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  1. I tried to recreate a scene from a certain movie but it didn't really work... I literally massacred shock and anyone else standing in my way. I also managed to clip it.
  2. +1 Honestly I think Binny would be a great fit for the EM team and his event ideas are very creative and show lots of detail, the same with his application I would love to work with Binny as an em
  3. almost seems as if the editor shoulda done a better job joking its good
  4. +1 Kevin pretty cool ngl even though I haven’t had much interaction with him
  5. hmm what has happened to ihc something doesn’t seem right
  6. Bump Updated rank to Major + 6 days of playtime Thanks, Curly
  7. +1 Not only is Joel an outstanding member of the community, with a role on the server as difficult as Stormtrooper Command, he has shown absolute dedication and commitment to this application. The staff team would be LUCKY to have someone like Joel. I'm surprised he is still interested in the position given the disrespect he has been shown on his application, but that is a testament to his character. Nothing but respect for this man.
  8. incase anyone asks that was NOT me that had a hot air balloon service
  9. Bump Added some notes after feedback gained from people Thanks, Curly
  10. Dracks it’s sad to see you go Although I do not know what is going on in your personal life, I hope you get better. Some people on the server can be harsh and relentless on individuals, but in the end that needs to be put aside, ignore them, find some people to come and chill on the server with, as really this server is somewhere to go for enjoyment. This is my best advice to you if you are feeling this way, and there are surely some people who would love to have you part of their regiment or legion Curly
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