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  1. It has come that time where someone else must take over the 17TH Sky Trooper Division as i will be stepping away from the server for some time due to IRL Commitments and to make sure it doesn't affect the reg, this decision was not taken lightly and i have made sure it will have as little affect as possible to the way sky runs, 【SKY-2IC】Rachel will be appointed tonight as the ACO when his cl3+ test is completed, until either IHC chooses to make him a CO or a suitable replacement is found. this is not the end of sky and i really wished i was able to stay longer to watch all my troopers grow int
  2. if you go to the far wall around the waterfall you can glitch through the mountain and be under the map, just thought id let ya know
  3. im talking exclusive sky events or documents that we want to keep in house, tests that are in house etc
  4. not really because its non ihc stuff they assist with
  5. BAILEY ............ you know your stuff is still there right, yeah ive changed the tests and mixed it up how i saw fit but we are still using those in addition to sub roles bailey take a look at this https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdu-V-HI9qZf6RpuOTttvJuj-_DEl3ln1xYF0dOsfcr1Gjccw/formResponse its incomplete as of yet cause theres a couple to get added
  6. if im gonna be completely honest i made a simialar document for st when braytec and such were here and forgot about it untill a couple weeks ago
  7. its also surprising how much creating a gmail acc for your regiment can help with having all the documents all in one spot
  8. wanted to share a document with all the commanders or 2ics to have a look at, feel free to implement this to your regiment, providing you adapt it to your regiment, and get the appropriate approval, this is just a document and only recently being implemented. unfortunately its in link format. but its clearly google docs https://docs.google.com/document/d/12ruIIOcoZRhrmSWJR3GjLofERRkdeG9NC37TtJbyP1c/edit?usp=sharing
  9. perhaps mayybe one day ig can expand to make a santos rp or something similar aswell as when the gmod 2 comes out hopefully in a few years expands to that, but i dunno
  10. Just want to know where people think IG will be heading in the future, expanding? shrinking? or just remaining as it is?
  11. -1 had a few run-ins with binny some positive and some negative but i've given a -1 because of his interactions with some members in the server including myself, as well as presenting incorrect information to people when they haven't even had the chance to prove themselves. my suggestion is that binny needs to work on creating positive interactions with people he doesn't like and that he needs to make sure he knows the full story before presenting information to other people, although he has a lot of positive interactions, as a support member you need to be at the top of your game impartial al
  12. +1, my interactions with you have been fairly positive, you seem like a focused person. although you do need to work on not having as many negative interactions with members because of your own personal opinion, im gonna +1 because i feel like you want to improve your behaviours however if the application is denied i suggest you work on interactions with people you dont like and just ignore people who do wrong by you, maybe go into a little more detail but id say im happy with it.
  13. i like this idea but obvs not up to me
  14. but should we let the one or two people who would do this ruin it for the rest of us?
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