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  1. Ngl I like the idea of bring back Coalition for Progress, but make only have it so 4ish people can join it. Hey even make it a sub-branch off of navy!
  2. +1 I personally like the idea besides the Dark Council running the 3 different divisions. It makes it seem like we are running a little JvS server within a Imperial RP server.
  3. My opinion with Sith is that it can be really good, if done and run correctly. As of current, it is not. Some of the issues that I see with Sith includes - In events with cloaked individuals Inquisitors always just spam force sense to sense where they are. I can understand if you have suspicion of a cloaked individual in that area (running into them, hearing them, etc) but please just don't run around the whole ISD using it. - The KOS license is just straight bs. - There is a lot of "Accidental" kills that happens, and we all know they aren't accidental. - Most of the AOS's you guy
  4. Hello guys, Some of you guys may know me (Proxy) as being a minge, and I don't blame you. Even I consider myself a minge at times. But I am and will be trying my hardest to turn the train around and bring a fun and enjoyable time for those around me while stile keeping my chill and actually role playing! Thanks, Proxy
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