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  1. smashmouth (1).mp4 I personally think live music is amazing, just listen to this amazing performance to see how much better it is to the original!
  2. I would personally kill for the EC reward to be removed entirely and just have a bunch more stages of the event participation quest added.
  3. looking forward to see Blaze find a way with pac to fully realise G. Khorne's weirdo fascination with collecting things +1
  4. I disagree with the idea that we need to bring back more Medic slots or just cut medics as a regimental option as all. The medic's are relegated as a company and can't be expected carry combat by themselves with their numbers. In total there are 7 Medic slots across the server. Sure you can argue that medics are having their roles stolen, but I don't think the vast majority of those people in those roles would be interested in becoming a medic if they didn't have the specialisation option. I personally would like to never return to the prior days of MT, where you'd either not get anyone o
  5. wtf 😭😡😭😡‼️⁉️‼️
  6. Bring back reg gov and I will show you the highest level of rp ever seen.
  7. fair rp wtf, iden would call him daddy
  8. +1. Boshi is an extremely well respected member of the community and I can personally vouch to having witnessed the quality of staffing that he provided on supremacy the few times I saw him playing there.
  9. I'm neutral leaning towards -1 on the application currently. I only see one real utilisation of Tier two in the examples provided, with what appears to be a flame sprite in the Mando example. I don't really see any examples that actually show Tier Two tools that are afforded to it's users like model 2, custom animations, jiggle or sound. All of the examples provided so far only seem to use Tier 1. I understand that other examples will be coming which is why I've taken the liberty of neutralling as my opinion is subject to change with an updated examples list.
  10. My interactions with Crispin on IG are non-existant. I've heard a few things about his prior conduct on IG alongside conduct on other servers towards advisors. That said I have seen him around on other servers, every now and again and I do think that he at least deserves a chance. After checking with a friend who also holds a CO slot on Gateway, I'm happy to say that you seem to have developed a decent reputation on that server in contrast to your past. +1, leaning toward neutral.
  11. yeff


  12. I like the examples that you've given, but I'd like to see a slight few more examples. Others have already pointed out that you're a trusted member of the community and the like and make an excellent candidate. That said as you're obviously planning on using this as a stepping stone to T2, I'd advise you to practice by making some slightly more complex pacs. +1
  13. Kevin please stop

  14. Wait, so you're telling me that our ISD won't have plot armour for the next few days? I'm sure nothing could go wrong with this...
  15. +1. Craig was an amazing EM back when I joined the server and I believe he would be an amazing asset if given a place within the team again. He displays exemplary RP within game and knowns how to run things well and engage players. Craig has my full support and I hope that he can swiftly be re-implemented into the team if accepted.
  16. +1 should have just taken an loa
  17. While you have included a document that is clearly from your CWRP days, I have to say that it's really, really good. This is the kind of stuff that would make an amazing rotation campaign. You've clearly competent, and while I haven't interacted with you much, and don't really know you I have to say that this is is a great application, you seem to be well known by other members of the community. That said while I've seen you around a small amount, I haven't gotten to really know you that well. However, I think that you'd be a great fit for the EM team and as such I'll be leaving a +1 on this a
  18. But Kris! What if I'm someone who loves roleplay and wants to be the best of the best, the elitist of the elite, the cream of the crop that is the event team!?! How would I join?!?!
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