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  1. I have only seen you around a few times but the App itself is so good and well written, you seem like a very kind and awesome person so good luck on the App. +1
  2. Steam Name: MIDWAY SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:222085915 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198404437559/ In Game Name: Midway Time Played Imperial RP: I have been playing IG for 3 years now but I have 2 weeks and 5 days. Time Played Imperial RP Evidence: Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I have 3 warns from 2018 and 1 this year. DC to avoid arrest [2018] DC to avoid arrest [2018] RDM [2018] Forums shit posting [2020 about 1-2 months ago] All of these warns have been handed to me over a year a
  3. I just want to say thank you Cracked and others who helped made the new map Lothal, I know it took month on end to build this amazing map and now I am very happy to see it once and for all, you did great and thank you for your hard work. Photos and Videos of Lothal:
  4. Even though I don't know you that much you seem like a cool person who is willing to help others. +1 -Midway
  5. Not sure why I am writing this but I wanted to come up with an idea on what job everyone wanted to be when they were a kid or even now. For me all my life I wanted to be in the army from playing with my little toys and watching movies and family members serving in WW2 and current wars I have a passion on helping others and exploring my life. Post your dream job or even current one down bellow.
  6. While playing on the server I have seen some odd things that might not really count as RP, for example I have seen some medics defib someone after they got blown up by a bomb [Not having a go] and its good to see medics RPing and helping others out but you cant defib someone so they get back into the fight after their limbs are gone so I have an idea. There should be a system where the medics can see what injuries the persons has by using a tablet in your hot bar at the top for example: [Name-Midway] [Gunshot to the head] [Unable to revive] this can make the RP more realistic and fun.
  7. Not having a go but there has been many times where's someone has been blown up and a Medic had defib them, in role play that person would be blown to pieces and a defib wont work on them, so we should make a system where the medics can see what injuries who have during wars like a gunshot wound to the leg then they can treat you.
  8. To be honest way back before the first Army swap it was fun, with my first regiment was 442nd and everyone now that I know probs miss that now, if you were to change the ranks again get the players ideas and vote and put that in and decide on what to do.
  9. To Start I just want to say Hi my name is Midway or IRL jimmy and I have been playing IG for 2 going on 3 years, there has been so much going on this year and I have thought about the staff and how helpful they have been to not just to me but to many others within the community. From the Admins, Event masters and Developers you have made my experience on imperial Gaming so awesome and I am so grateful to have you guys on the staff team and I hope everyone of you keep trying your best and do the best in game and IRL, I feel like you don't get appreciated that much or that might be me but
  10. +1 real nice dude and looks like a walking cockroach.
  11. Yeah not sure if media team do this kind of stuff, like news and reports
  12. Who likes the idea of a Holonet news for the ISD that includes a regimental showcase, news about events and daily report, pictures and maybe a crossword thing and the troopers win credits, Im thinking of making one.
  13. Information Name of the staff member: Delta Regiment: Medical troopers Staff position: Moderator Date: 26/08/2020 People who were there: Josh, Sinatra, Clover, Delta Events causing this report Around two weeks ending on the 26/08/2020 I was playing Gmod with my brother TOM [Crofty] and I was telling him about what has changed on the server since he left, then he was asking about what kind of regiments he should join so he went into the /ooc chat and said something like "Any regiments doing tryouts" then the Medical trooper CLOVER click his bind for the Medic
  14. + 1 With your Pacs you gonna make Compforce into Compcool
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