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  1. Internal Holonet Briefing Loading...


    Briefing Begining …

    Attention all personnel of the ISD Tartarus, within the next 5 days the 89th fleet has been chosen to assist in the final assault to wipe out the Imperialist scum that have taken hold of the Mid Rim. For those unacquainted with the Imperialists, you may find yourself at Liberty to view this document.

    Within the past few days Military Intelligence has worked towards gathering intelligence on the locations and key command figures of the Imperialists. As such information on a data site has been provided to the fleet that roughly locate a datacenter where we'll be able to locate the Imperialist fleet. Once we have obtained that data, we'll be leading a join operation with the Admiralty on Coruscant to wipe out the Imperialist threat.

    After we've wiped out their fleet, we'll be proceeding the next day to destroy the Imperialist remnants at Imperialist Leader Moff Alane Desyc's personal fortress... During this operation we'll be aiming to bring in Desyc in alive, so that he can stand trial for acting as the so called "Supreme Commander" of the Imperialists.


    Key Dates for the Operations are as follows.

    26th - 6:00 PM - The Imperialist Data Centre (Offship)

    27th - 6:00 PM - The Imperialist Shipyards (Onship/Dupe)

    28th - 6:00 PM - Grand Finale. (Campaign Comprised of One Onship and One Offship)


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  2. I'd just like to say that I was never around for EG so I don't have a great frame of reference for that time. During my time playing swrp in the past half year or so however I was able to observe you on a different server briefly where you and Tucker were both IHC and saw that you both were phenomenal players.

    I'm going to be +1ing this because while I personally am not fully aware of the rivalry that lead to the ban between eg and ig, I believe a suitable amount of time has passed and that you're fully able to be a great member of the community.

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  3. 54 minutes ago, Kristofer said:

    Q. Will there ever be any more big event chains like this?
    A. Yes, and not necessarily related to lore events!

    Wow what an informative and cool post. I sure do wonder if those big event chains will be starting up again soon...


    Speaking of which, we never did ever find out who Governor Slee was working for, and those imperialists seem to still be around. I'm sure that people will be able to look forward to big story's like that in the future!

  4. While I believe that what you did was pretty terrible, I also think that people have the capacity to change. I believe I've even positively supported your previous unban appeal although I could be wrong. That said, every time that you appeal it turns into a back and forth in the comments between you and other members of the community. Depending on how this unban appeal folds out (in regards to your reactions to what other people have to say) I may change to a +1. However, due to the fact that every other ban appeal that you've made has turned into a debate with other community members, I'll officially state myself as being neutral for the time being.

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Bailey said:

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool and all but atm the current landscape of the server is “Kill NPCs now!” Or “Death to ECs” due to the quest rewards, however, it has slowed down in recent times due to the quest system having been in for a while, this kill count would just add that incentive back.

    I would personally kill for the EC reward to be removed entirely and just have a bunch more stages of the event participation quest added.

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  6. 12 hours ago, Binny said:

    With Cammers around and a few strong role-players on his belt, I personally think that the Medic role should be abolished. Give the Medics more slots and I believe in Cammers to make it extremely successful. 

    I disagree with the idea that we need to bring back more Medic slots or just cut medics as a regimental option as all. The medic's are relegated as a company and can't be expected carry combat by themselves with their numbers. In total there are 7 Medic slots across the server. Sure you can argue that medics are having their roles stolen, but I don't think the vast majority of those people in those roles would be interested in becoming a medic if they didn't have the specialisation option.

    I personally would like to never return to the prior days of MT, where you'd either not get anyone online at all, or have people combat reviving everyone within an instant. That said I do think that we could have some changes to make medic's feel a bit more specialised or knowledgeable than your regular medic. A separate pair of defib's or the like with different values (IE a longer time to revive or something) could be given to the Medic role while the medical company keeps a superior defib.

    I don't mean to be rude, but like I mentioned earlier, I would be horrified to return to the prior days of medics. I think that the medic system within regiments strikes a nice balance within the server. If I'm also going to be honest, prior to the rework that created the Medic role, I was one of the individuals that was entirely in favour with the concept of removing medics and only having them as regimental roles because of their track record. I no longer hold that stance, but I don't think that the removal of the [MEDIC] role would do the server any good.

    2 hours ago, Clover said:

    buff medics to 10-12 slots and abolish [MEDIC] Entirely

    Also while I get the concept of expanding medical slots, people seem to be forgetting that the medics are a company that is limited to 7 people that will not be expanded slots wise, unless they became the base regiment for 439th, they will have to remain the same slots wise. Having those medic slots within regiments is great regardless because in almost any event we can count on having someone who's there to revive. In all, the amount of medics and [MEDIC]s has been beneficial for the pacing on combat on the server, with people being able to get revived while having an interesting expansion on the combat sandbox created.

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