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  1. Hey Nox, while you do have a rather extensive list of offences, you've been extremely honest in regards to your bans and alting in this appeal. I'm going to be leaving a +1 as I think enough time has passed for you to fix issues and you seem to to be genuinely remorseful. 

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  2. I've been looking forward to this map for quite a while. It's great to see that it's almost within reach of being on the server. I've got high hopes that the map could almost become like a second home away from the star destroyer. Fantastic work from all those involved.

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      Inquisitor III Gunna, Acting Operative A. Bridges, Corporal yeff, SGT PT-4515
    • Time Played Imperial RP:
      6w 3d (plus two weeks that was lost because of a database stuff up)
    • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence
    • Have you used PAC3 Before?
    • Why should you be trusted with PAC3?
      I believe I would be trusted with pac due to the fact during my time as a staff member that I have been responsible with PAC. I'm well known within the community and have always attempted to push enjoyable RP experiences on those around me. I'd describe myself as extremely trustworthy as I have experienced the server from multiple different branches each of which I have been exemplary in. I've been extremely responsible with my staff position on the server and if I would continue that responsibility if entrusted with PAC3.


    • Why do you want access to PAC3?
      I desire access to PAC3 because it has become a key tool for me in developing my characters and RP. Pac has becoming part of the reason that I log onto the server and has become a core part of the enjoyment I derive from the server. I'd say that I'm average at pac, but I have a strong desire to improve since and learn from those around me. I will be updating this application with further and more detailed examples as I progress my understanding and usage of pac. There's not really many more ways to really express it, but I want access to pac, because for me it is an essential RP tool that part of the reason that IG is so enjoyable for me.


    • Why do you believe you deserve PAC3?
      I believe I deserve PAC as I am a trustworthy member of the community who enjoys using the tool. I have always endeavoured to create enjoyable RP for those around me and I believe I have been successful in doing so. I enjoy giving back to the community and have done so both prior to being an EM and after. I believe I deserve PAC due to my dedication and commitment to the server. I apologise that my responses are not very long, but there are only so many ways that I believe I can express my base responses and desire to obtain pac.

      I am fully aware that while I am in the staff team, I likely won't be accepted as I already have access to pac and if I was accepted it could possibly stop another individual who doesn't have access to pac from getting it who is outside the staff team. That said, pac has become something that is part of the reason why I enjoy my time on the server as much as I do and I hope that this application would be able to support me in gaining access to pac if I ever leave the staff team.


    • PAC3 Example 1:

    A Ninth Sister Pac that I've been working on. It features a hand replacement to replace the one that Cal cut off as well as various other additions and animations.

    • PAC3 Example 2:

    My Gunna pac. The original "Gunna" pac was based on boning of a pac that Razzle/Kro made, but I created this Pac from scratch

    • PAC3 Example 3:

    The Seventh Sister Pac I made. Rook is currently using a version of this Pac for his 7th sister that is modified to be Tier Three.

    • PAC3 Example 4:

    An RP commander Pac that I created for Inquisitorious Events

    • PAC3 Example 5:

    The Seeker droid up close that I created to appear like an ID-9 droid for inquisitors instead of an ID-10 Model


    • Pac Projects since submitting application

    Agent Kallus





    The Agent Kallus project that I've done was mostly spurred by the knowledge of the arrival of the new Lothal map. I decided to give him upscaled textures and put in his signature bo-gun, the model of which is modified to have a sharp knife on the top of it. This was my first proper time messing around with texture files, and while I didn't change anything, I'll be looking to actively edit more textures within future. I also put in the reload hold type for the Scatter Shotgun and the E-11 thats disguised as Kallus' gun. While I experimented on other models and found... mixed results regarding other more higher quality models when upscaling them, I think that I managed to fix the Kallus models faults, so if I ever go back to the role I won't be constantly reminded about my melting rank plaques. 



    ISB Operative PAC - 29/09/20




    This Pac would ideally be used by someone during the operative stage of ISB. The pac features a Gotal (in lore the ISB did actually possess some Gotal Agents, who's texture has been upscaled and edited in regards to the eyes. Most of this pac was finding and replacing textures due to my absolute hatred of the ISB Operative uniform. The pants texture was switched out for something slightly less monotone, and the armour piece has also been replaced. 

    I also included two unique events, one a toggle event that would raise the hands close to the face (stops doing it if you're not idling or begin other actions) and an event that's mostly just an imported ISB logo texture and some text. (I've included this as an imgur link so as in future to not make this entire application insanely long.


    ST Pac - 04/10/20




    This pac was constructed to suit my purpose's during my tenure within ST. It's a fairly simple military pac so it wasn't too lore defying, but I made a few simple adjustments to meet my needs. I made custom submaterials for the helmet alongside the armour to add wear and tear, alongside the backpack, which was just me covering up the backpack's medical logos so that I could use it to place my arsenal on. 



    Pilot Helmet inspired by Squadrons ISB Loyalty Officer Helmet - 05/10/20




    Just a Helmet that was inspired by the ISB loyalty officer Helmet from squadrons. Nothing special, just texture work with sub materials.


    Galactic Marine PAC - 1/11/20






    Purge Trooper PAC - 16/11/20





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  3. 2 hours ago, SCHEFF said:

    The real question is how does server lore differ from established Star Wars Canon/Legends lore?

    I know events such as the destruction of the Rishi Moon base have carried on to be staple events in the server's history, but don't necessarily hold true outside of the server. Would love to know if there are any other examples (i.e. Death of Moff Nile Owen, a Legends character)

    This is an especially good point to make with the Inquisitors. The way that I think is optimal to play lore characters for example depends on the character and player. Kallus for example is within server lore, a rebel at this point, yet the Grand Inquisitor is still alive and the Sovereign (the ISD that was destroyed during the GI's death) still exists despite these things being the wrong way round. I think a certain player agency comes in at this point. When I was Kallus and interacting with the GI, I merely bushed it off as him having nearly died but just escaping.

    Other inquisitors like the Second Sister, Sixth Brother and Tenth Brother are already long dead but still appear on the server. There's obvious problems with certain inquisitors not having died within server lore, like the Sixth as otherwise Asoka wouldn't have her signature white sabers. Others like the Ninth sister can be brushed off as she wasn't dealt a wound that we can say with any certainty could have killed her, (I personally am going for the Ninth and want to pac in a robotic hand to replace the one that Cal cut off). Essentially the way I look at it, is that while all of the important fights happened in which we saw inquisitors killed, ever one of them resulted in them being defeated but surviving the battles if just only.

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  4. +1

    Kevin's a great guy and a soon to be great sibling in Inquisitors. I have no doubt that he would be responsible with pac and he's often seen participating in events as a saber wielder or a normal trooper. I'm certain that he would happily utilise pac in events if his application is eventually accepted. My only criticism is that I'd recommend providing a few examples here and there of non-inquisitor pacs. 


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  5. While your previous application was exactly the same as the one you made quite a while ago which was accepted (which is why I didn't comment on your original application) I am happy to give this application a +1. You clearly have a strong desire to actually create enjoyable events on the server. While some might argue that your example events could use more detail, they (in my eyes) sufficiently capture the rundown for the event and give room for players to impose their own RP. You have previous experience as an EM and have helped create a great atmosphere within Inquisitorious. 

  6. +1.

    Storm is someone who is very self aware, and generally mature in how he approaches situations. During my second time joining the server, he was serving as a WOI, despite previously having achieved higher roles within the Regiment as he had the maturity to step down from the role while his activity had decreased. This along with his reasons for applying, make it clear for me that he is applying for the benefit of others rather than for his own interests. I'd also like to say, that while storm has occasionally participated within RP that is a bit more on the silly side, he has always been serious whenever it is needed. While the admittance that has difficulties talking to larger groups of people could be a potential issue, I have confidence that storm would be able to deal with this and greatly assist the EM team while putting on some truly creative events.

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  7. Massive +1 

    Pro has been one of the most consistent individuals that I have seen on the server. During my time in VF he was an amazing CO, with a great game sense and ability to RP. Pro has a massive dedication to the server (as seen by his rank and activity) and is someone who I would easily place a massive amount of trust in to properly approach sits or deal with players not following the servers rules. I cannot recommend Pro enough for a staff role. Pro was and is able to always approach difficult or frustrating situations without being frustrated or having his mood impeded. He's extremely mature and respected within the community and is someone I would think of as a shoo in for the role of T-MOD. 

    Good Luck with your application.

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  8. The Master Chief Collection on PC on Legendary. I've managed to complete reach on legendary, but I'm less confident that I'll be getting through the others at a reasonable pace (I'm dreading the mission Cortana on Halo 3). Fucking hyped for ODST to be put on PC as well since it's one of my favourite campaigns.

    Also a bit of SWTOR here and there.

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  9. While I haven't interacted with him much, I've heard a lot of great things about legion/archon in regards to how he created  events for Purge/Inq that were run by EM's. I do like that you actively are looking to give more RP to regiments that are generally fairly insular when it comes to event participation.

    • Good Reasons for wanting to become an EM
    • Solid Event Ideas
    • Nice Guy few times I've interacted with him
    • Events could have more detail


  10. 1 hour ago, Bailey said:

    Do Navy get to write a report now? Is this like an eye for an eye thing? You logged into their console so they write a report about some rebels?

    Take my reports please.

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