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  1. +1

    Kevin's a great guy and a soon to be great sibling in Inquisitors. I have no doubt that he would be responsible with pac and he's often seen participating in events as a saber wielder or a normal trooper. I'm certain that he would happily utilise pac in events if his application is eventually accepted. My only criticism is that I'd recommend providing a few examples here and there of non-inquisitor pacs. 


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  2. While your previous application was exactly the same as the one you made quite a while ago which was accepted (which is why I didn't comment on your original application) I am happy to give this application a +1. You clearly have a strong desire to actually create enjoyable events on the server. While some might argue that your example events could use more detail, they (in my eyes) sufficiently capture the rundown for the event and give room for players to impose their own RP. You have previous experience as an EM and have helped create a great atmosphere within Inquisitorious. 

  3. +1.

    Storm is someone who is very self aware, and generally mature in how he approaches situations. During my second time joining the server, he was serving as a WOI, despite previously having achieved higher roles within the Regiment as he had the maturity to step down from the role while his activity had decreased. This along with his reasons for applying, make it clear for me that he is applying for the benefit of others rather than for his own interests. I'd also like to say, that while storm has occasionally participated within RP that is a bit more on the silly side, he has always been serious whenever it is needed. While the admittance that has difficulties talking to larger groups of people could be a potential issue, I have confidence that storm would be able to deal with this and greatly assist the EM team while putting on some truly creative events.

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  4. Massive +1 

    Pro has been one of the most consistent individuals that I have seen on the server. During my time in VF he was an amazing CO, with a great game sense and ability to RP. Pro has a massive dedication to the server (as seen by his rank and activity) and is someone who I would easily place a massive amount of trust in to properly approach sits or deal with players not following the servers rules. I cannot recommend Pro enough for a staff role. Pro was and is able to always approach difficult or frustrating situations without being frustrated or having his mood impeded. He's extremely mature and respected within the community and is someone I would think of as a shoo in for the role of T-MOD. 

    Good Luck with your application.

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  5. The Master Chief Collection on PC on Legendary. I've managed to complete reach on legendary, but I'm less confident that I'll be getting through the others at a reasonable pace (I'm dreading the mission Cortana on Halo 3). Fucking hyped for ODST to be put on PC as well since it's one of my favourite campaigns.

    Also a bit of SWTOR here and there.

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  6. While I haven't interacted with him much, I've heard a lot of great things about legion/archon in regards to how he created  events for Purge/Inq that were run by EM's. I do like that you actively are looking to give more RP to regiments that are generally fairly insular when it comes to event participation.

    • Good Reasons for wanting to become an EM
    • Solid Event Ideas
    • Nice Guy few times I've interacted with him
    • Events could have more detail


  7. 1 hour ago, Bailey said:

    Do Navy get to write a report now? Is this like an eye for an eye thing? You logged into their console so they write a report about some rebels?

    Take my reports please.

  8. I want to preface this by saying that I have absolutely nothing against you, and while I appreciate your presence on the server I cannot give this application anything other than a -1. There have been others that have come before you who have been a similar age, and have grown to have great reputations on the server, and obtained staff positions. However currently I believe that you lack the maturity or objectivity to be an effective moderator. 

    While I certainly see that you could grow to become like these specific individuals, I do not believe that you have reached that stage yet. The fact that you have continued to pursue this application does show a dedication to the server as does your fairly long tenure within MT. Down the line, when you have rectified the issues that others have pointed out, I believe that you could perhaps be reconsidered. However at this point I do not think that you are remotely ready. I honestly don't believe that currently that you would be able to handle sits or conflicts that might come up as a Mod well.  As others have said, it is clear that you have genuinely good intentions as well as being a prominent player. However, the other issues unfortunately outweigh these positives. Please do not take this feedback as a negative. Over time I'm certain you'll be able to mature into the mold of someone who would be able to hold a staff position within the future. 

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  9. Hard +1.

    Every now and again when I jump into the 107th discord, I can see curly working on pac3 even after working on this application. He has a clear desire to try and make the best PAC3 that he can. Curly's also very dedicated to the server and has done wonders for Nova as a whole. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, |Stryker| said:

    for question 10 I wanna say that I said they should allow people that obtain these High Command positions that are currently Lore character based to be able to be there own unique characters because it feels like right now your locked into this lore character role

    I realise this went a little off track, but on the topic of lore characters I would like to make a few statements. That said, I do agree that those at higher ranks really need to have the option to just not be a lore character so they can achieve a certain rank.

    Since I became the role of Kallus, I would agree that my RP has been a bit limited in certain departments. I've often had to ask myself, does this make sense for the character to be doing? E.G as Kallus, I stopped using bounty hunters, or purposely made life easier for rebel ec's and the like. That said, there have been so many more RP opportunities afforded to myself because I was lucky enough to go down the lore character route, interactions with Tarkin and other characters that interact with Kallus became much more meaningful and interesting, with my status as a lore character affording extra rp to those around me. Being a lore character can be difficult, especially when you come to higher rank lore characters. You might theoretically discover you don't like or suit the character after the fact, leaving you in a difficult position where at the higher ranks, you risk looking like you just took the lore role for the sake of it or looking uncommitted. 

    I haven't been under a lore character role for long, specifically I believe I've been in the role of Agent Kallus for exactly 38 days. I believe that lore character are to a certain extent, overpowered, but also extremely restricted and underpowered in other circumstances.  I can't speak for others, you yourself are a lore character and likely have a whole different experience to me. Other's point towards how difficult it is to punish lore characters, and while I think that is a very valid point, people can and have been punished by being removed from lore roles before. I think if we are to evaluate lore roles and their usefulness on the server, we really have to ask what is gained by adding these roles to the server on a case to case basis. There's also the matter of progressing the timeline which would possibly solve many of the lore character role (if we transferred to ABY) as it would annihilate 16 of the 32 approved lore character roles, however as stated in the Q&A, this won't be happening anytime soon.

    TL;DR: Lore Character roles have ups and downs and we should try to evaluate their usefulness to the server by asking if they add to RP on the server.

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  11. Only thing that I could think that would be a great addition would be a meeting/conference room outside of the throne room that can be used for passives and the like. Having the brig elevator connect to what I assume is COMPNOR is a really nice touch. HMU if you want contributions towards textures, I can offer some money to make that happen.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Noni said:

    Well summed up by Sinatra. Application is a little lacking in detail but I think he would be a good fit for the EM team after having positive interactions with him in-game as an IHC Secretary.

    +1 from me.

    • Steam Name:
    • SteamID32:
    • Steam Profile Link:
    • In Game Name:
      Initiate Anton (INQ)
    • Time Played Imperial RP:
      3 weeks. I had two weeks prior to that so I have five weeks total, but I was one of the unfortunate individuals who had their time wiped due an issue with the server a while ago. The playtime on the server is incredibly similar, but I can provide the metadata from the "prior to reset" image if required, as I believe I deleted the footage I ripped it from a while ago in a cleanse of my OBS files. I also still have images from the incident that caused those who logged on at the time to have their playtime reset proving that I was there.
    • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence:
    • Playtime Prior to Reset
    • Current Playtime
    • 1758312346_proofplaytimeupdated.jpg.14a812ba096c928ec2946a5c11c19c7b.jpg
    • Have you had any warns (If so state them)?
    • Have you had any bans (If so state them)?
    • Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)?


    • Why are you applying to be an Event Master?
      I am applying to be an Event Master because I believe that it would allow me to help create more interesting RP opportunities. I personally want to create more passive rp situations so that other players can entertain themselves between large scale combat events. I wish to create events which are less focused on combat, and more on creating opportunities. I believe that the events I want to create are events that the community would enjoy immensely. I desire to make events that have engaging concepts and the ability to transfer RP from the event into the downtime between the events. Creating events can be a lengthy progress and I am more than willing to put in that effort. I summary, I really just want to create events that people enjoy that allow for them to experience engaging rp.


    • What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team?
      I believe I can bring a good amount of creativity and dedication to the Event master team. I have a good amount of document writing experience and I believe that I can create events that immerse the community, while allowing for events that's direction can be driven by the community. I believe that my events would be highly engaging and would make the most use of the powers granted to EM's. I am highly dedicated towards creating RP and love affording people opportunities to experience a world or event I've crafted. Slowly escalating events with raising tension that push players to their limits are something that I believe with practice I could perfect making, letting people feel like they're only just overcoming the obstacles in front of them by the skin of their teeth allowing for players to feel accomplished. I believe that I will be bringing dedication, great events and a unique outlook to the EM team with more than suitable event writing abilities.


    • What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive?
      I believe that I would make the events that I was involved with fun, enjoyable and to a certain degree inclusive. I believe that I would excel with more compact events, eg, Event Example 1, where a regiment, or smaller number of players is utilised. Obviously, Event 1 is tiny in player scope, but it is designed to provide RP to a group that rarely receives any full on regimental exclusive event. Most of my events would be written around a key idea or concept that would simulate players and hopefully standout.

      While I definitely would create events that focus on combat, I would frame such events in a manner that provides incentives for players to engage in a variety of playstyles instead of just rushing towards the enemy. I want to create events that act as a sandbox for player expression and decision making. Events written and executed by me would be malleable and avoid limiting players in how their players can interact with the world.



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