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  1. Both nice but that DT one, HOH, its beautiful
  2. your right that its not past the 2 month warn point, but its still an old post your commenting on, that brings it back into the current pool, of far more relevant posts. and the comment you made didnt add anyting to the conversation either
  3. Agreed, Neutral. I cant speak for activity on the server, but as for the forums I havent seen you around either involving yourself in posts 'n stuff
  4. This beautiful lad here explains it . -1
  5. -1. Crimson Dawn wasnt at all aligned with Imperials, they were just working for money, its like asking for Hutt Cartel to be added with Jabba as the leader, just cos they took han captive, doesnt really mean they are like the Empire
  6. Anthony

    IG Wipeout [Round 1]

    @Basil Guess its a good thing you're in a guarding regiment where you stand still cos you certainly cant run across obstacles (Jk love you <3 )
  7. Anthony

    IG Wipeout [Round 1]

    I know that feeling man.... i know that feeling...
  8. +1 Stop your chronic drinking obession though you alcoholic
  9. There is a gap!!! Ahhhh!! The navy photo isnt touching the bottom
  10. Anthony

    Crims tmod app

    Agreed. -1 Being mod takes commitment which isnt something I've seen from you recently
  11. Anthony

    I'm Back....

    Back to shock with you young boy
  12. So pretty much I dont have time to be playing video games at all anymore, and I felt that i was no where near active enough. So as such I have resigned from staff, and will be leaving the server so I can not have to worry about it anymore and just focus on what matters IRL. It has however been an amazing year and I'm so thankful for the experiences I've been able to join in on, like being a member of the staff team, and being in various different regiments like Pilots, ISB, Navy, Navy Engineers etc. Now I'll do some special mentions I guess cos everyone else who leaves does that and so..... I will too? Ctrl+F for your name cos im going through the past 24 hour users list and doing each person whos extra good <3 @pinejack Thanks for all the good chats after you minge join my TS channel, and then hot mic-ing when on a tram when all the alerts and prompts go off <3 @Joel One of my favorite mutes (Tied with Rickle) Always been a good meme for the longest time, keep at it <3 @Robinson An older meme, but you were still a great SCAR commander even if you did get the whole regiment to attack me if I shined shoes in your vicinity. @Rickle Just a general good lad, made me turn grey early with all the flying practice But you are good now and thats what matters <3 @Crunchy #1 Mic spammer, take that how you want . Thanks for sticking with me when i was ENG CO, and then never leaving me alone the rest of my life and jobs.\ @Brass Favorite weeb? . You were always a good lad loitering around, you were one of the few that would laugh at my garbage jokes consitently, love you long time. @Goliath Thanks for shooting me in tryouts that one time, was fun, although we didnt always get along you were a great RPer and it was great to experience RP with you. @Uncle_BobbyB Where were those stims when I needed them :'(. But still you were always a friendly guy to be around, congrats on Mjr General i used to be higher than you once but look how that ended up. @Havoc Good ex DT lad and now Navy, and thanks for the help with math @Boris You were a great royal guard lol, it was also fun building with you in the back of engine room and was nice talking, and you always let me shine your shoes <3 @Morgan I suppouse for an american your alright We need to play fortnite more but still its always a good meme with you. You are my favorite defective @Cody Thanks for always being someone who I could go to and get help. You gave me a lot of support in Navy which I appreciate so much as It really structured who I was as a person on the server, wether it was when I was Navy way back last year , when you too were a small boy, or when I was engineer commander, then pilot commander, the whole way through you have been a helping hand. @Pavonis Always fun to be around, except when you spammed me for a PL licence for a bit cos Im too busy to do them <3 @SCHEFF The PAC GOD himself, you were always good to talk to, loved all your characters you had, and the story arcs you even had like hyperspacing into a sun @Delta You will always be the #1 sandy boi in my heart with all your "great" binds. @ANiX Was always good working with you and building with you, you are a really great builder <3 and also accept my love more <3 @Jman1308 You are my favorite bald manlet. Never forget you are beautiful and I loved pushing you around on the hover chair when you were injured <3 @LimeStrider Thanks for all the cookies, Still havent caught one in the chat box though :'( @Fish H e a d, W i n g C o m m a n d e r @Martibo I love your Janitor Pacs, never fail to make me laugh, love you W artibo @Denzham Iris you are always great to be around and in my opinion have the most contagious laugh, you are a good lad and its fun to mess around with you @Twinkie Alright I guess @Peguin #1 Wife / Girlfriend / Waifu of just about everyone on the ship by this point @Bevan You are a great jawa dog, enjoyed my in pilots with you, I remember when you were just a baby boy in tryouts, and despite some fails then and there we accepted you anyway, And im so glad we did @Flipps Keep memeing dad, you are the best emperor in my eyes, your shoes are beautiful @Whitey And thank you so much for everything, i've always looked up to you as a builder trying to find out how you did everything, and then when I became staff you put up with how defective I was and let me stay Thank you for all the opportunities you gave me and all the good times, I can still remember clear as day the time where you'd always have me killed, arrested, or kidnapped multiple times a day, and they were good times. You are the best granddad If I missed anyone just let me know <3 Thank all of you so much I've had an amazing time, I will still be on the forums but not the server
  13. The jedi Power Players are taking over!!
  14. +1, If you can just refine the icons similarly to the anime guy it'd be good, all the other artwork looks amazing
  15. Anthony

    Cant Join Server

    Any VPN i try to install fails to instalk a TAP or something like that ;-; I have full administrator and granted it access, my computer just wont allow it, its done this for other things and i've never found a fix for them
  16. Goodbye my favorite ex-girlfriend. May Special Agent Anthony and Katie live on forever
  17. Have a shoe shiner host Also nice <3
  18. Anthony

    Cant Join Server

    I am unable to join the server. I boot up gmod fine, I go to server list and try join IG, it'll download content, retrive data, but it wont start sending client info, and if it is, its only for a few seconds. I am then returned back to the server list with no error messages. I have tried reinstalling addons, no fix, verifying cache, no fix. I can however join other servers fine, i tried to join another SWRP last night and it was fine. Bevan said i might be a terrorist to streamline, send help. I'm in NZ
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