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  1. Wow Nice, these suck. Like wowie... I hope you never make me one... Kurt, these are actually amazing please make me one in the future, they look astonishing, keep up the great work man...
  2. -1 You've pretty much just come back after leaving the server. I feel like you need to put in some time and effort first before expecting a staff position. Your situation itself does seem at the very least sketchy and I think you might want to gain/regain some trust.
  3. General Kenobi.... You are a bold one. Yo what up, welcome...back?
  4. Hello, it will be good to see you, hope you like it here.
  5. FrenchyFries


    Your welcome....
  6. Phase 2 armour prototypes came out about the start or end of the battle of Ryloth so that be interesting.
  7. "Before the dark times, before the Empire."
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