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  1. +1 real nice dude and looks like a walking cockroach.
  2. Yeah not sure if media team do this kind of stuff, like news and reports
  3. Who likes the idea of a Holonet news for the ISD that includes a regimental showcase, news about events and daily report, pictures and maybe a crossword thing and the troopers win credits, Im thinking of making one.
  4. Information Name of the staff member: Delta Regiment: Medical troopers Staff position: Moderator Date: 26/08/2020 People who were there: Josh, Sinatra, Clover, Delta Events causing this report Around two weeks ending on the 26/08/2020 I was playing Gmod with my brother TOM [Crofty] and I was telling him about what has changed on the server since he left, then he was asking about what kind of regiments he should join so he went into the /ooc chat and said something like "Any regiments doing tryouts" then the Medical trooper CLOVER click his bind for the Medic
  5. + 1 With your Pacs you gonna make Compforce into Compcool
  6. +1 Not only that I know you IRL but you as a person in the game shows me that you would be a great EM, with your prior staffing on other servers and your attitude towards others you can become a great EM. Your application might need more detail for each answer like multiple paragraphs. Go look at other applications in the accepted page for more of an idea. Good luck -Cozmo
  7. Steam Name: A PHAT ONE SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:222085915 Steam Profile Link: Https://steamcommunity/profiles/76561198404437559 In Game Name: Cozmo Time Played (Evidence Required): 1 week and 6 days Have you had any warns (If so state them)?: I only have 3 warns on the server [DC to avoid arrest, Rdm, DC to avoid arrest] Have you had any bans (If so state them)?: I have no bans on the server. Why do you want to join the Media Team? I want to join the Media Team because with my passion in making really cool art and films I b
  8. Insta MVP of this thread lol
  9. Not sure if you would like it but maybe a Holonet news or galactic news
  10. When I make the post not knowing someone would say barbie trooper hahaha
  11. If you had the choice to make your own regiment what would it be? My own regiment: Name: 1st guerrilla Squad Description: The GS are involved in many military operations including scouting, ambushing and assassinations, they mainly focus on Guerrilla warfare to surprise their enemies including rebels, they are equip with a special cloak that makes them turn into the environment (trees, bushes, grass and mud). Weapons: Cloaking device, Camouflage armour, scater shotgun, sniper and remote explosion device. What would your regiment be?
  12. Hey everyone its Cozmo, Hope you are doing well since the corona-virus started its been a weird year but anyway stay safe hope we get through this.
  13. Anyone know any good Videos I can watch to make cool star wars maps on hammer I am very interested.
  14. +1 My reason why: From what I have heard around the server you seem like a good person I haven't meet you in person but would like to do so, you say that you have had staffed before on other servers and have no warns or bans which is very good, your application is well written with a great amount of detail to each answer . Good luck -Cozmo
  15. is this a new regiment or a sub one that your in
  16. +1 Dont talk to you that much but from ooc chat and In game you seem like a good person.
  17. Hi I applied for my donor rank for the forums around 3 weeks ago and no reply and already have it in game can I please have it on the forums. -Cozmo
  18. +1 My reason why: Boshi Is a very nice person who is willing to make others have a good time, He always follows the rules of the server no matter what. Good luck on your Application. -Cozmo
  19. -1 My reason for this: Its good to see that you are interested in becoming a Staff Member but with the amount of warns and bans you have Fail RP X2, RDM X2, NITRP, DC To Avoid Jail X3, Disrespect, Fail RP. Lying To Staff and the NITRP ban I don't believe that you were Staff Manager, Trial GM, Head Of Staff and Server Manager because someone who has that type of staff position don't have that amount of warns within a month or even never, but if I'm wrong like Ashton said could you please provide proof of such claims. Hope you Have a Good day.
  20. Thank you for the feed back I will try my best on fixing the mistakes.
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