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  1. bo burnham is based leave him alone
  2. aot, jujutsu kaisen, evangelion, serial experiments lain, erased, to your eternity, ride your wave, 5cm apart i will not read chainsaw man i will watch it 😎
  3. so based and funny and awesome love the posts keep it up
  4. Hamish

    Hey lol

    he likes long walks on the beach and holding hands
  5. nvm i got a bottle of water probably black tar heroin then
  6. facts, I kinda wasted my first 2-3 years of high school shutting myself out and only really started seeing what life has to offer in recent years, find a good group of mates and enjoy that shit before you can't.
  7. my brain hurts what am i looking at
  8. That's such a weird ass gamemode haha why would he want to play that
  9. Imperial commandos/shore/arc/shadow do all of the small tasks above. pretty pointless adding more people imo
  10. Destiny 1 (NOT 2) BOTW every nintendo and zelda game ever made not gmod rust portal 1+2 not cyberpunk not bethesda games after skyrim doom half life forza horizon games titanfall firewatch osu just cause 3 sonic 06 ect. ect.
  11. Thats probably because they are made by the same studio ecks dee Both games are by avalanche studios, just with different publishers
  12. thinking about eggs

  13. Hamish

    F8 menu random gun

    exactly its random so there's a chance you can get nothing. If if the 'random' weapon revolved around your inventory it wouldn't be random. You get 2 dc-15ses and thats that also dont cry and downvote
  14. Hamish

    F8 menu random gun

    It's called random for a reason, you just so happened to pull out a random weapon that you had
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