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  1. Title kind of speaks for itself

    whenever i open any overlay like msi afterburner or overwolf, the entire gmod hud disappears until its turned off. this has only been an issue on this server specifically since the new ui/hud update, every other server is fine.



    Screenshot (484).png

  2. To finish all 3 stages of "NPC Kills" You require 50, 100 and 150 kills. I believe this is too extreme. 


    . NPC events rarely happen

    . EMs spawn barely any when it does happen

    . EMs put the health to the max because there are barely any NPCs


    I propose that the requirements for NPC kills be reduced for the reasons stated above, otherwise it will just be impossible or extremely tedious to finish the quest and prestige. Thank you for considering.


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  3. 19 minutes ago, Bailey said:

    Something is being sorted out as I type this. Its not AHC's fault that army is being stagnant. Every other branch has trooper regiments, meaning the need for a "gun" regiment goes away when you can be in a stronger branch and be a gun anyway.

    On top of this, army has been gutted in regards to slots, while regiments such as DT retain 16 slots etc.

    AHC is working to rectify it, but its not easy, especially when everyone else wants to do Army's job and just ignore them as a whole.

    DTs slots just got nerfed. 16 slots is fine for the tasks we do

  4. 12 hours ago, Aezir said:


    I’m plus 1’ing since I have had numerous good experiences with Curly. He is very friendly and creative. I believe he would be a beneficial member to the EM team. Although one major issue is that I have never heard you use your mic in our multiple experiences. It is vital that you have a microphone especially when you are doing events, but other than that I wish you all the best Curly.


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  5. -1



    Your attitude towards other players is terrible, you constantly minge and you have shown little to no sign of change. Your amount of warns are also absurd. 


    Edit: also why did you put capital letters everywhere for no reason


    7. 5 or more warnings and your application will be denied immediately. 


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