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  1. 16 minutes ago, Clover said:

    wait hold up i thought zaspan was server manager and wingza was staff manager?????????? 

    i think you get them wrong way around on image.thumb.png.f96cc0233f64c41294d08753c162cd35.png


    11 hours ago, Cecil said:

    2. @Wingza has moved to Server Manager and @zaspan has moved into the role of Staff Manager. This is to better reflect their strengths as individuals. While you can bring documents relating to regimental changes to zaspan and Rook, it would be extremely helpful if you could give them to Wingza directly. 

    Did you not read this?

  2. 1 hour ago, Auzii said:


    • Despite the lack of Tier 2 Examples that I can see from the images, I believe Pulse deserves Tier 2 nonetheless.
    • Pulse has proven time and time again with his unique twist on his personal PAC's that he understands the Editor to a sufficient level.
    • Additionally, Pulse has in the past been able to utilise his PAC skills to assist with RP situations and enhance RP for those around him.
    • Lastly, the application has satisfactory detail.

    - Auzii



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  3. 3 minutes ago, Relish said:

    Well, of course it would affect my application, I'm not making a serious application, I made this for the main reason of wanting to know what I have to approve on, I only put myself down because I already know what will happen, if I were to make a serious application it wouldn't be as better but it would show I put actual work into it, the fact I managed to get a +1 is a mystery to m and actually post my confidence in making a proper application in the future, as I said I basically just wanted constructive criticism

    Bruh, this attitude is, sorry if it offends you, pitiful. People who actually have a desire to make actual applications with the intent of gaining a staffing position as an EM, creating and enforcing immersive and enjoyable roleplay with said rank will find this ridiculous and unfair. If you wanted to know how you could improve, you could have literally asked anyone over a different method of communication, not the forums. If they had nothing to comment on, you move on to the next person, not clutter the Event Master application thread with a not-so serious application. This right here will, in my opinion, severely affect your next application, as it shows to the event masters that you don't have the intention to take the application phases of becoming an Event Master seriously, and once faced with an obstacle or a undesirable vote, you give up. Personally, I don't want to have an event that doesn't work because a problem was placed in front of you which you decided to let it overcome you. If you received -1's, you work to improve it whilst the application is up to show how dedicated you are to the position and show to the EM's that you can be a worthy team member, but stating that "[you're] not making a serious application" is an extremely bad look, and would look like you're making a joke of the position.

    The things you need to work on is your confidence and understanding that if you are stuck then you should ask for help, not give up on something as cool as becoming an EM. Another thing to point out is Boshi's point quoted below.

    5 hours ago, Boshi said:

    In terms of your behaviour, somehow I always find you in the middle of drama, even if the situation doesn't involve you, you somehow get yourself involved. I don't know whether this is just for fun or you crave the attention but IMO this isn't how players should act especially the ones who are trying to obtain a staff rank.

    This is very true, and if an EM is starting drama, or influencing said drama, then it displays a very bad trait for not only yourself but the rest of the EM team. Work on your teamwork skills, as they will come in handy when you do decide to make a serious application.

    Event though this was long, and it may sound quite harsh (which is not my intentions, I'm only trying to convey that this application should be serious to you) I do wish you good luck in improving enough so that you can have a fair go at making an EM application. However, for now it's gonna be a -1 from me. However, if I see improvement my vote is subject to change. 


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    Resignation from Inquisitor II -> Acting Operative of Imperial Security Bureau

    RANK: Acting Operative

    Regiment: ISB


  6. 18 hours ago, Misahu said:


    May be controversial, but I honestly believe in the month that he has been back he has demonstrated a brilliant style of INQ role-play, activity, consistent maturity and perfect behaviour to redeem himself of his past discrepancies.

    His past hasn't been great, but I personally believe he has risen beyond it, and deserves a chance to be a trial-em.

    However! Please add more detail to the application. The event ideas are solid, but should be explained in a more in-depth demeanour


    Good luck Wardog


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  8. On 7/8/2020 at 5:48 PM, Angus said:

    Imma have to -1 this im sorry clover but you attitude and maturity towards things is quite over the top. Ive seen you complain about the smallest things OOC and in my eyes it makes you not seem fit for this position. You seem like you want to become a mod and your playtime is ok. Your detail is lacking. And in general your feelings get in the way most of the time. Sorry but my answer is -1 


  9. On 7/8/2020 at 5:40 PM, Angus said:

    BIG +1 

    From what i have seen Yeff is mature, creative and a nice guy. Your detail in your app is great. You have been around for a while. Good with RP (as seen by Kallus). Your events look really nice and well thought out Event 1 is nice and unique, Event 2 is good. 

    All in all this guy is a ledgend well deserving of TEM 


  10. 9 hours ago, Clover said:


    The pacs that you have presented are either something that doesn't look like its from star wars at all or just doesn't make sense. eg i don't understand whats with the hood and face from your second pac or with the tank trooper. they are meant to pilot a tank not have a minigun on their shoulders



    I get where you're coming from, however, the PAC's that are intended for Roleplay are clearly labelled "(Roleplay)" next to them, these include the Inquisitor model(s),  DT playermodel, and Shock Officer model. The PAC's that you are referring to are not subject to this, they are only intended to show that I have knowledge of how to use the PAC program; the face I chose was merely used as it was the only one that IMO looked different then the regular HL2 playermodels. Again, the Tank Trooper PAC was not subject to the "(Roleplay)" tag, hence I didn't work around that structure. I only wanted something that I could use the gesture function on, and I thought that would be best suited.

    Now in regards to your comment on "The pacs you have presented...", is this for all the PAC's, or just the ones that were not subject to the Roleplay tag? I only ask because I'm sure that if you looked at the other ones they would be fine for general roleplay use without interfering with others immersion; I had another PAC user confirm this.

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    PLAY TIME: 3W 0d 01h



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    PLAY TIME: 2w 6d 03h



  16. ╔══════════════════════════════════════════╗


    PLAY TIME: 2w 5d 19h

    RANK: Inquisitor V as of the 14/06/20


    19/06/20 Inquisitor V - Inquisitor Playermodel

    *I do not want to go overboard with PAC on the inquisitor playermodels,

    so unless there is anything else I can think of, this will most likely be my

    final touches on this project.*




  17. -1

    Ok, so I would like to start off by saying that you are a very friendly, trustworthy member of the community, and I highly doubt that if given the chance you would not abuse the PAC program. (Also, by no means am I a PAC expert, everything I say is just what I think of your PAC's, not who you are in-game) 

    However, in my opinion, these PAC's are a lot like others as well as quite confusing to look at.

    • PAC 1: This looks very similar to CurlyGeorge's PAC Project 4: Purge Trooper x Nova (V1) which looks pretty good, but way too similar for comfort. You both have the highlighted breathers and sights, however you have added a droid that looks very similar to Greyback's Destiny droid. Both of these look epic by the way! However, once again, a bit too similar for comfort...
    • PAC 2: This PAC doesn't look too bad, a bit confusing but I can see what you wanted to achieve with it. However, in roleplay I can see there being a massive problem with this. A) Not having a left hand doesn't sound like something a Nova Trooper would not have. B) When using other weapons or anything where the left hand is being manipulated, the PAC will look very confusing. Whilst the simplicity is fine, I cannot see how this one could be used in RP.
    • PAC 3: This PAC sorta looks like those toys that you buy in a Woolworth's toy section. The colours on the guns do not fit the models at all and, in my opinion, resemble Nerf guns or even waterguns. I really like where you placed the Bacta bombs and the grenades however, that looks really nice. The centre Iron Man looking thing is a good idea, however, if it is not executed properly, it looks very scuffed and unappealing. I don't see what the point of it being there is, other than it just being there with no substantial benefit to RP. *Sometimes less is more.
    • PAC 4: This PAC actually looks pretty good! I like the effect on the right forearm, and how the droid has a hologram effect when typing (however the green isn't the best colour. Try lowering the opacity of it!). Not a massive fan of the head, but it isn't a major factor. Good job on this one!
    • PAC 5: I like this one too. I do not have anything to add with this, really nice looking PAC.
    • PAC 6: I also really like this one. The only things that I am not a fan of is the massive ear piece, but I am sure that can be easily fixed in the program! Again, less is sometimes more, so I cannot see the use of there being a Nova Handbook for dummies. It's funny, but just clogs up much needed render times. Other than that, really good job.
    • PAC 7: This is also a really nice PAC, nothing to add here!
    • PAC 8: This is way too confusing. I dont see what you tried to achieve here.

    I know this is a lot, but hopefully it helps. Again, I am not a PAC master, but I like to try and help with as much as I can when, and where possible. When you publish your next set of PAC's, I might change my vote. However, for now it will stay at a -1.

    Good luck though!


    Has taken feedback and has greatly improved his models to show that he has a significant knowledge on how to use PAC. Great job with your PAC's, very creative and they look great!

    Good Luck

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