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  1. Anthony

    Keycards ;)

    Time to get locked out of everything since I refuse to get promoted from Janitor, which doesnt even have Lvl 1 clearence
  2. I thought for the most part the trailer was pretty average, Liked the different take on music, although the end scene with the star destroyer and all the ties had me hyped
  3. In the navy you can sail the seven seas, which is good for you, love you greg
  4. Anthony

    V.5 complete

    but its P I A N O M A N, but yeah beach boys are great, wouldn't it be nice is the best
  5. All good, thank you @Little5avage I appreciate it and all you do <3
  6. Anthony


    Goodbye dad, Its been a good run, looks like plutonic can make his move on yam and be my step dad ? But no one will ever compare to you <3 Love you kix
  7. Did you copy my signature? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Edit: Having posted the comment and seeing them side by side, there is a difference...... but REEEE
  8. I had this same problem but it was for engineer models where they randomly became errors, uninstalling or addons and reinstalling didnt work for me, neither did gmod in general, but after 3-4 days it fixed itself and I can see the models again. You might be having the same problem
  9. also @addamcor I just wanna say great editing and that intro, i really liked it
  10. Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit, I got something! Edit: It was two! I love you all <3
  11. Anthony

    New video!

    Not enough shoe shining
  12. Anthony

    New video!

    Fellas? ? ? ? ?
  13. Anthony

    New video!

    What kind of idiot janitor shoe shiner would spawn a massive Star Destroyer prop wrecking havoc across the ship and propkilling multiple people, I know i sure wouldnt, what an idiot
  14. Anthony

    Regal's PAC 3 App

    Snow trooper with the shovel to clear snow made me have a giggle +1
  15. +1 Have seen you around the server and I've never seen you minge, and you are really into RP so I think it would be great if you could have PAC and be able to extend on your character
  16. Neutral The zealmodel look nice, but as you said they wouldn't really have a place, the only possible thing I think they could be used for, without making a custom regiment is Something like ISB or Navy officer battle armour in events And for the ship prop pack, it could only really be used in events but they wouldn't serve much purpose other than being like crash landed or just frozen in the sky, which will just cause more lag, I doubt engineers would be able to work on it all all due to the sheer size of those models as well unfortunately TL;DR Both are nice, but as you said, wouldn't have purpose on the server
  17. Nice idea, But ones that we could use on the ImperialRP server, we already have such as the AT-AT, or are in the progress of trying to get like the AT-ST.
  18. Im an idiot, read updated description
  19. I found the fix, I was updating the about me , not the signature @Little5avage This can be deleted
  20. Anthony

    Star Wars Props

    As a Engineer myself I think that would be super useful to have on the server and could make for some more awesome builds
  21. Anthony

    Sal needs help

    The same thing happened to me and its why I couldnt join the server for 3 months, I could never find a fix I just had to keep waiting for it to fix itself, and it finally did recently which is why I've come back, I dont really know what to say dude, sorry. Just keep trying to join each day, thats what I did
  22. +1 Great guy who really deserves pac, But you forgot to list your time as a Mouse Droid / Guide <3
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