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  1. It has come that time where someone else must take over the 17TH Sky Trooper Division as i will be stepping away from the server for some time due to IRL Commitments and to make sure it doesn't affect the reg, this decision was not taken lightly and i have made sure it will have as little affect as possible to the way sky runs, 【SKY-2IC】Rachel will be appointed tonight as the ACO when his cl3+ test is completed, until either IHC chooses to make him a CO or a suitable replacement is found. this is not the end of sky and i really wished i was able to stay longer to watch all my troopers grow into the fine ass troopers they all are. Additionally 【SKY-07】Lister will be taking a 2IC Position in this regiment in the future until such a time where it is otherwise changed. i will miss all of you thoroughly and really hope for the best in the future. i also realise and have made arrangements to best make sure sky continues to thrive. 

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  2. 7 hours ago, Bailey said:

    BAILEY ............ you know your stuff is still there right, yeah ive changed the tests and mixed it up how i saw fit but we are still using those in addition to sub roles bailey take a look at this https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdu-V-HI9qZf6RpuOTttvJuj-_DEl3ln1xYF0dOsfcr1Gjccw/formResponse its incomplete as of yet cause theres a couple to get added


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  3. wanted to share a document with all the commanders or 2ics to have a look at, feel free to implement this to your regiment, providing you adapt it to your regiment, and get the appropriate approval, this is just a document and only recently being implemented. 
    unfortunately its in link format. but its clearly google docs 

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  4. -1 had a few run-ins with binny some positive and some negative but i've given a -1 because of his interactions with some members in the server including myself, as well as presenting incorrect information to people when they haven't even had the chance to prove themselves. my suggestion is that binny needs to work on creating positive interactions with people he doesn't like and that he needs to make sure he knows the full story before presenting information to other people, although he has a lot of positive interactions, as a support member you need to be at the top of your game impartial also making sure you have as much detail as possible, although being a support member does not entail specifically dealing with conflict, you may be required to have patience and some slight forms of conflict resolution, eg dealing with an unwilling player.  for this reason i have given my resoning in the hopes that he may improve on these reflections

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  5. +1, my interactions with you have been fairly positive, you seem like a focused person. although you do need to work on not having as many negative interactions with members because of your own personal opinion, im gonna +1 because i feel like you want to improve your behaviours however if the application is denied i suggest you work on interactions with people you dont like and just ignore people who do wrong by you, maybe go into a little more detail but id say im happy with it.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Mauler said:

    Just my 2 cents here...


    Back in 2016, on Poseidon CWRP (before IG started up), those that were 2LT+ were given tools as part of their loadout. Although it WAS abused there, it wasn't overly abusive and quite easy to monitor. Spawned props are logged, they don't get access to Entities or Weapons, and we can just !warn them for Tools abuse. 


    I recommend instead of giving CO/2IC tools, you just have a builder rank that people can apply for, it's not an application like PAC/Staff that stays up for years but rather, up for a couple days, gets voted by Staff and accepted by Admin+ or something. If they abuse it, they lose builder, easy as.

    i like this idea but obvs not up to me

  7. it would kinda be awesome if we could get tools permanently (co 2ic etc), there's a little backstory, so im gonna admit, i kinda suck when it comes to dupes and stuff but when the server is basically empty id love to come in and practice however you can't get them because there's no admins on, ofc i understand that this opens up an opportunity to destroy shit up, but it would be good if we could figure out a way to do this, whether its signing some sort of agreement that will make sure we know that if we abuse this we could get banned permabanned or blacklisted etc, and maybe like only trusted members that havent had any sort of minge or abuse related arrests/warns/bans now i cant express enough yes i know that tools are a highly abusable thing, but it would be pre cool if we allowed use of tools as an option just so we dont have to rely on there being an admin or staff member on. personally i dont know if this is even possible but thats what this "discussion" is about...... on an unrelated note does everone have access to the event schedule and what is the best way to make a signature banner on here PS IM THE OF (CO - 17TH SKY CORP)

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  8. You have an equal, conflicting version of TFA Base.
    It's located at: addons/_s_tfa_base_415143062/lua/tfa/framework/tfa_loader.lua
    Reloaded Control: DMediaPlayerHTML
    Material [tfa_rtmaterial]
    You have an equal, conflicting version of TFA Base.
    It's located at: addons/_s_tfa_base_415143062/lua/tfa/framework/tfa_loader.lua
    Reloaded Control: DMediaPlayerHTML
    Material [tfa_rtmaterial]

  9. got this one like 800 times with 65 times per each one [_s_tfa_base_415143062] addons/_s_tfa_base_415143062/lua/tfa/modules/tfa_hooks.lua:208: attempt to call field 'PlayerCarryingTFAWeapon' (a nil value)
      1. fn - addons/_s_tfa_base_415143062/lua/tfa/modules/tfa_hooks.lua:208
       2. unknown - addons/_u_ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:109 (x102)

  10. 9 hours ago, Delta said:

    I'd recon the droids with specialized roles like the interrogation droid, kx and medical droid have a small change fee due to the nature of their tools and how different each droid is from another while, the gonk,mouse droid and all the astromechs should be interchangeable whenever the user who has purchased it needs to switch.

    they have the exact same tools tho?

  11. and in all honestly no rudeness intended like we spend $45 at least allow us to enjoy it, and at the very least id say have like a limit as to how many times you can switch between or like an expiry of like 6 months or something decent. 

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  12. could we please have it so we can switch between our bought roles within reason like the droid roles, it makes sense because spending $45 per cosmetic character that realistically in the server is kind of without use (partially bugged with the stun gun as well) is kinda a buzzkill when its either you stay in that and get bored or throw away the $45 when you cant really do anything decent nor have anything unique within each of the droids ( they mostly have the same loadouts). it also encourages people to buy more credits to have fun with those roles as well. and tbh its kind of a nice way to say thank you to the people who are actually spending money on the server id think. added after- on top of that it is advertised as permanent not permanent until you change.

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