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  1. or never using their mic in game ever again...
  2. Just to clear things so people don't think we just wonder up there, Vader's Fist have an agreement with Navy where we serve as guards up there and therefore VF have access to guard that area as long as a CL3+ VF is present. We also guard the BSD when DT or NOVA are not present to guard it. This was introduced a while back while Craig was still in the regiment. Edit: damn it storm you beat me to it, sorry for repeating their points ;p
  3. +1 Good luck Swift these look really cool c:
  4. +1 Demon is a pleasant member of the community to be around and seems to be a fair, mature and creative person overall. From her time in Vader's Fist, even as a Private, she was a hard worker and dedicated time to bettering herself in all areas especially ones she was new to (like climbing, using tools, being a support, making dupes, etc.). I think this shows her dedication to learning new skills and constant improvement which I'm sure would transfer well into the role of trial moderator. Good luck on your application Demon c:
  5. +1 Chrissy has proven to be a mature, friendly and thoughtful person as well as an active member of the community. Definitely a worthy candidate c: My experiences with him (and the times I have seen him interacting with others) have always been positive. I would trust him to be an honest, hard working and welcoming member of the staff team. Good luck!
  6. +1 Pro is a dedicated and active member of the community who I believe would do a great job as part of the Moderator team. He is courteous and tries his best to help others where possible. Good luck Pro, I know you've wanted to do something like this for a while so good on you for finally going for it <3
  7. +1 Storm has shown great dedication to his role as a CL3 in Vader's Fist which would easily transfer to a position in the Event Master team. Recently he has been working hard in writing, building and organising enjoyable events for the entire 501st Legion to be involved in and I admire his work. I liked the ideas he included in his application and look forward to seeing more of his work. Good luck c:
  8. I could take this a billion times and get the same thing ;^;
  9. Thanks, not good photo but I painted the controller to match it
  10. Steam Name: [IG] Mouse SteamID32: 474741762 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198435007490/ Age?: 19 What Part of the community are you from? Imperial RP Server Which design programs do you use? - Photoshop - Procreate How well do you work under deadlines? I'm working on working better under deadlines, due to my conditions I may need extra time.
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