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  1. might not be army but add naval guards already lol change DT's role from guarding BSD, cause II is such an insignificant part of the Bridge area, its literally just a spawn point for DT and II. all that Intelligence RP seems to end up in COMPNOR, whereas the Operations Deck is always in use It also makes it IMPOSSIBLE for EM's to get EC's even close to the Bridge as DT just bodyblock that doorway and have their cloak vision. I can't remember the last time EC's got to the bridge and had some sort of RP. Last time it happened EC's held Navy hostage and DT didnt listen to negotiations a
  2. breh my first was kino how tf do u play origins first, friends house? that map would be so fkn hard for beginners
  3. Prog metal :O i love gojira (fav song The Art of Dying) and meshuggah (fav song War) i know like two opeth songs but i love em (the lotus eater and windowpane)
  4. All i listen to nowadays is metal Mainly aussie bands like Alpha Wolf, Void of Vision, Northlane, Parkway Drive, In Hearts Wake, Karnivool If its metal chances are i listen to it
  5. +1 cause theres no data on the ban, so unless a staff can back up the ban then that alone should warrant an unban and 2017 was a while ago and i assume you have matured so thats another reason
  6. Pros Previous EM Experience PAC Tier 3 Experience Cons Events are descriptive, but little to no format. Just a wall of text. EC's have not had decided health or weapons Application could be more descriptive Good Luck!
  7. crofty

    epic SK tryouts

    same i wouldn't have left if scottish didn't go inactive and never promote
  8. o7 ill remember those SK tryouts ft Misahu, Wizz, Scottish, Gusky and more
  9. didnt think of that, good argument
  10. Hello Everyone, A week ago at the CO meeting, it was stated that Engineers now have priority with Fortifications and I have seen a lot of people not knowing exactly what the guidelines are. Here are the propositions that have been approved, copy pasted straight from the doc. All Fortification Designs (OOC Dupes) must be Approved by an Engineer of Clearance Level 2+ before being used (Death Trooper BSD Dupe and All COMPNOR Dupes are excluded). Engineers will mark down what Designs have been granted. Engineer Fortification Designs take Priority over designs made by n
  11. Pros: 80% of staff tickets won't be requesting for vehicles (that's just an estimate) ISC aren't waiting for the ticket to be claimed, they can instantly deploy Tracks ISC Budget Configured to only have vehicles used by ISC (TIE's, Lambda etc. No non Empire Vehicles) Cons: Can be abused (like Engineer Tools) Personally I think this is a good idea, but should only be given to CL2's (like how Engineers get Fort Tablet at CL2) and preventative measures should be added to minimise abusing maybe add a loading screen for pulling out the ship (Pulling Ship
  12. As an EM, I would only set people who I know won't abuse. If that 'newish' person I have seen RP properly around the ship, I would set them, but you do raise the good point that you shouldn't set someone as an EC who's role can be done by others. Instead of setting Roys as a Naval Guard, I could set him as a role that would genuinely give RP to Himself and Navy without getting in the way of another regiment's role, giving him access to the Bridge. Maybe he could be a Navy Crewman transferring from another ISD, getting taught how to operate consoles Or a Mess Hall Officer, delivering
  13. punishments are iffy because the same punishment doesnt work universally. Some players dont learn when demoted so they need to be kicked.
  14. Ok i'm gonna make a proper argument instead of the half ass one i made before cause people think others are just mass downvoting. When it has happened it has been dealt with. When Roys RP'd as a Naval Guard not too long ago, the person who would give him guard equipment ended up getting punished. Roys is still seen on the bridge nowadays, but it's not really a favouritism thing as he was the ENG CO for a while and is someone who is highly respected in the Navy Branch. That point may be invalid as he doesnt have the clearance but if someone of CL4/CL5 grants him permission on the
  15. kicking someone from a regiment also roots out defective troopers. Im sorry but PK's make people think that all the time and effort they put into a reg has just gone to waste and their time in that reg was just a waste of time.
  16. PK's should be handed out for things like Treason, not someone being mingey
  17. nobody rly gets demoted anymore cause those people get kicked for inactivity also fizzy got demoted for something not long ago, so high ranks do get demoted too I played on EG and got PK'd for a stupid reason, I am not too fond of PK's in general as they demotivate people
  18. +1 Friendly, would fit in perfectly
  19. Neutral I don't know too much about you personally, and your app could use a bit more detail, although with the information you give some of it is very straightforward and understandable, like with what you would do as moderator, you give a short and sweet explanation on what you would do, which is good.
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