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  1. {~BUMP~}~Update~ Rank: [30/07/2020]- Resignation From Officer | Purge Trooper Lieutenant > Operative | ISBExamples: ~Not Applicable~
  2. @Legion <3 gamer moment
  3. {~BUMP~} ~Update~ Rank: [19/06/2020]-Second Lieutenant > Lieutenant | Purge Trooper Examples: ~Not Applicable~
  4. ayo, i read this shit as "Legend Milk" @Auzii
  5. {~BUMP~} ~Update~ Rank: ~Not Applicable~ Examples: ~Not Applicable~
  6. {~BUMP~} ~Update~ Rank: ~Not Applicable~ Examples: ~Not Applicable~
  7. {~BUMP~} ~Update~ Rank: ~Not Applicable~ Examples: ~Not Applicable~
  8. {~BUMP~} ~Update~ Rank: Warrant Officer II > Second Lieutenant | Purge Trooper Examples: ~Not Applicable~
  9. {~BUMP~} ~Update~ Rank: ~Not Applicable~ Examples: ~Not Applicable~
  10. {~BUMP~} ~Update~ Rank: [07/06/2020]- Warrant Officer II > Warrant Officer I | Purge Trooper Examples: ~Not Applicable~
  11. {~BUMP~} ~Update~ Rank: ~Not Applicable~ Examples: 2 Example Updates ~26/05/2020~ ~30/05/2020~
  12. {~BUMP~} ~Update~ Rank: ~25/05/2020~ Resignation From CO | 62nd Shock Division ~25/05/2020~ 62nd Shock Division > Purge Trooper ~25/05/2020~ Lt. Col > Warrant Officer II | Purge Trooper Examples: 2 Example Updates ~10/05/2020~ ~11/05/2020~
  13. damn, errbody' taking credit but shiiii I built it :c
  14. {~BUMP~} ~Update~ Rank: ~18/04/2020~ Given ACO | 62nd Shock Division ~24/04/2020~ Captain > Major | 62nd Shock Division Examples: 2 Example Updates ~16/04/2020~ ~17/04/2020~ Play Time: ~04/05/2020~ 3 Weeks | 5 Days | 11 Hours 54 Hours Gained Since Previous Bump Image: https://imgur.com/a/LttV1T3
  15. +1 ~Reasoning~ Bickey (Bucculus) has been with me since joining the server, he has shown great initiative within our regiment and tries his best to ensure all overseen ranks are getting their great experience of RP. Bickey is certainly one of my highest achieving friends/officers. ~PAC Examples~ Bickey has put immense dedication and effort with his PAC's, he doesn't complete a project until every fine detail is fixed and he is happy with it. This is a great attribute to have with PAC due to when PAC's are finalized and players are able to see it, it looks smooth and everything falls int
  16. {~BUMP~} ~Update~ Rank: ~12/04/2020~ Lieutenant > Captain | 62nd Shock Division Given 2IC | 62nd Shock Division Examples: 5 Example Updates ~10/04/2020~~11/04/2020~~14/04/2020~ ~15/04/2020~ ~15/04/2020~ Play Time: ~16/04/2020~ 3 Weeks | 3 Days | 5 Hours 71 Hours Gained Since Applying Image: https://imgur.com/a/8CVwJtH
  17. Steam Name: [IG] Boshi SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:512916785 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198986099299/ In Game Name: Boshi | Seyn Marana Time Played Imperial RP: 3: Weeks | 0: Hours | 6: Hours | As of writing this application. Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes I've used it in singleplayer & sandbox servers. Why should you be trusted with PAC3? I believe I should trusted to be given access to PAC3 for multiple reasons. In my time here on Imperial Gaming, I haven't
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