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  1. Bump Updated Playtime and Name
  2. Hard +1. Every now and again when I jump into the 107th discord, I can see curly working on pac3 even after working on this application. He has a clear desire to try and make the best PAC3 that he can. Curly's also very dedicated to the server and has done wonders for Nova as a whole.
  3. I realise this went a little off track, but on the topic of lore characters I would like to make a few statements. That said, I do agree that those at higher ranks really need to have the option to just not be a lore character so they can achieve a certain rank. Since I became the role of Kallus, I would agree that my RP has been a bit limited in certain departments. I've often had to ask myself, does this make sense for the character to be doing? E.G as Kallus, I stopped using bounty hunters, or purposely made life easier for rebel ec's and the like. That said, there have been so many mo
  4. Only thing that I could think that would be a great addition would be a meeting/conference room outside of the throne room that can be used for passives and the like. Having the brig elevator connect to what I assume is COMPNOR is a really nice touch. HMU if you want contributions towards textures, I can offer some money to make that happen.
  5. Steam Name: yeff SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:198364012 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/VenomYeff/ In Game Name: Initiate Anton (INQ) Time Played Imperial RP: 3 weeks. I had two weeks prior to that so I have five weeks total, but I was one of the unfortunate individuals who had their time wiped due an issue with the server a while ago. The playtime on the server is incredibly similar, but I can provide the metadata from the "prior to reset" image if required, as I believe I deleted the footage I ripped it from a while ago in a cleanse of m
  6. i'm pretty sure this dude is like Maximillions cousin or something
  7. Maximillion Thoughbred the IV was minding his own business when the Grand General decided to remove a donut from his office. Maximillion, being the resourceful type decided to ask what he could do to get his donut back. The Grand General told him to do 100 laps of MH1. Maximillion being the dedicated ISB member that he is, then did this. At about lap 52, Emperor Palpatine decided to show up to help Maximillion get through the exercise in a faster fashion. After a few warm ups, he dispatched the Royal Guard to motivate Maximillion.
  8. As someone who has been in ISB for 50+ days, I can't say that I haven't noticed this. There have been a few times when people have tried to insert themselves into ISB matters despite being IC completely unqualified. I personally don't agree some of your other statements, I would just like to say that having access to the shock arrest records, I can tell you right now that fewer AOS's are being placed now than they were a few months ago. While this could be attributed to the influx from COVID-19, after checking the records back from 2018-2019, it is apparent that during those times AOS's were p
  9. Lothal would certainly be a fun map for me.
  10. Sounds like something I'd title one of my reports.
  11. While I agree with Theta to a degree, I would still rather like OOC progression to be kept. That said, the Bonus Gun Perk makes things way too accessible. I'm not even in a combat reg, but after getting the Weapons perk I was able to complete my EC kill quest within two events after hitting level one of the quest. I think it is clear that something needs to change. As IHC Theta is able to see how these weapons effect the army and their recruitment. I'm sure some people will complain if something like this happens but I think the best way to solve this is clear, at least from my perspecti
  12. This summarises it well. The EC kill questline incentives people to push for kills and disregard teamwork. I have nothing left to add.
  13. Kris gonna abandon AWR for the Tie Defender program smh
  14. Neutral for now. I would just like to clarify that I would love to give a +1, however, I would like to wait for further pac examples before making a full judgement. Others have already pointed out the issues they see with the pac's. Personally, I think that the concepts are there, but the models and colours do tend to clash, making some of the pacs look aesthetically unappealing as Kamelieon said. My own knowledge of pac is fairly simplistic but I would recommend that you spend a bit more time making the models flow together a bit better and specifically, tint objects with colours
  15. yeff

    Star Wars: Squadrons

    Here's hoping some new models might come out of this down the line.
  16. Havana has demoted me on two separate occasions. +1
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