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  1. Cooking mama I really can’t remember my first but I remember ‘The Smelly Mystery’, Atari games, Sims 1 and Spyro: Shadow Legacy on Nintendo ds Now to go back and replay them all and see if they’re still fun hmm
  2. Omg thank you for reminding me I forgot to get back to them :O
  3. Yes I dooo @SCHEFF
  4. thank you I'm glad you like it c: eeeeeee
  5. cool new posters and chocolate no way :O have fun poster makers maybe I will put my unpaid in chocolate design homework on the back burner for two weeks
  6. Mouse


    bye bye Chrissy ;^;
  7. After reading this post, very much looking forward to it (and the 27th/28th of March). thank you for liking the art c:
  8. Fallout, COD, Assassins Creed, TLOU, TWD, LIS, anything gay, nostalgic or that makes my heart hurt Arthur's Pet Chase.
  9. or never using their mic in game ever again...
  10. Just to clear things so people don't think we just wonder up there, Vader's Fist have an agreement with Navy where we serve as guards up there and therefore VF have access to guard that area as long as a CL3+ VF is present. We also guard the BSD when DT or NOVA are not present to guard it. This was introduced a while back while Craig was still in the regiment. Edit: damn it storm you beat me to it, sorry for repeating their points ;p
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