
  6. Correct me if im wrong, but this is Imperial Gaming Forums. Not Master Chef... nah jk, love u greyback
  7. +1 Mongo is mature, active, knows gmod mechanics like the back of his hand and I haven't had any bad experiences with him. He would be a great asset to the EM team and would I think he would help everyone alot.
  8. Binny


    In all honesty, I personally don't like the change to reload every time you pull out a shotgun. Whilst I do understand that it was heavily abused by a few individuals and was done by many, I think that those users should be punished with warns instead of the whole server being forced to reload one of their primary weapons. (Shock = DP23 )
  9. Binny


    Ah yes. Thank you for those hits on those particular people ;eyes;
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