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  1. Wow Nice, these suck. Like wowie... I hope you never make me one... Kurt, these are actually amazing please make me one in the future, they look astonishing, keep up the great work man...
  2. General Kenobi.... You are a bold one. Yo what up, welcome...back?
  3. Hello, it will be good to see you, hope you like it here.
  4. FrenchyFries


    Your welcome....
  5. "Before the dark times, before the Empire."
  6. +1 Most reasons have been stated but I do believe he would be good in this role.
  7. Some good detail in it. Very nice Pulse.
  8. +1 these look good and it would bee great to see you with Pac and what you could do with it. Ahem, why do you need a surrendering pose????
  9. FrenchyFries


    That was sadder than Rogue one.
  10. Please some one get that.
  11. Haha Anakin Skywalker killing all the younglings...
  12. You know... I hat Mouse Droids, they're course and rough and they get everywhere.
  13. FrenchyFries


    I dibs Mace Windu..... And if he's taken I'll take Shaak Ti or any other Jedi you have. Or no wait can I be Grievous?
  14. It just means you killed someone now, later, now... then. Yes if standing in another state you would kill someone 'then,now,then,soon,now' Calculated
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