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  1. I like the examples that you've given, but I'd like to see a slight few more examples. Others have already pointed out that you're a trusted member of the community and the like and make an excellent candidate. That said as you're obviously planning on using this as a stepping stone to T2, I'd advise you to practice by making some slightly more complex pacs. +1
  2. Kevin please stop

  3. Wait, so you're telling me that our ISD won't have plot armour for the next few days? I'm sure nothing could go wrong with this...
  4. +1. Craig was an amazing EM back when I joined the server and I believe he would be an amazing asset if given a place within the team again. He displays exemplary RP within game and knowns how to run things well and engage players. Craig has my full support and I hope that he can swiftly be re-implemented into the team if accepted.
  5. +1 should have just taken an loa
  6. While you have included a document that is clearly from your CWRP days, I have to say that it's really, really good. This is the kind of stuff that would make an amazing rotation campaign. You've clearly competent, and while I haven't interacted with you much, and don't really know you I have to say that this is is a great application, you seem to be well known by other members of the community. That said while I've seen you around a small amount, I haven't gotten to really know you that well. However, I think that you'd be a great fit for the EM team and as such I'll be leaving a +1 on this a
  7. But Kris! What if I'm someone who loves roleplay and wants to be the best of the best, the elitist of the elite, the cream of the crop that is the event team!?! How would I join?!?!
  8. Mongo has previously been a great asset for the EM team, leveraging his Tier Three to hep create some truly memorable events. You've got previous experience, and in my opinion would be a good fit in the EM team. The event examples are well though through and unique, and it would be amazing to see these ideas fully realised on the server. My only note is that you can be somewhat open with your opinions, but have always managed to express them in respectful ways. +1
  9. I'm assuming that this ban appeal was approved by wingza as you mention in your post, I wasn't around for the time that you were on the server although you do have a rather large reputation. I'm going to be neutral for the time being until other staff members give feedback, because I wasn't one of the individuals around for you and although I believe in second chances, I've heard that you've harassed members of the community outside of the GMOD server since your ban. Also this will default to a -1 if you've lied about management approval to post this as to my knowledge you are community b
  10. I'd prefer #2 because I think it increases versatility of the army. That said the slots for some of the regiments might need to be altered down the line (although they're pretty understandable for our current server population). When it comes to implementation, I can see some issues arising from the fact that it could lead to a few overcap issues (particularly in 501st) but I really like the idea behind it. With more specialised roles, we could theoretically create more roleplay around attaining these roles like having to attend a medical lecture that gives a guide to creating good medical RP
  11. Holy fuck @Lucky clearly has a brain several magnitudes bigger than mine
  12. Would highly recommend it, from what I've played so far it's pretty epic.
  13. Massive +1. Razzles amazingly talented with Pac3 and diving through his pacs taught me a fair amount of the program. He's trustworthy and knows how to make complex and unique creations within the program.
  14. It took me a while to work out how to phrase this post. As a disclaimer I haven't been in army for a while (excluding a recent short tenure in ST's). Personally, I believe that the problem with Army is that it needs more individuals within it dedicated to creating and pushing RP during event downtime. Events on the server are primarily hostile server wides and generally this is how army primarily engages with roleplay on the server. I believe that CO's and Officers should be guided more in how to create RP for their regiment during downtime. Simple things like making unique dupes for training
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