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    Forum Tags | REDESIGN

    Yes! Ive been wanting one for ages I hate having the user tag now :'(, messa no feel special
  2. Anthony

    Forum Tags | REDESIGN

    Tbh, I gotta say -1 Your other work is great no doubt but these new ones seems so bland and 'cheap' as opposed to our current ones which have some depth and more originality to it.
  3. Delta gets it <3 T-45 Gang all the way
  4. Turning Hoth into a Winter Wonderland is the best idea so far <3
  5. Oh okay then....., didnt make it but said i wanted in before 5 of those people :'(
  6. I wanted to upvote that, but i hit thinking and ive hit my limit and for some reason it wont let me upvote, but hey. Still, this guy gets it ^
  7. Okay.... i already said that but make a thread out of it and make me feel bad :'(
  8. Anthony

    New Debrief

    N e w C o l o u r s <3
  9. Anthony


    Made a house inside a Maintence Room. It had a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom everything! However I made one oversight, to help with my immersion I put in lights across the house as well, these lights went through the wall and Kendrick as Vader saw them and came into the room while I was in their watching TV. Long story short, it was rough
  10. Nice idea, but i hateeeee loading music. If you have music in the background to occupy you while you load it goes over it. Most of the time the music is loud as shit. and if you have a 2nd monitor watching videos it drowns that out too. You also cant change the volume (or atleast i cant) cos when you click while its loading in gmod stop responding and crashes
  11. Anthony

    Bye bye

    Thanks for the @ :'( Still love you though
  12. Weird flex but okay. nice plug too
  13. I already know what im doing for christmas IRL. Ive got my christmas suit and im ready to go to as many christmas related events as possible!!
  14. White outline looks really jarring and takes away from the whole thing in my opinion. And even if it did blend it, it looks way to jagged and pixel-y anyway
  15. Performance Tips is where I shine! As a resident potato PC member, there is a couple things ill always do to make Gmod run a lot smoother. First in console ill type: gmod_mcore_test 1 This enables multi core usage on Gmod, giving you more fps, and if not will still make it much smoother, so not as many massive fps lag spikes. Also no idea if it actually works but it feels like it does, ill do !fps when I join, and ill do it on off maps as well time to time and it seems to work, maybe placebo is at work idk. And another is a bit more complicated so ill have pictures. First, go into Task Manager Then you need to click more details arrow, Then you need to find gmod on that list, i dont have it open so im gonna use Nvidia as an example, you then right click it and press go to details Now you will have that process highlighted in the new tab If it doesnt highlight or there is alot, you can tell by what used the most resources. Then you need to right click again, and click set priority - then high. (NEVER DO REALTIME) You will then get a prompt saying are you sure, this could cause system instability - but that can only happen if you do real time, hence never use it. And boom! Gmod should be running alot better now!
  16. -1, For all the reasons above, I didnt think you were mature enough to be an EM, and I think Mod is a step up from that further still, so I definitely dont think you should get it. You also need to actually settle down and get back into the server before you go applying anywhere.
  17. Hippity Hoppity your opinion is wrong
  18. Shouldve parked the U-Wing closer
  19. I too like to farm post counts
  20. never played this before but if basil bevan plays it its probably gucci
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