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  1. 2 hours ago, Rascal said:

    This is taking quite a while, I mean not even my initiation for Bohemia took this long to process. With all due respect, I'd like to ask what's going on? I'm getting so many +1's but it seems like that's not the contributing factor. I really do want to help make the server a better place cosmetically but the time this is taking to get approved is beginning to worry me. 


    Hello, just letting you know we leave all the dev apps up for at least 3 days to allow time for feedback to be posted. So just chill, relax and be happy that the vast majority of your feedback is positive. Your app will be reviewed in due course and when the leadership of the dev team are available.

    If you're unpleased about the process, or are no longer interested in the position you're always welcome to withdraw your application at any time for any reason.

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  2. Hey folks,

    One of the things brought up in the Community Meeting was the idea of an Arma 3 Server. While we won’t be setting up a permanent server, I’d be more than happy to run a few games nights on Arma 3 either with or without mods.

    If you’re interested, please reply to this post letting me know so, as well as what nights you’re available each week. Numbers will play a large role in determining what we could do on any given night, however even if it’s as little as 2 or 3 people there’s a lot of fun to be had in just spinning up a Liberation server with a few Star Wars mods on.

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  3. I also agree that swapping SKY out at the moment is a bad call. Changing up a regiment that's empty or only has 1 or 2 active members is one thing, but as it's been very clearly stated SKY is doing rather well at the moment.

    I'll agree that a little bit of small change to regiments might be quite refreshing and welcome, but there's definatley something better we can do than this. 

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  4. Hi everyone, as I’m sure many of you are aware, Imperial Gaming currently has a system in place that can be used to get the Steam ID’s of all players who are online on the server. This is what has been primarily used by regiments in order to create their spreadsheets to track hours and statuses of members.

    While this system works well, the Dev Team is looking at expanding this functionality into something more closely resembling a fully-fledged Web API. This new Imperial Gaming API would potentially offer users the ability make requests to different endpoints, each offering different types of user metrics and data.

    At this point in time this concept is still sitting in the ‘ideas box’ so to speak, so we’re really interested to hear back from the community to see what sort of things you guys would like to see. One of the main things we’re looking at doing is changing the return type of the data from a single, long string of Steam ID’s that need to be split up to the more ‘standard’ JSON format. This allows for a great amount of flexibility and possibility for expansion and use of the data across a varied array of applications. For example, the most obvious use would continue to be people using it to track their regiment members on the server. However, the dev team could also use this new API for projects such as data visualisation and tracking tools – think of something along the lines of the IG database page. If you wanted to get super creative you could go so far as to make entire desktop applications with their own user management systems for your regiment, using our API as a mock database of sorts.

    Another thing we’ve thought of as requiring a standard implementation of would potentially be a user hours tracker. Currently, spreadsheet owners, in order to track the hours of their regiment members, need to handle this themselves. However, what if instead of having to implement this yourself you just make a request to the API and it returns the users current active session time?

    Like I said, we’re really eager to hear back from the community with this one, as it’s the sort of thing that’s pointless if it doesn’t do what the people who would use it want it to. If you’re someone who manages your regiments spreadsheets, I encourage you to get in contact with me. I’d be more than happy to have a chat on teamspeak, exchange a quick few messages on discord, or just leave a comment on this thread.

    On behalf of the dev team, I’d just like to thank you in advance for your feedback, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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