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  1. I cannot believe how well you've managed to hit the issues I hear day in and day out on the head. A large amount of issues from sith come from their place either in events or on the server. Regardless of whatever nerfs they've been given recently sith as a whole are still too strong/numerous to properly be involved within the event sandbox. I genuinely agree that sith needs drastic changes but instead of completely redoing things we caould change some baseline stuff. SG are possibly the most controversial regiment on the server right now because of their high health, all access clea
  2. If anyone can correctly name the exact amount of money I have spent on alcohol related expenses in the past month I'll send you a bottle of Nikka whiskey.
  3. Before this post gets locked for becoming a trashfire I'd like to say some things. I'm not going to bring up personal gripes with any players because I think that'd be unfair to the sith branch, and I'd like to touch on issues that I think can actually be rectified. Just to quickly touch on it, I'd like to say that the sith branch having military equivilence hasn't caused anywhere near as many issues as some people seemed to fear it would when it was first announced in the IG Training discord. I personally have no issues with the Military equivalence, aside from the fact that sith can ha
  4. Nah, I was getting at the idea that it's always possible for regiments to return temporarily for events.
  5. Just as a disclaimer, this is my personal opinion and nothing more. I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. While I believe that things like the Inquisitorius slots being cut down across the board has been productive since it's makes them more exclusive and interesting since cutting the slots allowed for Kristopher to relax the engagement rules for sith which would have been insane to do with the old inquisitorius slots. If sith slots were upsized I don't think those engagement rules could be sustainable for events. However I'm not a fan of saying "these regiments are popular cut them
  6. I know @Naptune has fond memory's of that.
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Japanese_sentiment
  8. I want to be like @Arkan and deal mdma near Oxford Street
  9. I'm still relatively new to the community, compared to some people who've been playing since as far back as 2016 or 2017 era IG. I'm sure a lot of people are aware that I frequently am not the most serious in RP. That said, I'd still have to go for Serious RP every time over semi-serious RP. You can still have non-serious RP moments on a serious RP server. It's just that depending on what you're doing in regards to that RP you should be prepared to face punishment. Nothing in my books will ever beat the classical example of a group minging and then have an All Access or some security regiment
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