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  1. Hello Everyone, During the 2 Year Anniversary Celebration this Tuesday (11/12/2018) there was an awards ceremony held. Here are the results as Voted for by the community. Award Number 1 1st Place - Elevator Man (Noodle) Award Number 2 1st Place - Rickle Award Number 3 1st Place - Navy 2nd Place - ISB 3rd Place - Storm Commandos Award Number 4 1st Place - Cody 2nd Place - Rickle Award Number 5 1st Place - Bailey 2nd Place - Basil Award Number 6 1st Place - Born 2nd Place - Carnifex 3rd Place - Kaye Award Number 7 1st Place - Grand Admiral Thrawn 2nd Place - Grand Moff Tarkin 3rd Place - Darth Vader Award Number 8 1st Place - Rickle 2nd Place - Marlu Award Number 9 1st Place - Military 2nd Place - Navy 3rd Place - ISB Award Number 10 1st Place - Hammer 2nd Place - Auzzi 3rd Place - Scheff Award Number 11 1st Place - Cody 2nd Place - Zaspan Award Number 12 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place (text chat) 4th Place Award Number 13 1st Place - Ana 2nd Place - Stitches
  2. Hello Everyone, During the 2 Year Anniversary Celebration this Tuesday (11/12/2018) there will be an awards ceremony held. We need your help to nominate the winner of the several categories of awards that are going to be awarded during the ceremony. You can vote for everyone category, but you can only vote once. So make your votes count! We look forward to seeing you at the ceremony and announcing the winners. Voting Go the the following link to vote for which people should receive the awards https://goo.gl/forms/OTwYwiJIdxjeviC93 NOTE: Pleas follow the voting guidelines. Any votes not following the guidelines will not be counted. Award Number 1 Award Number 2 Award Number 3 Award Number 4 Award Number 5 Award Number 6 Award Number 7 Award Number 8 Award Number 9 Award Number 10 Award Number 11 Award Number 12 Award Number 13
  3. Cody

    Auzii's Trial Moderator Application

    Accepted Welcome to the staff team.
  4. Cody

    Gandolf (Ban Appeal) *Reapplied*

    -1 Reasons: You were banned only 2 months ago permanently. Clearly have and have no intention to follow server rules, shown by instead of waiting out the ban using an ALT account. You RDM'd x11.....this once again showing you have no intent to RP on the server and follow server rules, but only to ruin the experience for others. Overall you have shown that you deserve an extended ban from the server. If there is any action taken on this ban, I would recommend that it should be that the ban is shortened to be lifted at the end of December at the earliest.
  5. Hello Everyone, Just thought I would let you know that if you were looking for a time to get Star Citizen at a discounted Price, now is the time. Go the the link below to get the game at a discounted price. Additionally, all the information for the Imperial Defence Forces can be found below. hope to see you around sometime soon. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16859-Anniversary-Game-Packs You can join our Discord at : https://discord.gg/73JCV5t you can also join the Discord if you have any questions about the organisation or the game, we will be happy to help you out. and you can have a look at our organisation page at : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/IDFORCE if you are signing up for the game use this referral code to get extra credits and help the organisation out at the same time : STAR-HKZJ-9YNZ
  6. Cody

    Frost's Ban appeal

    My recommendation is that the ban is shortened. With the date that it is to be lifted being the 25th December 2018. On the condition that if you get another warning/ban/altercation with rule breaking you are Permaban with no chance of appeal for 4 months as of date of the perma ban. PS: It has been barely a month of a barely 4 month ban and you are saying you are reformed. Yet clearly after 16 warns you were not reformed. I am sceptical....but if you are lying you will get warned and ban so, no second chances after this... Also
  7. Hello Everyone, I am looking for a Game Sponsor. What is that you ask? As you may have seen on my CS:GO Streams REXMAX is spotlighted in the bottom left hand corner of the screen as the Game Sponsor. As shown in the Image below: So, how to do become a Game Sponsor? To become a Game Sponsor you approach me and basically you donate for me to get a specific game that I do not already have and thus become the Game Sponsor. I am looking for a Rainbow 6 Siege Game Sponsor. I have had a tone of requests from people to play Rainbow 6 Siege. So, I am looking for someone to donate $26 AUD to become the Rainbow 6 Siege Game Sponsor. First in best dresses. Message me through the forums if you want to be the Game Sponsor. Only serious people please. Additionally, if there are any games that you think I do not have and you would like to see me play and you want to be the game sponsor for, say so in Message me through the forums. I will be in contact with all that express serious interest. Finally, thank you so much to everyone that has supported the streams so far. 115 people to date have joined the crew. Really appreciate it! Means the world that people even watch me haha. Working towards that goal of a facecam. Hopefully we reach the goal required for ti soon. Thanks all again love ya'll.
  8. Cody

    Stream Game Sponsor

    @Lincoln Thats is all g. Schoolies is more important and way more fun then my streams haha. Also has more alcohol...
  9. Cody

    Stream Game Sponsor

    Hello all, Base on your feedback I am making the following changes. Instead of 1 month the minimum time it will be there is 3 months. I am gonna get the next game package up (shows how I know nothing about R6 haha) Facecam is coming. The goal for what I need to get a face is on the stream. If you have donated in the past we can talk about that being part of the Game Sponsor Donation. If you are seriously interested i being the R6 Game Sponsor then message me (DM) through the forums like I said. Thanks all love ya.
  10. Cody

    Archer's Trial Moderator Application

    Accepted Welcome to the staff team!
  11. Cody

    Crunchy T-MOD Application

    At this current stage I will have to deny this application. You have received positive feedback from the community, but issues have been raised by staff. Things we would like to see improved before the next possible application: You need to show some improvement in your RP (quality & seriousness). Additionally, the way you conduct yourself needs to see some improvement (maturity). Take all the positive feedback on this App and channel it to improve yourself and apply again when you think you are truly ready. Denied - You may apply again in 4 weeks
  12. Cody

    Cody Facecam?

    I am streaming a lot more now. Do you want me to get a facecam? leave your thoughts below. BTW: Some people have very generously donated on the streams already. Thank you so much to those who have. Everything that is donated goes towards for example getting a facecam if people want me to or whatever else that can make the stream better.
  13. Cody

    Jupiter's T-mod app

    +1 Reasons: You have included Great detail in your application now. Your answers are good quality answers. Your experience staffing is impressive and would be of great value to the community. You are mature You are active Being active on the forums is not everything like you have said. You do not need to be super active on the forums to be staff. You do not need to be super well known in the community to be staff. There have been many people from sith regiments in the past that have gotten staff. So don't listen to the people that say you can not be sith if you want to get staff. Additionally, if we are talking about RP, sith have some of the most especially RG have some of the most serious RP on the server, showing maturity in not being stupid, talking when not supposed to and not running around being stupid. Best of luck with your application. Hope to see you potentially on the staff team in the future.
  14. If you see errors on Naboo this might help Alot of people see the rocks and trees on naboo as errors. This should fix that. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=710042772
  15. Cody

    Crunchy T-MOD Application

    -1 Reasons: Immature Minge Lack serious RP
  16. Cody

    Crunchys PAC Application V7

    -1 Advertised pac application to users through forum message
  17. Cody

    Ban Appeal (Banned 22/02/18)

    -1 ......
  18. Cody

    Ban Appeal For Graham

    -1 Reasons I was the one who ban you You have 0 intent to RP. Try putting some effort into your ban appeal if you want even a small chance of being unab
  19. How to Communicate as a Regiment - 101 Introduction So something that Commanders often find very hard is setting up effective communications systems for the regiment. This something that the Generals should teach Commanders, however since that is apparently not happening I am writing this post to help all current and future Commanders, Second in Commanders (2IC) and anyone else who wants to know how to correctly structure a both in game and out of game communication network. I am going to give you what I believe is the best way to structure this. There are 3 main platforms for communication: In-game: /comms & Local voice chat & Squad Chat TS: (teamspeak) Discord: text channels Teamspeak Currently everyone Clearance Level 3+ from all regiments must be in TS whenever they are on the server. I believe That commanders should use TS as their primary means of voice communication. It should be a regiment requirement that all members of the regiment are in TS when they are on the server. This means that: #1 - the regiment is all in the one voice chat #2 - You are in TS with everyone else on the server. So if you need to talk to other commanders, people or staff they are easily contactable. It also help to build community. #3 - Carrying on from #2 you are able to resolve arguments easier because everyone is in TS and easy to talk to. #4 - It is easy to manage. Staff are there to help you at all times. It has a clear set of rules as defined in the TS rules forum post linked at the bottom of this doc. Teamspeak is also where all regiment orders should be given. This keeps in game comms clear. it also means that troopers that may be separated fro the regiment group can still hear and get orders. In-Game /COMMS the highest rank on at any point in time is the one that communicates with the General or commanding office of missions to get orders and relay information or SITREPs. this keeps comms clear for the General of commanding officer to understand with only 1 person from each regiment using /comms rather then 2 or 3. Local Voice Chat Can be used to give commands to troopers in the immediate area or communicate with other regiments. In Combat only the highest rank from each regiment should talk using local voice chat. This keeps it clear and understandable for everyone when in large groups of multiple regiments. Helps RP situations where talking is needed to go easily and quickly because everyone is not talking in game. Squad Chat This is made irrelevant by TS, if Ts is used correctly. However otherwise if TS is down or something it where all regiment orders should be given. This keeps in game comms clear. it also means that troopers that may be separated fro the regiment group can still hear and get orders. Discord Discord Should only be used for Text chat channels. it should be used for announcements, people posting inactive notices for the commander, for notes about changes from for example commanders meetings. There should not be any voice channels in discord. This way we keep the community together on TS where everyone can find anyone they need to at any point in Time. If Commanders have any issues with other regiments they can easily find other regiments commanders or 2IC's. It stops issues with people getting in trouble for being CL3+ and not be on TS. If there are no Discord voice channels there is only one place they can be, TS. SUMMARY With the current state of the the server In-game communication and Teamspeak, for the moment i do support the use of Discord for announcements and inactive notices. However I strong disagree with Discord voice channels. Once Teamspeak 5 comes out at the end of the year with its expected functionality of Discord and Ts combined I will be making a new post most likely. With strong suggestions if TS 5 lives up to expectations that Discords be shut down and all communications be done through TS. I hope this helps all those commanders and 2IC's out there and anyone else who is an up and coming commander. EXAMPLE OF HOW REGIMENT TS CHANNELS SHOULD LOOK EXAMPLE OF HOW REGIMENT DISCORD CHANNELS SHOULD LOOK
  20. @Crunchy You have TEAM CHAT which is text chat using the "u" key. You then have SQUAD CHAT which is voice chat using the in-game squad system. Holding CAPS to talk to all the people in the squad.
  21. @Planz Good initiative. That's a good strategy for transition! I would advise the you set a dated that your regiment has to have have switched over by so that transitioning does not drag out.
  22. -1 Everything that has been said above Covers it. Plus yelling at myself and Kaye and disrespecting us as staff members in an admin sit is completely uncalled for. I wont stand around while you yell at a T-mod for your own mistakes. My decision to ban you is more then justified based of your disrespect to staff alone. Also considering it was clearly stated on you last ban appeal that it was your last chance, I wish I had given you a perma ban rather then just 2 weeks now knowing that. Here I was willing to give you a chance to come back in 2 weeks and turn yourself around. Little did I know you had already had you last chance...
  23. Cody

    Kaye's TMOD Application

    Accepted  Welcome to the staff team Kaye.
  24. Cody

    Quoth's Ban Appeal