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  1. Oh the Konig family had their ups and downs, thats for sure
  2. Dont worry bros, I voted Bailey minge of the year, x
  3. Ive never seen the helmets as skulls before, but now that they have mentioned it and shown that great transition between the two, I will always see it.
  4. Another way to save some money isnt to buy it on steam for the full $100. Fallen Order is on Origin as well an included in Origin Premium for $20 per month. Because its a single player game there wont be much replayability to it, and the story is easily short enough to complete in a month, you can get the subscription for one month only, and save $80 that way and still get the best experience, because Origin Premium gives you the deluxe edition + preorder stuff, ie the lightsaber colour and customization.
  5. Makes me want the game even more than I do now
  6. Anthony

    Fun Fun Fun

    Wheres my tag smh, im talking in the chat, brb my sons crying now
  7. Where are my pagan brothers? Vikings on netflix is the one and only
  8. This reads like a review done in an english class
  9. keep them signatures humble chief, dont need to see everything you've done and been apart of everytime you post
  10. seeing that cream cheese and knowing other people do it is so comforting, add some basil pesto to that on top as well and damn. Also steal big mac sauce and put that on bun rolls HOH - truly a blessing
  11. Lil broom stick really is the cherry on top
  12. Share the christmas spirit right?
  13. Look for the 5'5" guy touching peoples shoe
  14. There are people here who Wolf hasnt solely abused!?!
  15. Rule number one of fightclub Steam Never talk about fightclub Click on Links
  16. Truly epic, I'll have to try be there
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