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  1. +1 Higashi would be a great mod.
  2. +1 1. absolute lad. 2. I would like see a bit more information on the DDOS question. 3. other than the DDOS question, I believe the other questions are sufficiently detailed and answered well, good luck mate.
  3. +1 great vid. I reckon you would fit well.on the media team.
  4. BUMP -Updated play time -Fixed grammatical errors
  5. +1, Great guy and is also very talented.
  6. +1 is a lad. Good event ideas. Although in the second event I don't understand why you would get them to try and duel the emperor because no body knows he has a light saber or that he is Sith. Even if he did duel them he would have to kill everyone that saw it except his guards.
  7. +1 You're a really nice person, and you always ask the emperor if he would like his favourite blue milk. Keep it up dude.
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