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  1. Where was my invite, I could've disappointed @Whitey more :'(
  2. Anthony


    Didnt mention your partner ship with the Director of the Adavanced Janitorial Department, smh
  3. I just resigned cos life happened and I dont have time to play video games, even during the holidays i've only played just under 10 hours of games in 2 weeks. Its up to you whether you want to resign or not, because there are so many factors that can go into resigning its all different, some may not have time, some may be tired out, some bored etc. Pic attached cos idk im bored
  4. +1. Also share Navy DIscord with him where he posts other designs which are amazing, which idk why they arent included but still great stuff <3
  5. Now witness the fire power of this fully armed and operational Mega TIE
  6. Thought I'd miss you, then the song you played was 'Evil Morty's Theme' damaged coda, and not the og blonde redhead :'(. Jk love you long time, bye <3
  7. It'd be nice to have a higher player cap, but it'd also make the server even more laggy, and it'd make staff jobs harder like it's been said, and apparently its not even possible , so gg
  8. Anthony

    128/128 Players

    It was the Head of Operations guy thing in Iraq during the war, and the we got em is referring to the capture of Sadam Hussein (I think thats how its spelt) Hence why in the bottom it shows up with Iraq
  9. Anthony

    128/128 Players

    With the server now hitting max players every night for the past couple days I felt the need to address it with a meme, however shitty and badly edited it is. <3
  10. -1 For one, I have no idea who you are. Also throughout this application there is a fair amount of grammar errors, which shows you havent bothered to try proof read and edit it / havent put in the effort. This would imply that you cant be bothered putting in the extra effort to be a staff member. Also you have coloured some parts of the app, and not others, and while this seems to just be an aesthetic issue, to me personally it seems like you have copied from another app, and added to it, hence different colours in the middle of sentences. I think this because of obviously the colours, but also because it feels disjointed when there is different colours, like in this example So we can see the coloured 'custom' text, and then the different colour text. My concern is that the coloured text on its own makes sense, "Dedicate their own spare time and help out the server" but now 'volunteer' has been thrown in, which makes it not grammatically correct, and it;s also in the forums default colour, which makes it seem like you copied part of it, and just threw in some more text, this example being volunteer. This plants a seed of doubt in my mind about this. *I COULD BE WRONG ABOUT ALL OF THIS, JUST LOOKS LIKE IT* As I said earlier as well there is alot of quite obvious grammatical errors are typos like and But a big reason i'd be -1 is because of how you reacted recently to Havoc's suggestion of an Inquistor Trooper, where you reacted really strongly calling it the stupidest idea you'd ever seen, and just generally rude. This makes me feel like you'd easily boil over in some situations, which is a characteristic I wouldn't want in a Staff Member *But hey, thats just what i think, so idk*
  11. L u m b e r T y c o o n 2
  12. Big Oofs and Fs for my favorite defective <3
  13. Tabletop Simulator might have it, but you need to buy tabletop simulator on steam, then you can just get heaps of games off the workshop for free
  14. Bevan and Crunchy are defectives , I can help you if you need it <3
  15. +1 Really like the sounds of the events <3
  16. Totally agree, how can you not +1 Hammer. He is a good guy and super talented in pac, so seeing what he could do with Tier 2 is something i'd be super interested in
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