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  1. Cant just show you my awnsers
  2. Already got a mindmap done
  3. Bet I did some controveial choices by saying last jedi and rebels is fav
  4. Looks like we got some competition between you and ISB town
  5. 1+ I have knoe bickery since he joined server same as boshi he is super good person who would be resposible for using pac.
  6. Name: Creeperkid091 Reason: really? Farming for a man of your talents. its a peaceful life.
  7. I have known boshi since he joined the server and seen him rise the ranks. I think you would be responsible to use pac. Plus your pacs are quite good. +1
  8. Now that its the school holidays soon I can use my mic without bothering others in house
  9. the application looks good but I feel like the examples aren't the best as they are just heads and colour change. I will say neutral but if you provide more examples I might change. Good luck!
  10. Seems like pretty okay dude and application is quite detailed +1
  11. Xavier

    Community Expansion

    don't owrry I will hold your hand
  12. Thank you so much for the needed changes. I think this will maek the server much more better
  13. Xavier

    Community Expansion

    About to become true jedi now
  14. I might be wrong but isn’t the main reason Dio is good is because phobia has a lot of the upgrades? I am pretty sure he told me he is quite weak if it wasn’t for his point shop guns and prestige upgrades?
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