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  1. 13 minutes ago, Knifty said:

    Who can blame him?

    Poki is a Sexy Beast


    yo @SiegeMonkey@zaspan dude, can we ban this fucker?

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  2. {~BUMP~}


    -Tier 2 % 3 Examples-



    -Updated descriptions on PAC examples-



    This PAC is a combination of 2 models, Seventh Sister & Darth Talon.
    The Darth Talon model has been retextured to represent a Non-Dark Lord Twi'lek. 
    As the Darth Talon model is imported VIA Experimental Model it maintains the physics for the Lekku.

    =Galen Erso Retexture=

    Alystair wanted a retextured model of galen erso (for some reason :/)
    So I was sent a reference image: https://imgur.com/a/H8H7jIy
    and provided



    These are the completed projects, as I am trying to create some original PAC's
    the next bump shouldn't be for another week or 2. 
    Love you <3


    • Steam Name:
    • SteamID32:
    • Steam Profile Link:
    • In Game Name:
      Boshi | ID-10 MK-III 'DIO'
    • Time Played Imperial RP:
      As of writing this application, 4 days however this is due to an account switch.
      I had 6-7 Weeks prior to the switch. I will reference my Tier 1 Application Photo(s).
    • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence

    • What have you learned about PAC since receiving Tier 1?
      Since receiving Tier 1 Access, I've learnt quite a few things, those being and not limited to, Event Sequences, Texturing/Modelling, Import/Export, Creating Bump maps, ENV Mapping/Masking, Proxy's, Experimental Modelling etc. With alot of trial and error and some help from experienced PAC3 Users, I had complete confidence when starting and completing PAC3 Projects. Personally, I believe I can do alot more now than what I could 4 months ago, which in that time I believe that I have come across alot of things of which I didn't think were possible.
      Previously, I would use props and wedge them into models, colour it and call it a day, I've since learnt how to re-texture models along with importing a bump map and using Material to counter the "plastic" effect from imported textures. I had also gained knowledge of tools that weren't within my Tier, those being things such as Proxy's, Jiggle, Sound/Webaudio, Experimental Tools, Custom Animations & more.
      To conclude what I've learnt, I'd confidentially say that with the community members who actively comment on my PAC's and give fresh ideas consistently, allows me to try to make new things which in turn grows my knowledge of the program .

      Why do you deserve PAC3 Tier 2?
      I believe I deserve Tier 2 based on my Ability, Knowledge and trust that I won't abuse the tools. As stated previously, I've learnt alot along the way and I want to implement my knowledge with more tools that come with Tier 2. This will improve the quality of my PAC's and hopefully the experience for the players around me.
      Furthermore, I've helped multiple people with their creations, introducing players to the program and teaching basics and creating PAC's and/or Textures for players. I'd also like to create more challenging and advanced PAC's to further grow my knowledge of the program so I may one day master the program.

      What have you created with PAC since receiving Tier 1?
      Since receiving PAC I've based my creations around my regiment(s) with the occasional random creations. Although I have the knowledge and ability to create outlandish PAC's, I stick more simple creations that are aesthetically pleasing and just overall nice to glance/look at. I've also created PAC's that weren't for myself or assisted others in creating theirs VIA directing them over discord/in game or sending them some personal PAC's to reference for a base.
      To conclude, I believe I have the knowledge & skills required for Tier 2 and I'd like to receive the rank to expand the range of my PAC creation skills and to create aesthetically pleasing PAC's.

      PAC3 Examples:


  3. There is little to no information put into the application let alone the event ideas. In my opinion, this application doesn't look like it took longer than 15 minutes. As for the event ideas, there is no structure to it, in my eyes it's a couple paragraphs/sentences slapped in a google doc. What I mean to say is, when I read the event idea, I see no effort put in and it is very bare in information. As a reference for what I believe an event idea should look like I've taken one of the examples from @Pvtanderson's EM Application [ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O9-fa349WMhroa2Pd_I6JehR1sZlcoFRPBTLl407Dfk/edit ] This idea displays key things such as an easy to understand structure and organisation, not to mention that the information he puts in is everything of which he understands and not saying things such as "(rhen var or whatever that snowy abandoned base map is)" 

    In terms of your behaviour, somehow I always find you in the middle of drama, even if the situation doesn't involve you, you somehow get yourself involved. I don't know whether this is just for fun or you crave the attention but IMO this isn't how players should act especially the ones who are trying to obtain a staff rank.

    Overall, your characteristics and your application have proven to me that I believe you don't have what it takes to be an EM. I'm not going to sugar coat it, so this may come across as harsh, however, it is the truth from my perspective.

    To conclude this, I will unfortunately be leaving a -1.
    My opinion is subject to change, although, I don't see it changing anytime soon.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Kippy said:

    Archon is a Person with a lot of Great Ideas, Spending time with him in INQT On More than one Occasion He Assisted me with INQT Mission and they Turned out Very well, I Believe Archon would Benefit really well being a EM Therefore today I am Leaving a +1

    Massive +1

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