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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I had hoped we would have a constructive conversation where I would state my case and seek an appeal based on the feedback, but unfortunately the only feedback I've received is ad-hominem. This appeal is now closed. Goodbye.
  2. Disregarding "if had the capability to do such a thing...", we're left with: If someone were to be affected by an actual dox then it would be an issue. I was called in because someone felt as if they were unsafe in a situation. As you've noted, I apologised at the time. As I've explained, my comment was contextually for parody, and not directed at any individual player. Taking the position of "[I am] neutral" is a cop out. You are the gatekeeper, you hold all the keys, you have to make a decision. There is no argument I can make against "Threatening to dox someone whe
  3. Steam Details Steam Name: [Redacted] Steam ID: [Redacted] Steam Profile link: [Redacted] In Game Details In Game Name: Inward In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Unassigned Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: L. Karatha What date did the ban occur: 12/02/2020 What was the reason for the ban: Threatening to dox someone Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I put in local chat that I would "backtrace your ip". (I can't provide any other con
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