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  1. FrenchyFries

    Gday, I'm Kurt.

    Wow Nice, these suck. Like wowie... I hope you never make me one... Kurt, these are actually amazing please make me one in the future, they look astonishing, keep up the great work man...
  2. FrenchyFries

    Frenchy's Jedi Order Application

    Updated. Due to the server opening, I got some time on it and I was promoted on the Imperial RP server. Thought I might add some updates towards this.
  3. FrenchyFries

    Hello there, Again...Again

    Welcome back!
  4. FrenchyFries

    Sterling's Trial-Moderator Application

    -1 You've pretty much just come back after leaving the server. I feel like you need to put in some time and effort first before expecting a staff position. Your situation itself does seem at the very least sketchy and I think you might want to gain/regain some trust.
  5. FrenchyFries

    Hello There

    General Kenobi.... You are a bold one. Yo what up, welcome...back?
  6. FrenchyFries

    Coming Over from Republic Gaming.

    Hello, it will be good to see you, hope you like it here.
  7. FrenchyFries


    Your welcome....
  8. +1. He's done so much on his own I'd be hyped as all hell for what he could make with a full team. He's made some really good stuff and I believe he is a good choice. Pulse either way keep it up, it's gud.
  9. FrenchyFries

    First Event

    My monies on Ryloth.
  10. FrenchyFries

    First Event

    Phase 2 armour prototypes came out about the start or end of the battle of Ryloth so that be interesting.
  11. FrenchyFries

    CWRP Release Date & More Information

    "Before the dark times, before the Empire."
  12. FrenchyFries

    Braino's Trial Mod Application

    +1 Most reasons have been stated but I do believe he would be good in this role.