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  1. Howdy folks! My name is Fein and you may or may not have seen me around. I have been debating whether I should write an introduction because I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in reading it. But here it goes. These are the highlights and introduction to my time on the server. About two or three years ago I first joined IG as Presley and joined VF under the command of Pro. I stuck around there for a while but would not return to the server until the beginning of last year. It was at this time that I became Fein. I joined JT and made some great friends who I minged with every now a
  2. Fein

    A simple game.

    This a timer to a bomb on the ISD and when it goes off everyone gets pkd and the Chimaera is gone forever.
  3. +1 Very active Nice guy Loves the server Enthusiastic about staying
  4. Clerk Lusica Stynnix [SEC]: Fein in TS: Oh I got 1 number.. 2 numbers.. oh jackpot.. nice.

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