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  1. 14 minutes ago, Bailey said:

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool and all but atm the current landscape of the server is “Kill NPCs now!” Or “Death to ECs” due to the quest rewards, however, it has slowed down in recent times due to the quest system having been in for a while, this kill count would just add that incentive back.

    I would personally kill for the EC reward to be removed entirely and just have a bunch more stages of the event participation quest added.

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  2. 12 hours ago, Binny said:

    With Cammers around and a few strong role-players on his belt, I personally think that the Medic role should be abolished. Give the Medics more slots and I believe in Cammers to make it extremely successful. 

    I disagree with the idea that we need to bring back more Medic slots or just cut medics as a regimental option as all. The medic's are relegated as a company and can't be expected carry combat by themselves with their numbers. In total there are 7 Medic slots across the server. Sure you can argue that medics are having their roles stolen, but I don't think the vast majority of those people in those roles would be interested in becoming a medic if they didn't have the specialisation option.

    I personally would like to never return to the prior days of MT, where you'd either not get anyone online at all, or have people combat reviving everyone within an instant. That said I do think that we could have some changes to make medic's feel a bit more specialised or knowledgeable than your regular medic. A separate pair of defib's or the like with different values (IE a longer time to revive or something) could be given to the Medic role while the medical company keeps a superior defib.

    I don't mean to be rude, but like I mentioned earlier, I would be horrified to return to the prior days of medics. I think that the medic system within regiments strikes a nice balance within the server. If I'm also going to be honest, prior to the rework that created the Medic role, I was one of the individuals that was entirely in favour with the concept of removing medics and only having them as regimental roles because of their track record. I no longer hold that stance, but I don't think that the removal of the [MEDIC] role would do the server any good.

    2 hours ago, Clover said:

    buff medics to 10-12 slots and abolish [MEDIC] Entirely

    Also while I get the concept of expanding medical slots, people seem to be forgetting that the medics are a company that is limited to 7 people that will not be expanded slots wise, unless they became the base regiment for 439th, they will have to remain the same slots wise. Having those medic slots within regiments is great regardless because in almost any event we can count on having someone who's there to revive. In all, the amount of medics and [MEDIC]s has been beneficial for the pacing on combat on the server, with people being able to get revived while having an interesting expansion on the combat sandbox created.

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  3. I'm neutral leaning towards -1 on the application currently. I only see one real utilisation of Tier two in the examples provided, with what appears to be a flame sprite in the Mando example. I don't really see any examples that actually show Tier Two tools that are afforded to it's users like model 2, custom animations, jiggle or sound. All of the examples provided so far only seem to use Tier 1. I understand that other examples will be coming which is why I've taken the liberty of neutralling as my opinion is subject to change with an updated examples list.

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  4. My interactions with Crispin on IG are non-existant. I've heard a few things about his prior conduct on IG alongside conduct on other servers towards advisors. That said I have seen him around on other servers, every now and again and I do think that he at least deserves a chance. After checking with a friend who also holds a CO slot on Gateway, I'm happy to say that you seem to have developed a decent reputation on that server in contrast to your past.

    +1, leaning toward neutral.

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  5. I like the examples that you've given, but I'd like to see a slight few more examples. Others have already pointed out that you're a trusted member of the community and the like and make an excellent candidate. That said as you're obviously planning on using this as a stepping stone to T2, I'd advise you to practice by making some slightly more complex pacs.


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  6. +1. Craig was an amazing EM back when I joined the server and I believe he would be an amazing asset if given a place within the team again. He displays exemplary RP within game and knowns how to run things well and engage players. Craig has my full support and I hope that he can swiftly be re-implemented into the team if accepted.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Anderson said:

    +1, Aezir has previously shown that he has the ability to be a good EM for this server. The application itself has a good amount of detail in it and explains clearly enough why he left and why he wants to return, in addition to this the event ideas are quite well done and I look forward to seeing them played out. In terms of the whole leaving thing what can I say other than I completely understand, at the end of the day it is a game and real life always comes first. Best of luck with your application mate.

    +1 should have just taken an loa :(

  8. While you have included a document that is clearly from your CWRP days, I have to say that it's really, really good. This is the kind of stuff that would make an amazing rotation campaign. You've clearly competent, and while I haven't interacted with you much, and don't really know you I have to say that this is is a great application, you seem to be well known by other members of the community. That said while I've seen you around a small amount, I haven't gotten to really know you that well. However, I think that you'd be a great fit for the EM team and as such I'll be leaving a +1 on this application. However I am leaning toward neutral, purely just because I don't really know you too well. If my perspective changes, this comment will be updated but for now I think you'd be a great fit for the team.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Kristofer said:

    If I were to make a post like this, it'd be a shitpost as it's just clutter with not really much meaning.


    This would be something a little bit less of a shitpost. 



    Apply for the event master team!

    But Kris! What if I'm someone who loves roleplay and wants to be the best of the best, the elitist of the elite, the cream of the crop that is the event team!?! How would I join?!?!

  10. Mongo has previously been a great asset for the EM team, leveraging his Tier Three to hep create some truly memorable events. You've got previous experience, and in my opinion would be a good fit in the EM team. The event examples are well though through and unique, and it would be amazing to see these ideas fully realised on the server. My only note is that you can be somewhat open with your opinions, but have always managed to express them in respectful ways.


  11. 6 hours ago, Theta said:

    which one do you prefer?

    I'd prefer #2 because I think it increases versatility of the army. That said the slots for some of the regiments might need to be altered down the line (although they're pretty understandable for our current server population). When it comes to implementation, I can see some issues arising from the fact that it could lead to a few overcap issues (particularly in 501st) but I really like the idea behind it. With more specialised roles, we could theoretically create more roleplay around attaining these roles like having to attend a medical lecture that gives a guide to creating good medical RP and the like. Incentives to stay in the "normal" or base part of the regiment would also obviously need to be present like having lower health or the like. 

    The only weakness I can fully see with this concept would be the fact that that medic/heavy units might not be as common as needed depending on how commanders may choose to build their regiments. I'm certain that IHC could mitigate this however, and the problem could be fully solved by mandating a certain amount of support/medics needed across the army or baking medics into the base regiment if needed.

    Just as a closing note, the only part about #2 that I feel trepidation towards is how the 501st appears. It would break my heart if IC or SC were switched out at any time. Only thing I could think of that isn't a major switch up would be to increase 501st slots to 24 and make SC and IC permanent additions although it's fully understandable as to why that wouldn't be done. 

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