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  1. I hate the ISD map with a passion. It is the most boring and stifling map when it comes to non-navy based events but on the flip side it's somewhat optimised.

    Having been in the team and having helped set up a lot of rotation maps, it almost always comes down to there not being properly coordinated RP by higher ups. RP on rotations when it works is way more engaging than anything onship, but there are fundamental issues with how many people in leadership positions (in game) approach things. I personally can also speak that event quality on rotations tends to be a bit more boring, because historically EM's have a tendency to only do either base attacks  or use a few limited locations (E.G Lothal and people only doing City attacks). What Rotation lack is coordinated RP that can be properly operated. I've tried to combat rotations not being properly utilised by people before by running mini NPC missions for regiments, but its currently impossible to do that for a large scale on the server.

    I think we need to encourage more civ RP, as even though it can devolve into RDM on occasion, it's also been some of the best RP i've seen on the server when it works. 

    When it comes to performance, I think we also just have an issue with new maps tending to not be greatly optimised for our server. Abafar was a really fun map to play on, sans the fact for the day we were on it for rotation before we removed it from the pool, I crashed 6 times in 4 hours. Similarly, even though I really loved it rp_batuu was also paused because it had a bug where it'd crash the server if an lfs ship hit water. These maps are diverse, and really good, but for whatever reason don't function on our server. 

    In all, we need more rotations. People just need to do better because rotations are always better.

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  2. 22 hours ago, Higashi said:


    • Look, I really would like to bring up thousands of points people have already made over the years, and I will in the next few lines, but I wont go into detail, as we all know the reasons for the current system not working very well. If you're farely new or oblivious then ill state them here
      • Sith ruin events (unintentionally or intentionally) : JUmping in the way of fire, being there at the wrong place wrong time, just them standing there sets off flags in Army, Navy, EC's and EM's. (im speaking both from an EC standpoint and a standpoint when I was actually SITH)
      • Their passive aggressiveness IC and OOC dosent help. We used to distant ourselves so far we got no respect, and they still get no respect because their repeating the same patterns. (I really dont want to elaborate on whats already been said over the years).
      • Untouchable: While I really had fun in the past busting my mates out of jail, coming in full force and killing everyone. Its not fun being so fucking above everyone and everything. The amount of shit we got away with wasn't even funny, and I dont know if this is lessened, but it still seems the same. Even with the occassional intervention from Matrix to settle the feuds, speaking of which:
      • Feuds: IC and OOC. Declining permission to take off, schedule bookings, practices whatever, due to years of hate and neglect, sith sometimes gets nothing. I remember trying to fly back to the shyrack and had to be stuck in the middle of space for an HOUR because the Chimaera refused to let me leave on the basis I was an INQ
      • Shadow Guard: If MAR are INQ V2. SG are INQ V3. Same thing, when vader makes an odd appearance they'll guard him, sometimes Matrix while he's remmel, but dosen't really make much sense.
      • If you want more stuff, literally just join a TS channel full of people and ask whats wrong with Sith.

    I cannot believe how well you've managed to hit the issues I hear day in and day out on the head.

    A large amount of issues from sith come from their place either in events or on the server. Regardless of whatever nerfs they've been given recently sith as a whole are still too strong/numerous to properly be involved within the event sandbox. I genuinely agree that sith needs drastic changes but instead of completely redoing things we caould change some baseline stuff. 

    SG are possibly the most controversial regiment on the server right now because of their high health, all access clearance and utility. Similarly, because of the regiments RP relation to the Emperor all conflict that they'll get involved in if Vader doesn't intervene prior will result in them citing their job as the Emperors hand despite there being no proper emperor they actually have to listen to and obey on the server. Their role as the eyes and ears of the emperor is redundant and they're given massively powerful tools like cloak and sabers while still being able to shoot gun causing endless frustrations. Their health is too high for them to act like normal soldiers and yet they have the freedom to go blasting with whatever gun they have in events. SG in my opinion should have been dissolved into Inquisitorius when the emperor was removed and their continued existence has caused strife. I get people in the regiment love it, but SG needs to change with the times.

    I do not believe that sith have gotten weaker due to the Emperor role being dissolved or anything of the like, I think that sith's issues started when they were brought into events when Kris changed the engagements rules. The sandbox between Sith and the rest of the server used to be completely different. Sith would stick to their own events or wait for a jedi to be spawned in before being able to do anything but as we've weakened the engagement rules sith have retained too much. Similarly, not a week goes by where we don't get some sort of issue with sith breaking engagement rules in events. In order for sith to be properly, and I mean properly included in the server which is the end goal most people who don't advocate for their entire removal want, they need to be weaker. Sith do not operate inline with the rest of the server and unless they're given some sort of massive nerf to health across the board alongside with shadow guard receiving a major rework I do not a see the current sith situation getting better. 

    As for your proposal, I remember looking over parts of it as GI. At the time I thought it was too much work to implement with the wiltos issues being an absolute migraine inducing thought at the time. Honestly, if a dev could do it, I think that this sort of specialisation would be worth it. However, I'd still say that merging all regiments for a 15 slot sith regiment would be a bit of a hard sell to me. Maybe just have a bunch of overcap slots theoretically and work your way down from there to 12 or something. If a dev could actually pull this off I honestly think it could work.

    I'm honestly sick of the same sith arguments happening over and over be it me having to listen to EC's complaing about sith and engagement rules, KOS licences, SG's all access or some fucking regimental beef. I'm not 100% sure if I'm totally with your proposal but above all I agree that some sort of change needs to happen.

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  3. 4 hours ago, Binny said:

    I’m also giving out 300k to anyone that knows my card numbers, bsb & account numbers, my TFN and my Centrelink CRN.

    good luck!

    If anyone can correctly name the exact amount of money I have spent on alcohol related expenses in the past month I'll send you a bottle of Nikka whiskey.

  4. Before this post gets locked for becoming a trashfire I'd like to say some things. I'm not going to bring up personal gripes with any players because I think that'd be unfair to the sith branch, and I'd like to touch on issues that I think can actually be rectified. 

    Just to quickly touch on it, I'd like to say that the sith branch having military equivilence hasn't caused anywhere near as many issues as some people seemed to fear it would when it was first announced in the IG Training discord. I personally have no issues with the Military equivalence, aside from the fact that sith can have two seperate HC slots, with one to cover a 6 person regiment which I find to be foolish and reductive.

    In my opinion, as other people have stated, there is no need for shadowguard anymore. With the emperor gone, the regiment has no meaningful reason to exist. Similarly, they're also one of the more complained about regiments (by EC's) due to them rushing enemys constantly with Z6's with their high health (although that won't be an issue again for ages until pointshop guns start getting bought again). I genuinely don't see a need for the regiment to be around aside from the people within it not really having anywhere to go if it was removed.

    Similarly, I don't see a point for Shadowguard to maintain their all access (royal clearance) considering that was derived from a rule that Rook made while he was emperor that stated that imperial guard had access to all areas while the Emperor was online. With no emperor, again there is no point for shadowguard to exist because they've lost their primary RP and it hasn't really been replaced.

    Event wise, I think sith have always been the black sheep. Even when I was GI, they basically were forced to stand around and do nothing for events. However, with the engagement rules being changed, I think that issues with sith have become slightly more prevalent as an issue especially after the TFA rework which basically nerfed the classic way of clapping sith easily. Personally I see no easy way to fix this. On other popular australian servers, saber wielders are general a donation role that people can choose to switch to which means the amount of them in events can easily be regulated. Often you'll only see 1-2 friendly saber wielders in an entire event. Our roles are assigned on a much more permeant basis meaning that the only real solution would be to cut sith slots. Personally, I think if the branch was just comprised of 6 marauders, 6-8 inquisitors and purge then it'd be a much more rounded branch, but I understand that shadowguard obviously aren't accounted for in this equation.

    Regardless, I think sith also do need a rather decent health nerf to account for the fact that they're much stronger with the TFA rework. Aside from that I think that sith should focus more on exclusivity in order to become more desirable. I think sith have an image problem right now of either being difficult to deal with and I feel that steps could be taken to rectify that. 

    Anyway, I hope that this helps somewhat. I think havana also raised some good points initially that I've heard a lot of other players repeat although I think he did it in a rather aggressive way. 


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  5. On 7/20/2021 at 5:49 PM, Matrix said:


    Jonathan, for the time I've known him has been quite friendly and easy to speak to which is essential in a moderator. However, I cannot and will not ever fully support a moderator application of a person who does not actively use a mic. Having a MIC is essential when dealing with a tense situations which requires a moderator to speak up and manage it properly if need be. Sure, you'll be able to deal with small simple things like giving tools, moving people or spawning ships, but it is very difficult to get your point across and control a staff sit effectively if you aren't able to express yourself properly during it.

    I personally have nothing against you dude, but I'm firm on my opinion and would be open to change if you rectified this.

    Now that he uses his mic in game I'm going to lay down a +1. He's approachable and friendly in game and I've never had a negative interaction with him. 

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  6. 5 hours ago, Glosko said:

    The server just needs less regiments and less slots in them, this will make them all members more skilled and more individual and required to make the regiment function. It will be more of a honour to be in an elite reg as more numbers makes the reg less respected as it becomes more of a meme and ruins rp. This can be seen in many regiments at the moment as in ISB they have way to many people as well as them also having Comp and DT next to them they take to many slots. This can also be seen in Mud and sky as there is to many of them. This could also be seen in the past by Shock having like 8 people in base reg 4-5 people in riot and nova having like 3-4 people it just led to them being bored and taking every person in for petty things. All im trying to say is regiments need to be cut down especially those that dont need it and st numbers need to be increased as they should make up most of military, and some may say im biased as sith has to many however in our defence we are 4 regiments with high command amongst that and we have reduced our slots massively to what it used to be. 
    Yep im bored in class

    Just as a disclaimer, this is my personal opinion and nothing more.

    I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. While I believe that things like the Inquisitorius slots being cut down across the board has been productive since it's makes them more exclusive and interesting since cutting the slots allowed for Kristopher to relax the engagement rules for sith which would have been insane to do with the old inquisitorius slots. If sith slots were upsized I don't think those engagement rules could be sustainable for events. However I'm not a fan of saying "these regiments are popular cut them down". 

    I'm not a fan to be honest of Nova's slots just going nowhere and the currently and consistent cutdown of regiments. Regiments don't need to be cut down any further, they just need to be more interesting. 275th armoured filled up instantly as soon as they got mortars added. Having also watched their tryouts and trainings a few times passively I can also stress that the strength of the regiment comes from it's officers and CO keeping it actually interesting. The entire Naval branch is full right now, with there basically being a waiting list for ISC and Engineers. These regiments are interesting because they do something others don't do. 

    Can you actually tell me what the difference is between SCAR and ARC in functionality? They're both squads, they both specialise in long range combat and they're the same thing with slightly different guns. This is in stark contrast to IC which has no other regiments that can match them for DPS or Health (excluding sith) as well as squad based RP aside from inferno. Interesting functionality is what makes a regiment work these days. Interesting regiments do well and that's what needs to be focused on at the moment in my personal opinion

    Personally I believe that the base regiment for 31st should have access to the fortification tablets that Shore had in order to give them a real place on the server. Likewise I think that the regiments I mentioned as basically being the same should be examined. Also as a side note, 107th in my opinion should be upsized to include another regiment or whatever. 

    I have some strong opinions on juggers statement about server rules being broken but I've already written enough and I'm just going to call it here.

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  7. I'm still relatively new to the community, compared to some people who've been playing since as far back as 2016 or 2017 era IG. I'm sure a lot of people are aware that I frequently am not the most serious in RP. That said, I'd still have to go for Serious RP every time over semi-serious RP. You can still have non-serious RP moments on a serious RP server. It's just that depending on what you're doing in regards to that RP you should be prepared to face punishment. Nothing in my books will ever beat the classical example of a group minging and then have an All Access or some security regiment busting in on what you're doing. The risk of being caught makes it fun in my opinion. 

    One of the fonder memories I have on IG is of Vader walking into one of the Inquisitorius' regular group therapy sessions and being fucking furious about it. Stuff like that is genuinely enjoyable. When I first played on the server for a few weeks back in 2019, I absolutely was at the ass end of a lot of things. I was re-educated at the drop of a hat as a VF member because I said "theoretically the emperor must have really hated clones since he just kept on sending them to die after the clone wars." I was also AOS'd and arrested simply for crouch walking in the presence of the Emperor as well.

    Serious RP to me isn't everyone being fully serious all the time, but it is having those constraints in place where people can and will be punished for breaking serious RP if caught. Can certain groups be harsh sometimes on the server when it comes to punishment? Absolutely! But you also have to consider that PK's (at least from everyone from the old era of IG that I've talked to) used to be a dime a dozen. Mess up in the wrong persons presence and you'd find yourself in the base regiment in no time. I don't think that it's necessary to be that zealous when it comes to enforcing serious RP, but real consequences should exist so that the game is more than just "VR Chat Star Wars Edition" until it hits event slot times.

    8 hours ago, Jay Lamar said:

    -Military were not used that often in the Empire's rule, majority of the regiments specialize in large battles with heavy equipment but in lore we would be fighting small bands of rebels at most.

    I absolutely agree with this point however, it's somewhat difficult to try and fully express how limited it can sometimes feel as an EM especially when it comes to space battles because of how piss weak the alliance fleet was at the time.

    Despite not really even liking star wars that much, I think we should strive for using as much logic from within the star wars universe as possible. I've got a long list of things that I'd love to see changed to become more "realistic" because I think that it makes things more interesting (all be it that most people absolutely hate some of these ideas). Stuff like capping all officer regiments like ISB, Navy, II ETC at 100 health across all ranks because they don't have armour, increasing damage across the board for weapons as well to make them deadlier, making heavy weapons extremely powerful and also having them lower your speed and such... Things like that.

    Initially when writing this post I was 100% for Serious RP, and I still am to an extent. However, while I was looking through my screenshot folder to try and make a point (photos attached below) which has almost 8k screenshots as of writing, I noticed that for every two serious moments, there was like one "semi-serious" moment mixed in. To really rephrase what I believe is optimal for the server, I believe that we should continue to uphold a Serious RP framework that allows for Semi-Serious RP to occur however in a fashion that doesn't make engaging in semi-serious RP completely risk free.

    Below is a collection of screenshots that I've taken from my time on the server. Some serious, some semi-serious, but all moments which I was either engaged in or enjoying.



    Edit: I reread the post and I wanted to quickly touch on the stuff about interrogation and COMPNOR/ISB. 

    8 hours ago, Jay Lamar said:

    Another example, Interrogation RP. Some people enjoy this I do admit but I would say a large majority do not. This type of RP is usually not optional and leads to ISB employing tactics that make it unfun or unfair to the recipient (Leaving them in cells for long durations of time, threatening ooc punishments, forcing them to do mind numbing tasks. Using unbeatable truth Serum) The problem worsens when you have committed no crime or even worse yet, you are a rebel EC. The amount of times I have prayed that I do not get captured as an EC is immense as having to endure the latest ISB agent try his new british accent on me is a nightmare.

    As an EM I'm often forced to confront EC's being captured and such. Nothing in my opinion is more infuriating than an EC being captured early on in an event and then being dragged to the brig or compnor or where ever. I fully understand why people despise being captured an interrogated after having experienced it from all sides of the isle. While I haven't been in ISB for ages, I can also confidently say that the outrage about the admittedly bullshit truth serum was absolutely justified. Initially I believe the truth serum which you and the rest of sky encountered during a specific time on the server was cintended to be implemented in a different way although it ended up devolving into /me injects truth serum. It removed basically any agency and was used before even calling in an inquisitor or anything. Lucky from what I know, that "interrogation meta" has basically disappeared.

    I understand that a lot of the opinions on RP are coming from quite a while ago, during either your time as shadow or sky, but I'd think you'd be surprised with how much the servers changed in a few months as it at least felt to me that those periods of the server had a lot more branch conflict and animosity. 

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  8. 18 minutes ago, Braino said:

    May I point out that everyone that has disagreed primarily has been or is COMPNOR? Can you not see the problem if only one section of the server is enjoying serious RP this much? 

    What does COMPNOR have to do with this? I get that a lot of old players that have left the community have a bone to pick with COMPNOR, hell I don't even like COMPNOR that much but I don't see any connection between COMPNOR and this. Havana doesn't like COMPNOR either in fact he's got a perma blacklist from ISB for posting a document about purge troopers conduct as a regiment in OOC that he wasn't supposed to have because he didn't like how COMPNOR was handling it. Neither of us have any love lost towards COMPNOR so I don't see why mentioning that we've previously been within their regiments has any relevance.

    I've frequently disagreed with COMPNOR both in the past and recently so I don't believe that my beliefs has anything to do with having been in one of the 4 major branches of the server. I'd say i've enjoyed my time outside of the associated regiment of COMPNOR as well has been when I've actually enjoyed the server most as well.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Braino said:

    Are you saying that your time as Grand Inquisitor was all serious RP? I think you would agree that constant serious RP is exhausting and isn't fun when branches don't get along.

    Absolutely not. My instances of very "non serious" rp as GI in my opinion came from a lack of proper repercussions for my actions at the time. I absolutely would agree that in my time as GI that I was exhausted, although that was mainly due to issues that came from wiltos and other things. As tank said below

    2 hours ago, Ragetank said:

    personally think it's the loss of very heavy handed leaders who weren't afraid to punish people.

    Having been one of those leaders who didn't punish individuals in my regiments for their behaviour I'd have to agree. If I could go back in time I'd have instilled harsher punishments for those under my watch and acted quicker on the general behaviour of sith during my time as gi. However, I was incredibly scared at the time of loosing large amounts of people from my regiment if I'd implimented those punishments and then having to then focus on recruitment again instead of helping transition wiltos (which was later removed regardless) into sith properly which was a massive amount of work with the creation of tests and such. 

    As for branch conflict, I 100% agree that when it happened as GI, I wanted to be lined up against a wall and shot instead of deal with it. It's painful and exhausting, but I also believe that having strong high up command that pushes for unity between IHC members is the key to fixing this.

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  10. 8 minutes ago, Braino said:

    distancing from serious RP is important to keep people engaged and motivated in the server. 

    If people don't want to play a serious rp server, they can go find another server that doesn't literally have serious RP in the title. If people want to come on the server to just fully fuck about with mates in a 3d environment then they'd be better off going and playing VR Chat.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Strix said:

    EDIT: Make it so we can actually vote on your application.

    Pretty sure the new application templates are apparently set up to not have the voting thing automatically included. Pretty sure that's intentional but @Bailey can correct me if I'm incorrect.

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