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  1. Bread - Italian Herbs and Cheese Footlong (TOASTED) Meat - Meatballs Cheese - Old English Vegetables - Spinach, Cucumber Sauces - None (Meatball sauce is :O) Salt and Pepper keepin it simple
  2. Also the last off ship we ran most people's game crashed this isnt good at all as EM's then have to do some prevention and such with crashing, so if the EM crashes another one can quickly take his place but what if that one crashed? then another EM would have to step in etc it can be a big hassle
  3. Banned for Advertising jks your a good boy and was a great EM +1
  4. my bad, i changed my name to be less annoying. ill fix it now
  5. im referring to you and your company being suicidal. No. its more like "i want everyone to be able to voice their opinion on both sides." I don't get you. you say one thing "one injured is better than one dead" and then say that you would be rambo and run into close quarter engagements with no weapon out not defending yourself as i have said before, i have not seen you as an EC therefore i assume you don't completely understand how it feels to have this happen to you.
  6. As stated twice before, this topic has been swept under the rug many times by staff members so i thought of bringing it to a public forum was the best so that everyone can see it. I understand if there is little community interest in it, but the people that do care about it would like to talk about it. Of course as being a frontline medic you will be at risk of dying at any time. the problem i have is when medics run in the open right infront of the enemy and revive them basically at the enemies feet. I had no intention of being involved in an argument. josh got carried away. using
  7. my bad, i just wanted everything to be public so that they can see both sides of the story. i dont want to take it to PM's as points might not be here for the reader to see
  8. I know it goes both ways, but as i said before. I will target someone who can revive all of the players i killed right in front of me. it makes sense. it would be dumb not to. but if combat reviving was enforced more then it wouldnt be a problem.
  9. I wanted this to be a discussion. Your really gonna resort to just digging at me for my medical experience and my knowledge of the rules? don't bother responding if you have nothing useful to say in this discussion.
  10. Well bacta nades are very useful, but should definitely only be used in out of combat scenarios as a 75% hp boost to theoretically the whole server if they are in range is OP.
  11. yeah what you guys say im not holding it to all of yous, i know that some of you are different from others
  12. Z-2 is a great weapon, i have no problem with that. If the EC backed off and you dont know, a quick peak around the corner or observing the others pushing and seeing if they take damage helps. As stated. If in cover and not being shot by enemies/cant be seen by enemies at the current time = not combat healing. The status of combat healing doesnt change mid-revive. I wouldn't target medics as an EC if they stopped combat reviving. i target them instantly because they are a threat with what they do. If josh is down and you are going to tank 300 dmg to revive him, thats suicidal and
  13. ok, my bad. i was told by someone (who i cant remember) that it does state on your handbook that. If it doesn't, you should seriously add it. Theres a difference between risking your lives and being suicidal/rambo. Yes, but going from Medbay all the way down to an undership takes time. wouldnt you want to be able to heal more people instead of dying and having to wait like a min to get back down to the same spot? as stated, Theres a difference between risking your life and being suicidal. Someone WILL aim for you because they know you're a medic, which makes it worse.
  14. i have tried talking about this internally and having staff deal with it, and thats why i brought it up on the forums. for the whole server to discuss this issue Sure, combat healing is an overused term, but its a blanket term basically referring to all of your medic abilities if you all were behind cover and i couldnt hit you, that would not be combat healing as you are not in combat. If you are using heals/defib when i can shoot you, that is combat healing as you are in combat. No Clover, its not the CL1's who do it. As stated, its the Cl2's and CL3's who i wont name. We
  15. Hey everyone. before I start this discussion, I need to state that this is in no way an attack or a player/regiment report against the Medical Company. This is where i have chosen to bring up a topic that seems to get swept under the rug time and time again, and that is Combat Healing. Ever since I have rejoined the server, i have noticed the medics combat healing during events. If I can notice it, surely you all can notice it. As i am an EM and an occasional EC, Combat Healing would affect me more than others who would rather RP as their character, where they get the benefit of basically
  16. I think CO's do make a difference whether your regiment is good or not, but i also agree with the point that being in some army reg's is just like being in ST's but with different models and loadouts. CO's should be active and attentive to their regiments, but I don't think they should nolife their time on the server. When i first got CO, My store was closed at the time so i was out of a job and doing online schooling cause i live in VIC so i had all the time in the world to play and recruit and make EVO more enjoyable. \ Now I'm back with a job and I am going back to physica
  17. if i could give a+2, i would. Application in general had a perfect amount of detail. Straight to the point and elaborating on those points, and nothing repeated. Event ideas are super cool, #1 is a unique twist on infection style passive-ish RP. (question, how would the helmet swapping work? get EC's with PAC, or just /me it and pretend helmets were swapped? but overall #1 is a solid idea for some on-ship Passive RP. #2 i love cause finally an EVO based event <3. Instead of making it Shock, you should swap them out for ISB and DT if a hostage situation was confirmed b
  18. Steam & In Game Details Steam Name: crofty Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:185472499 32, 76561198331210727 64. Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/croftym8/ In Game Name: [ 77-CO ] "crofty" In Game Rank: Leading Spacecraftsman (Corporal equivalent) In Game Regiment: ISC Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): 2w 5d Applicants History Have you had any warns (If so state them): no Have you had any bans (If so state them): no Twitch Details Channel Name: croftym8 Channel Link: twitch.tv/croftym8 Follo
  19. crofty


    -1 The way this is worded is terrible. Firstly the only thing you have proof for is the AT-ST incident, but ill speak about that in a sec. It seems like you just see something happen, automatically assume the worst and then just put it in a report. Jim's claims can't exactly be proved wrong because you don't have evidence against it, and he's claims seems legit. the AT-ST Incident. From your words it seemed like he spawned it and just started RDMing people in the base for no reason. he spawned it in and didnt start shooting till he was getting attacked by INQ.
  20. i agree with most of what bailey said. Moderators should be able to keep their cool, and what cozmo said to clover about MT being "fucking gay" is a poor choice of words. but i dont feel a ban of any sort is warranted. firstly cozmo never said these words in public/ooc chat and didnt send these words to anyone outside of the Medical corp. So it's not like it affected their reputation in anyway, it was just a poor choice of words sent to the wrong person. i think cozmo should get a warn. reg dis isnt a big deal and if the reason for banning him is for using the words "fucking gay" th
  21. TONS of respect for this man helped me out when i first joined Navy, was happy to find out he was in ISC when i came back too <3 fat +1 from me
  22. Steam Name: crofty SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:185472499 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/croftym8/ In Game Name: crofty Time Played Imperial RP: 184 hours - 1w, 15hr, 45m Time Played Imperial RP Evidence: Have you had any warns (If so state them)? N/A Have you had any bans (If so state them)? N/A Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? I have an Long and Extensive History with DarkRP. My Staff history: Brace Gaming (2015) - Moderator High Command (2016) - M
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