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  1. imagine not optimizing pacs already smh also due to me being a gigachad ion experience none of these crashes or issues.
  2. worst injury was when @Strykerbit my pp :'(
  3. @Stryker and me in the back
  4. or join IHCA and have inside knowledge of the evaluations and weigh in your input to demote those stinky commanders. also FREE !p gina
  5. To answer your questions, Or do you guys not know. BCO's didn't know evaluations were happening and they too were evaluated. Every army regimental Officer, Commander & Battalion Commander were evaluated by IHCA & Lieutenant General Pro. Did they finish? did they just start? They started on the 1st of April 2021 and were organised months before. They have been concluded as of yesterday, 20th of April 2021. are they different from before? - How does the "officer evaluations" work this time around? Different? no. It's a simple concept, CL3 - CL5 are evaluated by a list of cri
  6. @Hideyoshi dude, the spreadsheet saying I'm Lt. General, dasss crazy bro
  7. Boshi


    @Vadrianunfortunate that the symbol is no longer there, was a masterpiece.
  8. timtams attempt at comedy
  9. shoulda joined IHCA dude.
  10. dis mf leaving and joining every other week. don't expect no welcome party from me.
  11. Dude, don't hurt my feeble brain. still waiting for my Femboy regiment.... @SiegeMonkey @zaspan
  12. @yeff no one wants you in a commanding position again other than that, some rank names are absolute dog water (most have already been listed by others, not gonna repeat) all in all, sounds dope
  13. Clababsos stinks

  14. You literally have to watch poki's stream for 4 hours to get a drop.... Fucking weird cunts
  15. yo @SiegeMonkey@zaspan dude, can we ban this fucker?
  16. fuck R6S @Phobia. We'll run Valorant and get some easy loot.
  17. where's the award for being the biggest sped the server has seen, minge doesn't quite cut it for me.
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