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  1. Is this even still recruiting since I applied for it a week or few ago and no comment came back
  2. Oof I am 21k blocks out so I gotta travel a bit. Unless I make my neather hub
  3. Heckle is this. Like I did read it tho
  4. Hello there welcome to server. Make sure you don't join engineers I heard they do wack stuff in the back rooms
  5. When palpatine has a smaller room then his guards
  6. Don't forget about celpow already
  7. The ship they are on in the new republic is same one as alphabet squadron. I am pretty sure the planet is hosnion prime
  8. Now CF will have equal height members. Goodbye archer
  9. Seems pretty good for EM from what I seen of your maybe more maturity? 1+
  10. o7 Farewell on your next voyage. Bon voyage
  11. Cant just show you my awnsers
  12. Already got a mindmap done
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