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    I'm no developer but I doubt you have any decent intentions with your moderation position considering the fact that you made the same one on gateway and have never joined a server. I understand that developers don't necessarily have to play the server, but I don't see any good reason why you would want to considering you're not getting paid or anything.

    On 10/18/2020 at 3:39 PM, relic said:

    Hi, a developer is there to make scripts and content for the server & community. That's there job, serious developers like myself are there to make content and not so much play the server. Indeed you don't know who I am but I'm simply applying for a developer position. I've supplied 3 pictures of what something I have made.

  2. 21 hours ago, raza said:

    -1 had a few run-ins with binny some positive and some negative but i've given a -1 because of his interactions with some members in the server including myself, as well as presenting incorrect information to people when they haven't even had the chance to prove themselves. my suggestion is that binny needs to work on creating positive interactions with people he doesn't like and that he needs to make sure he knows the full story before presenting information to other people, although he has a lot of positive interactions, as a support member you need to be at the top of your game impartial also making sure you have as much detail as possible, although being a support member does not entail specifically dealing with conflict, you may be required to have patience and some slight forms of conflict resolution, eg dealing with an unwilling player.  for this reason i have given my resoning in the hopes that he may improve on these reflections

    Having known Binny for probably over a year and interacting with him regularly on the server I cant help but disagree. Watching him climb through moderating ranks on previous servers and his actions on Imperial Gaming he has consistently proven to me and others that he can be a support member. You mention that you have to see the full story before making actions, but you yourself have failed to do so.

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  3. 39 minutes ago, Yuri said:

    The better question is, if I put one straw inside of another straw, is it still one hole but it's deeper or is it two holes that are running into each other.

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    Surprise it's still one hole I just made it longer.  


    it would be one continuous hole if it was exactly lined up, if it was a little off it would become two

  4. 1 hour ago, Bailey said:

    Ok so turns out I can just make it so you guys can view it. Take whatever you guys want from it, just make sure to not pass it off as your own (you're welcome to use them in pac3 examples, just make sure people know that you got them from here.)

    Most, if not all of it is just basic model then material. Good luck gamers. Also uhh, if there's any swears or anything its not my fault, modelling used to make me angry.



    i love the lightsaber folder, so much cool stuff!



  5. Like Bailey said, every model (apart from engineers for no apparent reason) has one single hitbox which wouldn't let this feature be implemented. As long as the medic isn't getting blasted to hell and waits the 5 seconds, I think they should be able to revive anyone. 

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