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  1. What does COMPNOR have to do with this? I get that a lot of old players that have left the community have a bone to pick with COMPNOR, hell I don't even like COMPNOR that much but I don't see any connection between COMPNOR and this. Havana doesn't like COMPNOR either in fact he's got a perma blacklist from ISB for posting a document about purge troopers conduct as a regiment in OOC that he wasn't supposed to have because he didn't like how COMPNOR was handling it. Neither of us have any love lost towards COMPNOR so I don't see why mentioning that we've previously been within their regiments ha
  2. Absolutely not. My instances of very "non serious" rp as GI in my opinion came from a lack of proper repercussions for my actions at the time. I absolutely would agree that in my time as GI that I was exhausted, although that was mainly due to issues that came from wiltos and other things. As tank said below Having been one of those leaders who didn't punish individuals in my regiments for their behaviour I'd have to agree. If I could go back in time I'd have instilled harsher punishments for those under my watch and acted quicker on the general behaviour of sith during my time as gi.
  3. If people don't want to play a serious rp server, they can go find another server that doesn't literally have serious RP in the title. If people want to come on the server to just fully fuck about with mates in a 3d environment then they'd be better off going and playing VR Chat.
  4. @TheNegotiator isn't actually the person who wanted that rule enforced. I'd recommend that if you want to discuss this that you talk to upper management as they were the ones that initiated this rule.
  5. Damn wheres the homies contact?
  6. Internal Holonet Briefing Loading... Briefing Begining … Attention all personnel of the ISD Tartarus, within the next 5 days the 89th fleet has been chosen to assist in the final assault to wipe out the Imperialist scum that have taken hold of the Mid Rim. For those unacquainted with the Imperialists, you may find yourself at Liberty to view this document. Within the past few days Military Intelligence has worked towards gathering intelligence on the locations and key command figures of the Imperialists. As such information on a data site has been provided to the fleet that
  7. I'd just like to say that I was never around for EG so I don't have a great frame of reference for that time. During my time playing swrp in the past half year or so however I was able to observe you on a different server briefly where you and Tucker were both IHC and saw that you both were phenomenal players. I'm going to be +1ing this because while I personally am not fully aware of the rivalry that lead to the ban between eg and ig, I believe a suitable amount of time has passed and that you're fully able to be a great member of the community.
  8. @Matto Why did shadow do what they did last night? 😠
  9. not going to lie, CFP returning as like a 3-4 man group wouldn't be the worst thing tbh
  10. Wow what an informative and cool post. I sure do wonder if those big event chains will be starting up again soon... Speaking of which, we never did ever find out who Governor Slee was working for, and those imperialists seem to still be around. I'm sure that people will be able to look forward to big story's like that in the future!
  11. While I believe that what you did was pretty terrible, I also think that people have the capacity to change. I believe I've even positively supported your previous unban appeal although I could be wrong. That said, every time that you appeal it turns into a back and forth in the comments between you and other members of the community. Depending on how this unban appeal folds out (in regards to your reactions to what other people have to say) I may change to a +1. However, due to the fact that every other ban appeal that you've made has turned into a debate with other community members, I'll of
  12. I wonder what this could mean...
  13. Terrible judge of character but ran pretty good events. +1
  14. Inquisitorius group therapy was the apex of RP
  15. smashmouth (1).mp4 I personally think live music is amazing, just listen to this amazing performance to see how much better it is to the original!
  16. I would personally kill for the EC reward to be removed entirely and just have a bunch more stages of the event participation quest added.
  17. I disagree with the idea that we need to bring back more Medic slots or just cut medics as a regimental option as all. The medic's are relegated as a company and can't be expected carry combat by themselves with their numbers. In total there are 7 Medic slots across the server. Sure you can argue that medics are having their roles stolen, but I don't think the vast majority of those people in those roles would be interested in becoming a medic if they didn't have the specialisation option. I personally would like to never return to the prior days of MT, where you'd either not get anyone o
  18. wtf 😭😡😭😡‼️⁉️‼️
  19. Bring back reg gov and I will show you the highest level of rp ever seen.
  20. fair rp wtf, iden would call him daddy
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