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  1. You're treating him like he is fucking worthless. He was a trusted member of the community, he's done work for it, he's spent his personal time helping it but he decided to break some rules, boohoo, unfortunate. But you're treating it like this man has GOT TO GO, he broke some rules, but he's probably more than aware on what he's done wrong. Kumo probably has friends on the server he wants to play with and he probably spent so much time on Imperial Gaming because he GENUINELY enjoys this community and server. You're just throwing away everything he's ever done away by labeling him as the
  2. Appo

    Unban Appeal: Appo/BK

    Let me clarify that BK was the one that was previously banned, I have not been banned before.
  3. Steam Name: Appo | BK Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46327903 (Appo) | STEAM_0:1:87643766 (BK) In-game Name and Rank: Senior Crewman Brass of the Imperial Navy | Private BK of the Stormtrooper Corps How long was the ban: 3 days (Appo) | Permanent Ban (BK) Staff who banned you: Moose. When was the ban: Approximately 10:00 pm on the 18/01/2018 (day of writing this appeal). Reason for ban: trolling ~ you should know better (Appo) | trolling after previous unban (BK) Explain the situation: BK and I (a very close friend) were under different alias' in the Imperial Gaming Te
  4. Appo

    Joint Chief Idea

    Something like this should be kept very simple by only reserving it to groups like MHC, Navy and ISB. These are the important branches of the Empire's Military and are primarily the ones on the server that make the biggest impact (roleplay-wise). Involving other regiment commanders will make the whole establishment redundant; also, Stormtrooper Commanders don't qualify for "chiefs of the Imperial Army" If a large amount of higher-ups on the server are being involved with such a prestigious and well-appointed group of officers, there's no real point to it as it's going to end up becoming
  5. You should read the OP, never implied it should be given access to everyone as only specialised stormtrooper helmets were fitted with this type of technology. I still agree with you on only few groups on the server receiving the thermal vision. OP for reference: The thermal through walls is an easy adjustment the manager can make (its a simple true or false statement) if that's going to be a problem.
  6. Just to show that the thermal vision isn't as OP as you would think. There's around 10 'thermal' signatures in this picture at the platform in front. They are close to being invisible and it is almost impossible to tell who or what they are in thermal view (distance is 4 lambda shuttles away so it's a good amount). In fact, you can see most of them perfectly fine without thermal vision, being wall hacks or too overpowered shouldn't be much of a problem. Also regarding the cloak, its intention is to provide a balanced but effective tool for troopers to use. I understand how the current clo
  7. Currently if you walk away from the thermal targets, their 'thermal' reading just completely blurs out to the point where you can't differentiate between ally, foe or NPC (you can barely tell if there is anyone there besides a faint blur of light). If anyone really wants to have a test, you can jump onto my single player with me and test it out (it has a very small download requirement so it is a very light addon).
  8. Don't really want one or need one. I'm doing this voluntarily, that means the content isn't specifically reserved for Imperial Gaming's use only; however, I generally make it for you guys.
  9. I present "Thermal Vision" and the "Cloaking Device" as new SWEPs I developed today. Thermal Vision: Allows you to see heat signatures through walls and in the area (NPCs and Players). Can be toggled with the SWEP. Cloaking Device: Generates a cloaking field around the user. Lasts for 45 seconds and provides medium-cloaking when moving and maximum when stationary. Weapons are not cloaked and when you are damaged, your cloak reveals the user slightly (NPCs do not target cloaked personnel). (Ignore the errors in the videos, they're from other addons in my s
  10. I'm aware the addon has been added to the server but I haven't seen it used to its full extent (pretty much used twice to test and once for debrief). I believe the !orders command has been restricted to most staff (which shouldn't be the case in my opinion) or staff aren't aware it exists on the server (ulx orders or !orders) which is why the command has rarely been used in the past few days where lots of situations could of benefited from it. Is this true?
  11. I was going to do that but it takes too long for me to photoshop the stupid guy.
  12. he finally released the map, the absolute mad man
  13. Hey it's me Appo (pretty sure no one knows me anymore) and I have a new addon that I've made. It's a ULX command that displays a transmission from "Imperial High Command" with a message (typed up by an admin or EM) to everyone on the server. It currently works on all resolutions and I'm pretty sure there is no performance hindrance when using the command. It'd be a pretty cool addition to the server. Thoughts?
  14. I see what you did there frenchy, this means treason. >trash
  15. Appo


    I really don't think you need to put this in community announcements.
  16. All the weapons will be revamped very soon (big changes).
  17. Appo

    Event Photos

    You're also very good at AFKing.
  18. Thing is, if commander's are given such equipment, it won't be enough. Next they will ask for tasers as "they just run away."
  19. I agree. Defeats the purpose of requiring security regiments in 'said' situations. -1
  20. I completely agree with your standpoint. I failed to establish what I meant by "ON BASE Comply To". I meant it in the respect that if we have General Bob and Admiral Jeff (rank equivalent) on the same base, Admiral Jeff would have the authorisation to overrule General Bob's order (as Navy (according to cody or whoever) control the base's operations). I believe you thought I meant: A naval officer has the ability to overrule and order Imperial Army members IF they are stationed on the base (which I did not mean in any respect). I also do completely agree that a Commodore has no author
  21. Yeah I completely agree. It takes time to implement these things but it's better to establish them earlier than never. I agree, ISB doesn't involve themselves with other branches that much. I changed some of their information. On a side note, the ranks are extremely similar to what they are currently. Only difference is some have been renamed (for lore accuracy purposes) and some higher ranks have been added (which aren't essential).
  22. This new ranking system is supposed to provide a foundation of ranking and hierarchy. With this, it's almost impossible to have arguments on who out rules who as every single Imperial Military branch has the EXACT same amount of ranks allowing for an easy and accurate correlation of power. If the ranking system is fixed once, it won't need to be changed again.
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