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  1. UPDATE:
    Thank you all for your kind words and positive responses, however, recently it has come to my attention that I am neither active, nor motivated enough for a staffing position compared to these other great applicants. Therefore, I am asking that my application be closed permanently. Whilst I would have loved to be a part of this staff team, I do not find it fair to continue trying to apply for a position which I would not be able to keep up with.

    Thank you all for making my time on this server as fun as possible, especially @Vadrian@Heinrich, @SiegeMonkey, @Shepard, and many more.


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    ═══ Player Server Profile Information ═══

    In-Game Name (Most Identifiable):


    In-game name: |I-03| 'Bickey'

    31st Infantry Troopers


    [A.K.A Alex M. Adams, Bickey B. or Bickey Bara.]



    Steam Profile Link:


    Time Played (UTime): 



    NOTE: I recently had an account change meaning that my old account which had approximately four weeks of play time is no longer in use/able to accessed. As much as I wish to provide evidence of my old game time, I am locked out of that account so I cannot, however, on my old PAC3 application I tried to update my time as much as possible, with my last updated play time totalling 3 weeks. I then continued to play on that account, accumulating a further one week until I was permanently locked out. As a result, I only have four days on my current account, however, I aim to be on as much as I can whilst still dedicating sufficient time to my outside commitments and schooling. 

    ═══ Player History ═══

    Have you had any warnings in the past? If so, please list them:
    NOTEOn my old account I received no warns over the year I used it. However, with this unforeseen account change, I unfortunately did have prior warns that I was not aware of. I would like to note that I had no idea these were on my account when I joined the server on my other account, nor did I have any recollection of them when I made my PAC application. I would also like note that these warns should not, and do not reflect me or my personality anymore as I have strived to improve my knowledge and understanding of the rules and made attempts to re-write my wrongdoings. Even though all these warns were added to my account in 2018, three years ago, I must not ignore them and understand that I have made mistakes that I aim to fix to the best of my ability.
    MONDAY, OCTOBER 22nd 2018: FailRP [Pressing buttons multiple times repeatedly when asked not to multiple times]. - Warned by Darth Vader (As of OCT 2018)
    Again, whilst I have no recollection of doing these, I understand that this warn more than likely handed out for a good reason, and I must come to terms with the fact that I messed up and strive to prove to everyone that I will not do this again. 
    SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24th 2018: Disconnected to Avoid Arrest. - Warned by Misahu
    As of this time playing the server, I made no attempts to learn/play by the rules. My only intention was to hop on and mess around, which was a poor decision looking back at it. I understand how I negatively impacted the server, and I hope that in recent times I have proved that I can provide a positive RP experience. For anyone that I have failed to prove this to, I am deeply sorry and I hope that I can improve on this in the future.

    Have you had any bans in the past? If so, please list them:

    I have not, and hopefully never receive a ban on this server. :D 

    Have you had any similar positions (Staff, PAC3, Developer) on other servers? If so, please list them:
    27th October 2018 - 24th January 2021 (CLOSING DATE)
    Trial Moderator - Manager:
    I began staffing on Supremacy as I wanted to challenge myself to help a building community. In doing so, I expanded my understanding on how to deal with misbehaving players and also what is expected of me. This was my first time having to follow a strict guideline set by others, and in the two years that I was staff, I took these, enforced them and later when I was promoted to Staff Manager, I understood enough to write my own Staff Guidelines. This means that I understand how important it is for me to follow a strict set of rules so that I can uphold not only Imperial Gaming's staff team's image, but also represent the server and community as a whole too. With my two years of staffing, I dealt with nearly every situation imaginable, and I completely understand that Star WarsRP will include differing situations that require more factors than DarkRP, but I am a fast learner and with my prior staffing knowledge, I hope to be able to adapt to staffing on a different gamemode; if I get the opportunity. As Management in Supremacy, I had to deal with choosing and evaluating staffing applicants as well as handling staff reports, setting up in-game, discord and forum permissions/settings, undertaking tasks given to me by Owners/Dev's and managing, a relatively large for the server, 27 active staff.
    To add, I have also used ULX and other custom admin menus, and nearly all logging systems, so I have a wide knowledge on how to use commands and where to look if I need to gather evidence for anything that may come up.

    - I understand that this is a lot of writing, but I hope to provide sufficient detail as to my experiences and how these may be able to be used on this server.

    ═══ Basic Reasoning Questions ═══

    Why should you be given this position over others?:
    -I believe that I can bring a long range of history/prior experiences of staffing and also look at things from a manager position whilst still understanding my rank. Essentially what I mean is that I know fully what I expected of my staff team, and also the servers players. With this view on the server, I will always look upon my actions and duties with the thought of what I am expected to do, (nothing less) and also ensuring that I respect my rank and never overstep my grounds/duties. I understand that as a moderator, I am expected to uphold roleplay and ensure that things like forms of FailRP and/or misbehaving players that are disturbing roleplay are dealt with accordingly. I also understand to monitor my actions with great care as all administrative situations must be dealt with appropriately and maturely so that I do not negatively affect IG's image.
    - I also understand and feel comfortable to breach out and look for help if needed. As this would be my first time applying for staff on a SWRP server, I expect that there are some things which may confuse me. If I ever get confused, I will not hesitate to ask for help to ensure that I am never basing my decision off a whim. In doing so, I would ensure that I do not tarnish the staff teams reliability, credibility and image. In saying this however, I already understand the rules/tools and should not get confused.
    - To add, I am a very loyal and dedicated member to any team that I participate in. During my time as staff on Supremacy, the only times that I needed to take a break was when school was getting too busy, however, I came back as soon as I was able to. My dedication to the server was proven by the thousands of tickets that I took as my time as staff (approx. 8-10 thousand tickets). I devoted countless hours to the server, with most, if not all of my Garry's Mod hours (2.5 thousand) being on Supremacy. I never stopped looking for ways that I could do more, and if I get the opportunity to staff on this server I can assure you that it would be no different.
    - Finally, I am a respectful person who would never lash out or get angry at any player of the server. As I work in the hospitality industry and have also had to deal with players from Sup, I understand that it's better to "take the shit end of the stick" rather than to dish it out. In doing so, I can convince people who are mingy/disrespectful that IG is a fun server filled with funny and respectful people that are so much fun to play with. I am happy to say that I personally do not have any beef with anyone on the server, and do not look to do so. I try to talk to as many people as I can and help others in OOC when they need it. As stated previously, if I have ever caused any problems with anyone on the server, I would rather look into fixing them in private, and if it is not fixable to at least understand what I have done so that I can improve; that's we can really do...
    Understandably, an application can at times be a poor reflection on a players maturity and in-game professionalism, however, I will strive to prove that I will not only put massive amounts of effort into my applications, but also in my roleplay, and if I am granted the opportunity to receive a staffing position, that too. Whilst this does not mean that I am any better than other applicants, I will always look to take constructive criticism, improve on the weakness and move on without letting it get me down.

    Why should you be trusted with this position? and do you believe others think of you with the same perspective?:

    I believe that I should be trusted with a staffing position because;
    - Over my year and a half of properly playing IG, I have constantly kept a clean slate with no warns nor bans. As much as it sucks that my warns in 2018 will affect my application, I must look past that and recognise that I have made attempts to improve these. 
    - I have been trusted with the PAC3 Program since August of last year, and in this time I have consistently ensured that I follow all of the rules and guidelines that come with the Tier 1 rank. I have also reliably been updating my PAC's to ensure that they are approved as well as keeping in touch with the PAC managers should I have any inquiries to ensure that I can be a trustworthy member of the PAC team. I will ensure that my effort to abide by the rules and represent the rank with great professionalism is reflected in my staffing duties. Whilst I understand that Trial Moderator is a much greater rank with more responsibilities and permissions, I use this as an example to show that I am so grateful to be trusted with something as serious as PAC3, and that I understand how quickly it can be taken away from me if I ever abused it; which I would never do. I have heard good things from others in-game, but I would hope that I have represented myself and this rank with professionalism and maturity, as I have not done anything to position others to believe otherwise.
    - I understand that the role's tools and permissions should only be used to represent the server in an appropriate manner and also to benefit the server. I also understand that if I fail to do a good job and uphold the staff teams credibility that I can be removed without warning and without a valid reason. I recognise that I'm going into this with the belief that I am ready for what is expected of me, and I hope that I can show others this too. I have done the best of my ability to show players that I can be all of the things aforementioned above and also in the "Why are you applying for this postion?:" section.

    Why are you applying for this position?:

    After Supremacy shut down, I have missed being able to assist a community. I thoroughly enjoyed helping players who were having difficulties, and as Imperial Gaming was the next server that I was playing, I found it best fitting to look at trying to help this server out. 
    However, I also found it inappropriate to apply immediately after Supremacy's closure, as I didn't feel like a member of the community. Over these past few months, I have tried my hardest to meet as many people and get to know the in's-and-out's of IG and it's community. I also wanted to find the perfect regiment for my play style before I took the jump to apply for mod. Being in IHCA has allowed me to tune my maturity and professionalism, as well as being able to help the playerbase out by conducting CL tests, which is a fun and effective way of being able to help out the community in Roleplay. After making all these changes, I believe that I am finally ready to take on a position like Trial Moderator.

    Before we continue, anything else you’d like to add?:


    I have already said so much that I don't want to bother you anymore with more words, lol. <3

    ═══ Moderator Reasoning Questions ═══

    You see a civilian killing others without an obvious roleplay reasoning behind it, what do you do?:

    One of the worst things you can do as a moderator is make an incorrect assumption that may disturb someone else's roleplay or make yourself look incompetent. I would first spectate the player to understand if there is any pattern to the killings or if it is all irregular, signalling an RDM spree. If the player was a Civilian, obviously an EM set them, therefore, I would double check to see if the EM planned this, or if the person is just RDM'ing. If there is no apparent reason to the killings, I would bring the player to a secluded zone away from roleplay to get a better understanding of what is going on. I would calmly and respectfully present the evidence to the player, and if the story fails to add up or there is no valid reasoning behind it, I would take two options. If the player is genuinely new to the server, I would explain the rules and the civilian handbook and ensure that they understand that we do not allow that style of playing as they might confuse themselves with a rebel like role. If they have played the server for an extended amount of time, or they are being inherently mingy, I would first check their prior warnings in the !warn menu, then follow the given punishment guideline as they obviously have no intent to follow roleplay.

    Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?

    Mass RDM's can usually be very black and white. For this, I would go through whatever logging system IG uses and grab the SteamID. This will allow me to gather further evidence through the logging system more accurately. I would then gather further evidence including who was killed, how many was killed and the time frame between these kills as well as gather as many peoples side to the story and if possible, hard evidence like video or photo evidence. If there is no obvious pattern between the killings and it appears to be a MRDM, I would then make sure that the player intentionally disconnected. I would go to the disconnections section of logs and check to see whether the player "Disconnected by user", or had other forms like "Timed out" or "Steam Auth Fail"(I think that's what it is off the top of my head). If the player disconnected intentionally, it is obvious that their intention was to disturb RP and bolt, therefore, I would check for any prior warnings and then ban them according to the punishment template. However, if they were disconnected by anything other than themselves, I would give them the benefit of the doubt and wait 15 minutes and if they do not I would ask for permission to ban them from a higher up. If they do reconnect, I would bring them to a sit and handle the sit accordingly.

    A user has been given tools for training. You soon discover they are using the tools to prop kill and prop block. What course of action do you take?:

    When given tools, you are told that you must not misuse them and that failure to abide by these rules will result in an immediate strip of them and a potential blacklist. If I spot this, I will record what has been seen and then follow up by taking them to a secluded part of the map. I would first make sure that they understand why they have been brought to the sit as to not rush my point across in a rapid and unprofessional manner. I would then also ask any other staff members if they have seen this user abuse props/tools in the past, as well as checking if they have any prior warnings in the !warn menu. Typically, the player is just trying to have a fun time with their friend, so for this I would advise them to follow the rules set as soon as you get the tools and that if they abuse it again then they will receive a warn and potentially a blacklist. I would then !removetools [NAME] and advise the rest of the staff team that I had to remove tools for this person. Prop block and random prop kill, however, depending on severity and intention, would be dealt with accordingly with harsher punishments if approved by a higher up.

    Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?:

    Bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. In situations like these, if it was occurring in OOC chat, I would advise them to stop as to stop the clutter in chat and to not involve anyone else in there business as acting pretentious in OOC is very immature. Afterwards I would message each party to understand what is happening and why it is happening. If both parties are just having some friendly banter, I would leave it at that, however, if there is an actual problem then I would get each persons side of the story. I would then advise them that if they cannot be friendly between each other then they should go their separate ways and avoid confrontation until the situation has calmed down. If they want staffing action to be taken, then I would inform them that they are both subject to punishment as it would not be fair to warn one person when they have both been just as bad as each other. However, if it is an unwarranted personal attack on one person without any reasoning behind it, I would take the individual to a sit and tell them that their behaviour is unacceptable and inform them that it is against the rules and punish them according to the punishment guidelines.

    A player enters the servers and begins to make racial slurs. What do you do?:

    A common way a player will attempt to disrespect a wide range of players as quickly and effectively as possible is spamming OOC. In the event this happens is I would mute their ability to use OOC if there is a command for that, however, if not. I would quickly TP them and tell them that it isn't allowed at all. If they continue it is obvious that they do not have any intent to RP and are just looking to act malicious, therefore, they would be kicked to get them off the server as quickly as possible. I would then grab the players SteamID from disconnect logs or prior to kicking them, and then warn and ban according to the punishment guidleines. I would then advise other staff members of the issue incase they wanted to extend or alter the ban. *READ THE NOTE BELOW FOR CONTEXT ON THE LAST SENTENCE*

    NOTE: I was on the server when someone did this the other day and I know that Nine quickly banned this individual from the server, however, Jman hopped on and perma banned them. I do not believe that T-Mods with have access to perma ban someone, nor would I touch that unless someone higher up told me to. Therefore I would advise higher ups of the issue incase they wanted the ban altered.

    Someone threatens to DDOS the server. What do you do?

    On Supremacy, we were always told that people who threaten to DDOS the server are harmless and cringe, I would assume that this server would be no different. Of course, it should be noted if someone were to threaten to DDOS the server, but I would highly doubt that the server would actually be fully DDOS as again, most people are harmless. We used to Perma ban anyone who threatened to DDOS the server back when I first joined Supremacy, so I understand how to deal with the situation in a few ways, and if IG handles these differently I am more than happy to comply with that.

    You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?

    If I saw a higher up abusing their staffing powers, I would record what is happening so that I can send it to a higher up. I would ask the staff member in admin chat what they are doing and if everything is okay without getting too involved so that players would not believe that the staff team is allowing this to happen. If they cannot give a good reason behind it, I would take all the evidence I have gathered from logs and video recording and hand it over to the fitting ranks/people.



    ═══ Terms of Application ═══

    *Hidden to save space, but I have read them and I completely understand that I must only use my moderation powers to benefit the server and represent the community in a good light. :D*



    1. Application bumps are viable after a total of 7 days following the last bump/post. If the application is bumped prior to the minimum amount of days it is liable for denial.

    2. Any member of the community is allowed to provide feedback by posting a “+1” or “-1” and can present evidence to support their vote. 

    3. Advertisement of applications in any form, including but not limited to, in or out of character chat, discord, forum chatbox and teamspeak, will lead to an immediate termination and denial of the application.

    4. Failing to answer questions will lead to the termination and denial of the application.

    5. False information will lead to the termination and denial of the application.

    6. Failing to meet the minimum requirements laid out by the template will lead to either the application being placed on a temporary hold until requirements are met, or it will be terminated and denied.

    8. Knowledge of the ULX Commands are not essential when applying but it is recommended and preferred that applicants expand their knowledge prior to applying or while the application is active.


    I, Bickey, agree to the terms stated above and accept that if my application is successful, I am henceforth a representative of Imperial Gaming and will act maturely and responsibly. I accept and will respect the powers that are given unto me with my position. I will only use the power given to me to enhance the experience of the members of the community. I accept that any abuse of these privileges comes with the risk of termination from the staff team. I accept that I may be demoted at any given time without prior warning or valid reason. I, the applicant, am well aware of the server rules and to the best of my ability will uphold and enforce these rules.

    Thank you for looking over my application!

    ═══ Updates ═══


    To be filled with updated gametime and other important changes that do not require a message.


    UPDATE 08/04:

    I have added my in-game name (Alex M. Adams) as Bickey might now be known as well. 

    UPDATE 10/06:

    IHC Administration -> 31st Infantry

    Alex M. Adams -> |I-03| 'Bickey'





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  4. On 2/3/2021 at 6:26 AM, Boshi said:

    Personal Opinion:
    As a long standing superior to Quinny/Binny as a staff member, I can confidently say that within his time as a staff member on Supremacy Networks he always put in all of his effort to take substantial amounts of tickets/claims. 
    He acquired the rank of Senior Administrator with ease as he had shown great leadership qualities, was assertive during all administrative situations, helpful to new staff members and most importantly, genuinely a good guy.
    What also made my job easier is that, if there were any reports made on him, it was easily dealt with as he always had evidence on hand and never punished anyone without substantial evidence to stand on.

    -Knowledge within rules
    -Great initiative
    -Great Leader
    -Helpful all-round
    -Good lad
    -Possible Femboy >.<

    -is fat


    Sums it up really well. 

    Good luck, Quinny!

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  5. +1

    Whilst Boshi was staff on Supremacy, he was by far the best member of the team to join that I could ever ask for throughout the 2 and a bit years I was there. He was not only a great representative of the staff team, but he was the most hardworking and always strived to take initiative. As he was one of the longest running staff members on the server, Boshi has dealt with nearly every situation imaginable giving him precise and exhaustive knowledge on staffing duties and what it means to represent the server and staff team by following guidelines. Even though he may seem a little mingy (just like when he first joined the Sup staff team), his funny. friendly and welcoming attitude/personality is one that you can only see once in a blue moon, and if you do decide to accept him you won't regret it. Boshi has dedicated countless hours to making friends and getting to know the in's and out's of IG over the last year that he has played. I believe that his dedication and care towards the server will reflect in his duties as a Trail-Moderator, if he gets the chance. 

    - His attitude/personality makes him stand out from the other applicants.

    - He is extremely hardworking and persistent.

    - Boshi has been a member of IG for a long time.

    - You may want to strangle him at times, but he can, and will, be the best staff member if you let him.

    Best of luck, buddy!

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  6. 16 minutes ago, Clover said:

    wait hold up i thought zaspan was server manager and wingza was staff manager?????????? 

    i think you get them wrong way around on image.thumb.png.f96cc0233f64c41294d08753c162cd35.png


    11 hours ago, Cecil said:

    2. @Wingza has moved to Server Manager and @zaspan has moved into the role of Staff Manager. This is to better reflect their strengths as individuals. While you can bring documents relating to regimental changes to zaspan and Rook, it would be extremely helpful if you could give them to Wingza directly. 

    Did you not read this?

  7. 1 hour ago, Auzii said:


    • Despite the lack of Tier 2 Examples that I can see from the images, I believe Pulse deserves Tier 2 nonetheless.
    • Pulse has proven time and time again with his unique twist on his personal PAC's that he understands the Editor to a sufficient level.
    • Additionally, Pulse has in the past been able to utilise his PAC skills to assist with RP situations and enhance RP for those around him.
    • Lastly, the application has satisfactory detail.

    - Auzii



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  8. 3 minutes ago, Relish said:

    Well, of course it would affect my application, I'm not making a serious application, I made this for the main reason of wanting to know what I have to approve on, I only put myself down because I already know what will happen, if I were to make a serious application it wouldn't be as better but it would show I put actual work into it, the fact I managed to get a +1 is a mystery to m and actually post my confidence in making a proper application in the future, as I said I basically just wanted constructive criticism

    Bruh, this attitude is, sorry if it offends you, pitiful. People who actually have a desire to make actual applications with the intent of gaining a staffing position as an EM, creating and enforcing immersive and enjoyable roleplay with said rank will find this ridiculous and unfair. If you wanted to know how you could improve, you could have literally asked anyone over a different method of communication, not the forums. If they had nothing to comment on, you move on to the next person, not clutter the Event Master application thread with a not-so serious application. This right here will, in my opinion, severely affect your next application, as it shows to the event masters that you don't have the intention to take the application phases of becoming an Event Master seriously, and once faced with an obstacle or a undesirable vote, you give up. Personally, I don't want to have an event that doesn't work because a problem was placed in front of you which you decided to let it overcome you. If you received -1's, you work to improve it whilst the application is up to show how dedicated you are to the position and show to the EM's that you can be a worthy team member, but stating that "[you're] not making a serious application" is an extremely bad look, and would look like you're making a joke of the position.

    The things you need to work on is your confidence and understanding that if you are stuck then you should ask for help, not give up on something as cool as becoming an EM. Another thing to point out is Boshi's point quoted below.

    5 hours ago, Boshi said:

    In terms of your behaviour, somehow I always find you in the middle of drama, even if the situation doesn't involve you, you somehow get yourself involved. I don't know whether this is just for fun or you crave the attention but IMO this isn't how players should act especially the ones who are trying to obtain a staff rank.

    This is very true, and if an EM is starting drama, or influencing said drama, then it displays a very bad trait for not only yourself but the rest of the EM team. Work on your teamwork skills, as they will come in handy when you do decide to make a serious application.

    Event though this was long, and it may sound quite harsh (which is not my intentions, I'm only trying to convey that this application should be serious to you) I do wish you good luck in improving enough so that you can have a fair go at making an EM application. However, for now it's gonna be a -1 from me. However, if I see improvement my vote is subject to change. 


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