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  1. You literally have to watch poki's stream for 4 hours to get a drop.... Fucking weird cunts
  2. yo @SiegeMonkey@zaspan dude, can we ban this fucker?
  3. fuck R6S @Phobia. We'll run Valorant and get some easy loot.
  4. I'd like to thank everyone who has commented for their honest feedback, I'm happy to inform you that my projects are underway and should be submitted within the next day or 2. These examples will display the usage of Tier 2 tools and some Tier 3 ones. <3
  5. Steam Name: Yoshi SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:141906434 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheLordHimself/ In Game Name: Boshi | ID-10 MK-III 'DIO' Time Played Imperial RP: As of writing this application, 4 days however this is due to an account switch. I had 6-7 Weeks prior to the switch. I will reference my Tier 1 Application Photo(s). Time Played Imperial RP Evidence What have you learned about PAC since receiving Tier 1? Since receiving Tier 1 Access, I've learnt quite a few things, those being and not limited to, Eve
  6. where's the award for being the biggest sped the server has seen, minge doesn't quite cut it for me.
  7. There is little to no information put into the application let alone the event ideas. In my opinion, this application doesn't look like it took longer than 15 minutes. As for the event ideas, there is no structure to it, in my eyes it's a couple paragraphs/sentences slapped in a google doc. What I mean to say is, when I read the event idea, I see no effort put in and it is very bare in information. As a reference for what I believe an event idea should look like I've taken one of the examples from @Pvtanderson's EM Application [ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O9-fa349WMhroa2Pd_I6JehR1sZlc
  8. Boshi

    Dictator Binne

    who is this "marana" person? can we ban him?
  9. @Dirthi You have no friends, period.
  10. didn't include me. -1, shut it down.
  11. {~BUMP~}~Update~ Rank: [02/08/2020]- Operative > Senior Operative | ISBExamples: ~Not Applicable~
  12. {~BUMP~}~Update~ Rank: [30/07/2020]- Resignation From Officer | Purge Trooper Lieutenant > Operative | ISBExamples: ~Not Applicable~
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