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  1. This may come as unexpected news, but due to current staff adjustments I have felt that I cannot participate in a community like this that has and accepts certain staff members in it and I am resigning and leaving the community. This staff report against the individual has since been unofficially denied (as he has been promoted) and the person who was supposed to discuss the staff report with me has bailed on me and wasted my time 3 times. I request that no one comments their thoughts on this in the comments, as it will put this post at further risk of being taken down. This s
  2. Appeal could use more detail but apart from that, It has been 3, going on 4 years since your ban which seems to only be about Mass RDM and 3-4 years is a long time for someone to change and mature. +1
  3. -1 Im gonna have to side with bailey on this one, you are a repeat offender, whenever you have been given perms or stuff back to you, you use it and trek the line that your not supposed to cross. Some people change, but I believe you don't. From the harassment that bailey has received from you over the past while, I think it's safe to say that you do not deserve these privileges as I can almost guarantee you will do the same as you have done before. As bailey has stated, the only reason that it seems that you want TS access is to participate in events. Now I don't know much about how you
  4. its called an 'exotic taste'
  5. crowd participation is key you go to a metal show to either mosh till you die or chant your favourite lyrics here's a good example, fat circle pit, humourous frontman and a fucking yoshi
  6. yeah gunnery sergeant in something like MT wouldnt make sense
  7. This is merely an apology, not an appeal. Why is it here? follow the template
  8. this is purely my opinion, take it with a grain of salt if you wish any CL3+ ST that isnt in STC should be given a 2 week period to join another reg or they get demoted to WOI just helps weed out the inactive retirees from the active players and means that rank in ST actually means something
  9. Bailey wasnt the one behind this, he was intending to take varactyl/riot not sky
  10. IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX IT mic drop love you sky <3
  11. Remove cuffs from DT, they have their uses. Also probs reduce Shock slots by a bit to compensate. Riot is a brilliant idea.
  12. ban has been over a year ago. you clearly understand the mistakes that you have made and your willing to fix up your act and RP properly on the server +1
  13. crofty

    Ban Appeal

    +1 4+ years is more than enough time to change as a person, forget about past events and move forward.
  14. just dont shoot friendlies lol nah i agree, when there is a pool of EC's and EM's sometimes we need to split into 2 teams to avoid friendly fire +1
  15. wdym the donation says $502.50
  16. big fat -1 You don't need to be in Teamspeak to play the game. Sure, you can't reach CL3 but you're a private. You can still have plenty of fun on the server without being on TS, maybe even donate and be a bounty hunter, that has no rank and you have no leader, you carry tasks out on your own will. I highly, HIGHLY doubt you are sorry for what you said to Bailey. Poor dude had to go through the loss of a pet that was close to him and you just made fun of him, also calling him a fat cunt on multiple occasions doesn't help. Even when you were allowed in the community discord, all you
  17. Hey everyone, As of recent, I have not displayed the proper conduct a staff member should display and i would just like to apologise to anyone who has taken my controversial takes the wrong way. I also would like to apologise to the amazing EM team I am apart of and Bailey, for making the forums chaos at times and painting a bad picture for the EM team. I'll be taking a break from the forums to try and improve my conduct and the way i talk on here. If you need me, i'll still be in the discords Peace
  18. its that you do a too good of a job guarding lol
  19. might not be army but add naval guards already lol
  20. breh my first was kino how tf do u play origins first, friends house? that map would be so fkn hard for beginners
  21. Prog metal :O i love gojira (fav song The Art of Dying) and meshuggah (fav song War) i know like two opeth songs but i love em (the lotus eater and windowpane)
  22. All i listen to nowadays is metal Mainly aussie bands like Alpha Wolf, Void of Vision, Northlane, Parkway Drive, In Hearts Wake, Karnivool If its metal chances are i listen to it
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