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  1. I'd prefer #2 because I think it increases versatility of the army. That said the slots for some of the regiments might need to be altered down the line (although they're pretty understandable for our current server population). When it comes to implementation, I can see some issues arising from the fact that it could lead to a few overcap issues (particularly in 501st) but I really like the idea behind it. With more specialised roles, we could theoretically create more roleplay around attaining these roles like having to attend a medical lecture that gives a guide to creating good medical RP
  2. Holy fuck @Lucky clearly has a brain several magnitudes bigger than mine
  3. Would highly recommend it, from what I've played so far it's pretty epic.
  4. It took me a while to work out how to phrase this post. As a disclaimer I haven't been in army for a while (excluding a recent short tenure in ST's). Personally, I believe that the problem with Army is that it needs more individuals within it dedicated to creating and pushing RP during event downtime. Events on the server are primarily hostile server wides and generally this is how army primarily engages with roleplay on the server. I believe that CO's and Officers should be guided more in how to create RP for their regiment during downtime. Simple things like making unique dupes for training
  5. If I'm going to be completely honest, I think that the degradation of army has been an issue for some time and while it is true that Army hasn't gotten much new content recently, it's also important to consider that in my opinion, people are sometimes failing to take initiative and create roleplay in downtime between events. While I might have missed it, and I haven't been in a real army reg for a long time, it just seems that army is less engaged. That said, there is one regiment that has been excelling in my eyes. As I was recently within ST's for 2 days, I can safely say that ST's are
  6. yeff

    Nox's Ban Appeal

    Hey Nox, while you do have a rather extensive list of offences, you've been extremely honest in regards to your bans and alting in this appeal. I'm going to be leaving a +1 as I think enough time has passed for you to fix issues and you seem to to be genuinely remorseful.
  7. yeff


    I've been looking forward to this map for quite a while. It's great to see that it's almost within reach of being on the server. I've got high hopes that the map could almost become like a second home away from the star destroyer. Fantastic work from all those involved.
  8. This is an especially good point to make with the Inquisitors. The way that I think is optimal to play lore characters for example depends on the character and player. Kallus for example is within server lore, a rebel at this point, yet the Grand Inquisitor is still alive and the Sovereign (the ISD that was destroyed during the GI's death) still exists despite these things being the wrong way round. I think a certain player agency comes in at this point. When I was Kallus and interacting with the GI, I merely bushed it off as him having nearly died but just escaping. Other inquisitors lik
  9. for those who can't be bothered to download the file
  10. The Master Chief Collection on PC on Legendary. I've managed to complete reach on legendary, but I'm less confident that I'll be getting through the others at a reasonable pace (I'm dreading the mission Cortana on Halo 3). Fucking hyped for ODST to be put on PC as well since it's one of my favourite campaigns. Also a bit of SWTOR here and there.
  11. yeff

    ISB in the Navy

    Take my reports please.
  12. I'll have you know I created that signature
  13. I realise this went a little off track, but on the topic of lore characters I would like to make a few statements. That said, I do agree that those at higher ranks really need to have the option to just not be a lore character so they can achieve a certain rank. Since I became the role of Kallus, I would agree that my RP has been a bit limited in certain departments. I've often had to ask myself, does this make sense for the character to be doing? E.G as Kallus, I stopped using bounty hunters, or purposely made life easier for rebel ec's and the like. That said, there have been so many mo
  14. Only thing that I could think that would be a great addition would be a meeting/conference room outside of the throne room that can be used for passives and the like. Having the brig elevator connect to what I assume is COMPNOR is a really nice touch. HMU if you want contributions towards textures, I can offer some money to make that happen.
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