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  1. Anthony

    Fun Fun Fun

    Wheres my tag smh, im talking in the chat, brb my sons crying now
  2. Where are my pagan brothers? Vikings on netflix is the one and only
  3. Anthony


    This reads like a review done in an english class
  4. keep them signatures humble chief, dont need to see everything you've done and been apart of everytime you post
  5. Anthony

    Rishi Moon

    Damn them trees looking fresh, +1
  6. I miss the old kanye egg head
  7. bruh momento numero 2
  8. goodbye yellow brick venator
  9. seeing that cream cheese and knowing other people do it is so comforting, add some basil pesto to that on top as well and damn. Also steal big mac sauce and put that on bun rolls HOH - truly a blessing
  10. Hey I know you... +1
  11. Lil broom stick really is the cherry on top
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