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  1. Does this mean i will never age from 40 to 80
  2. is it like 1000 blocks away or just in the surrounding area?
  3. sign me up riot id: hamish#1738 discord: ҉҉#7460
  4. Hey I'm Hamish from shock, been here for a hot minute but thought id do an intro I usually just run around the ISD aimlessly so lemme know if you need an ec or somethin else See ya
  5. broken on 32 bit aswell*
  6. +1 Huge variety of unique PAC. Would love to see what you can do tier 2.
  7. Name: Hamish Server Playtime: 1d 10h 40m Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: Nah but i've wanted to Extra Info: very interested in this game and would love to play beta
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