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  1. I like the examples that you've given, but I'd like to see a slight few more examples. Others have already pointed out that you're a trusted member of the community and the like and make an excellent candidate. That said as you're obviously planning on using this as a stepping stone to T2, I'd advise you to practice by making some slightly more complex pacs.


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  2. +1. Craig was an amazing EM back when I joined the server and I believe he would be an amazing asset if given a place within the team again. He displays exemplary RP within game and knowns how to run things well and engage players. Craig has my full support and I hope that he can swiftly be re-implemented into the team if accepted.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Anderson said:

    +1, Aezir has previously shown that he has the ability to be a good EM for this server. The application itself has a good amount of detail in it and explains clearly enough why he left and why he wants to return, in addition to this the event ideas are quite well done and I look forward to seeing them played out. In terms of the whole leaving thing what can I say other than I completely understand, at the end of the day it is a game and real life always comes first. Best of luck with your application mate.

    +1 should have just taken an loa :(

  4. While you have included a document that is clearly from your CWRP days, I have to say that it's really, really good. This is the kind of stuff that would make an amazing rotation campaign. You've clearly competent, and while I haven't interacted with you much, and don't really know you I have to say that this is is a great application, you seem to be well known by other members of the community. That said while I've seen you around a small amount, I haven't gotten to really know you that well. However, I think that you'd be a great fit for the EM team and as such I'll be leaving a +1 on this application. However I am leaning toward neutral, purely just because I don't really know you too well. If my perspective changes, this comment will be updated but for now I think you'd be a great fit for the team.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Kristofer said:

    If I were to make a post like this, it'd be a shitpost as it's just clutter with not really much meaning.


    This would be something a little bit less of a shitpost. 



    Apply for the event master team!

    But Kris! What if I'm someone who loves roleplay and wants to be the best of the best, the elitist of the elite, the cream of the crop that is the event team!?! How would I join?!?!

  6. Mongo has previously been a great asset for the EM team, leveraging his Tier Three to hep create some truly memorable events. You've got previous experience, and in my opinion would be a good fit in the EM team. The event examples are well though through and unique, and it would be amazing to see these ideas fully realised on the server. My only note is that you can be somewhat open with your opinions, but have always managed to express them in respectful ways.


  7. 6 hours ago, Theta said:

    which one do you prefer?

    I'd prefer #2 because I think it increases versatility of the army. That said the slots for some of the regiments might need to be altered down the line (although they're pretty understandable for our current server population). When it comes to implementation, I can see some issues arising from the fact that it could lead to a few overcap issues (particularly in 501st) but I really like the idea behind it. With more specialised roles, we could theoretically create more roleplay around attaining these roles like having to attend a medical lecture that gives a guide to creating good medical RP and the like. Incentives to stay in the "normal" or base part of the regiment would also obviously need to be present like having lower health or the like. 

    The only weakness I can fully see with this concept would be the fact that that medic/heavy units might not be as common as needed depending on how commanders may choose to build their regiments. I'm certain that IHC could mitigate this however, and the problem could be fully solved by mandating a certain amount of support/medics needed across the army or baking medics into the base regiment if needed.

    Just as a closing note, the only part about #2 that I feel trepidation towards is how the 501st appears. It would break my heart if IC or SC were switched out at any time. Only thing I could think of that isn't a major switch up would be to increase 501st slots to 24 and make SC and IC permanent additions although it's fully understandable as to why that wouldn't be done. 

  8. 18 minutes ago, SCHEFF said:

    You can do a me and complain about regiments and people on the server.

    Otherwise, passive RP, whether created by our wonderful @Jman1308, an EM or yourselves, is a great way to pass time and makes the universe feel more alive (if you're into that sort of stuff). Do some housekeeping and errands for the Logistics Centre, grab some prescription pills and get a check-up at the Medical Bay, have a chat with others around the holotable. Just do things that enable a lot of talking and a lot /me's, and maybe some shooting mixed in.

    It's actually incredibly easy to create RP, but you gotta put in some thought into it.

    Ah yes roleplay

  9. It took me a while to work out how to phrase this post. As a disclaimer I haven't been in army for a while (excluding a recent short tenure in ST's). Personally, I believe that the problem with Army is that it needs more individuals within it dedicated to creating and pushing RP during event downtime. Events on the server are primarily hostile server wides and generally this is how army primarily engages with roleplay on the server. I believe that CO's and Officers should be guided more in how to create RP for their regiment during downtime. Simple things like making unique dupes for training or making themed combat dupes go a long way to engage players during downtime between events. 

    In my prior instance within ISB, I spent a lot of time watching people and its a behaviour that was hard to shake. In my opinion, CO's/officers could be taught how to engage their regiments more. My thoughts in regards to this mainly comes from how Joel/Tinky have been running STC. STC has managed to engage and actually build something great out of Stormtroopers which is phenomenal. STC constantly runs training, patrols and other roleplay in order to engage those within ST and it works amazingly. Honestly I think that if more people could take inspiration from STC that we would see a much healthier army.

    As a side note, I know I'm COMPNOR/ISB, and I know that we aren't viewed as the favourite regiment on the server by many people, but I've spent a lot of time and effort in trying to create and further RP both within and outside of when I'm running events. It genuinely gets tiring when we get the finger pointed towards us as a problem that ails the Army. Within my entire time within the ISB, we never had any continuous conflict with the army that lasted more than a day or that was malicious in intent. I've never had any dislike or distain to army and I've always had a soft spot for it. Me and the rest of COMPNOR aren't vicious players who want to rip everyone to shreds, we want to see Army and the server as a whole perform to the best of it's ability. 

    Regardless, to wrap it up I'm going to quote what @HenDoge said on another post that in my opinion says what I'm trying to say but in a much better way.



    It’s good leadership. Whenever a higher ranking member of ST Command is on, they’re giving everyone something to do. We’re going on patrols, setting up and guarding an unsecure area, even just transporting random boxes from point a to point b. The actual task itself matters less than the fact that it’s something to do that feels like a contribution to the ship. The reason that this is happening is because, fundamentally, there is someone at the top who is willing to suspend their own level of enjoyment in favour of giving others an experience that is desirable. If the most objectively weak and uninteresting regiment on the server can pull this off, there is absolutely zero excuse that another regiment can’t. It all boils down to having higher ranking members shift their perspective from “I’m here to have a fun RP experience” to “I’m here to GIVE OTHERS an enjoyable RP experience”. The Management, Staff, EM, and Dev teams can’t make this happen; It falls entirely on you as a player. RP on the server has to start somewhere, it doesn't just come out of nowhere. So why not make it start with you?


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  10. If I'm going to be completely honest, I think that the degradation of army has been an issue for some time and while it is true that Army hasn't gotten much new content recently, it's also important to consider that in my opinion, people are sometimes failing to take initiative and create roleplay in downtime between events. While I might have missed it, and I haven't been in a real army reg for a long time, it just seems that army is less engaged. That said, there is one regiment that has been excelling in my eyes. 

    As I was recently within ST's for 2 days, I can safely say that ST's are legitimately getting a fair share of RP and engagement with the server because of the efforts of STC. Storm troopers are legitimately the only regiment that I've seen regularly conducting patrols or the like. Storm Troopers are constantly kept engaged with constant training from STC or are assigned posts by STC. I don't wish to offend anyone, but I think more Officers need to take notice of how STC is doing their job and recreate it. I believe there needs to be a higher level of focus on how CO's/Officers choose to engage with their regiment and their responsibility to keep their regiment entertained during downtime between events. 

    I do agree however, that certain regiment's placings within the server needs to be closely examined. Specifically Shadow, which has consistently struggled for quite a bit. People will also point to regiments like Navy or ISB and say "slots should be cut", but these regiments tend to be niche and only appeal to a few people. ISB and Navy don't suffer from the same issues, because they constantly deal with RP that happens purely because of the nature of the Regiment. ISB is a pen-pusher regiment and Navy's combat literally comes from /roll. These regiments succeed because of what the CO's/Officers and personnel make of them. Regiments like PT do well, because unlike many others they're constantly pushed to be duelling inquisitors for training throughout the day alongside their unique and interesting RP. COMPNOR does well because they have constant RP! I'm often being assigned a report as ISB while CF have a range of CHC to guard or the like. This isn't replicated in army.

    DT also does well because they can be called on by anyone CL4+ as well as a variety of regiments and are a fairly hot commodity. As for Army, the collection of regiments (apart from ST's) that seem to be excelling are 501st who have managed to maintain a close knit community and have engaged in such programs as an agreement with Navy to guard the BSD at certain time's that they're called on. This is honestly something that seems to be missing from every other legion.

    That said I do support a slot change for Inquisitors, ideally I'd think that it would be a good idea to make PT like RST, and make it a requirement that you would have to be recommended or picked after working your way up to CL2 to become an inquisitor. 

    Also for people talking about Imperial Intelligence, the regiment has an extremely small slot size, comparable to Imperial Commandos.

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