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  1. +1 Chrissy has proven to be a mature, friendly and thoughtful person as well as an active member of the community. Definitely a worthy candidate c: My experiences with him (and the times I have seen him interacting with others) have always been positive. I would trust him to be an honest, hard working and welcoming member of the staff team. Good luck!
  2. +1 Pro is a dedicated and active member of the community who I believe would do a great job as part of the Moderator team. He is courteous and tries his best to help others where possible. Good luck Pro, I know you've wanted to do something like this for a while so good on you for finally going for it <3
  3. +1 Storm has shown great dedication to his role as a CL3 in Vader's Fist which would easily transfer to a position in the Event Master team. Recently he has been working hard in writing, building and organising enjoyable events for the entire 501st Legion to be involved in and I admire his work. I liked the ideas he included in his application and look forward to seeing more of his work. Good luck c:
  4. I could take this a billion times and get the same thing ;^;
  5. Thanks, not good photo but I painted the controller to match it
  6. Steam Name: [IG] Mouse SteamID32: 474741762 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198435007490/ Age?: 19 What Part of the community are you from? Imperial RP Server Which design programs do you use? - Photoshop - Procreate How well do you work under deadlines? I'm working on working better under deadlines, due to my conditions I may need extr
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