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  2. Hisoka - Living meme. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  3. -1 -Good intentions -Application has shown little to no effort, not detailed at all and very very short -You haven't made a clear point into why accepting you into the staff team would be beneficial. Not being mingey does not make you special, most people on the server don't minge, and that's not the only thing staff members are looking for. -Explain what you mean by "cool traits". I do not understand what you're talking about, you're just describing matters on a general scale and that is not effective. -Playtime way too short. For Event masters it should be at least 1
  4. Rishimoon is a lot more fun and exciting. Personally it brings back a lot of memories. It's got walls, got multiple landing pads, 2 hangars which can be transformed into storages. And it simply adds more RP opportunity to the server, instead of now where a lot of people stand around and chatter when there's no where to guard, no where to go. But as staff members have already stated... Rishimoon isn't helpful to the server's growth and more players have issues with the map, which is why we're not going back.. But GOD THIS IS A HARD POLL
  5. +1 -Very trustworthy -Very mature -One of the best Commanders -Serious at all times -Awesome staff member --> Can be trusted
  6. +1 -Brilliant Commander -Serious -Trustworthy and very mature -Very dedicated staff member, once again, can be VERY MUCH TRUSTED.
  7. OMG I found your brother
  8. Agree with. NEUTRAL. But my opinion may change depending on how you improve your application
  9. -1 -Not as mature as an ideal Commander would be.
  10. HAPPY B-DAY CABOOSE I hope this is not a troll......
  11. Oh my god, those are some really awesome creations man! Firstly you're so good with PAC Now this. Awesome and talented person, agreed with Pandi 100%
  12. Update: Regiment changes. Left Inquisitorius for Storm Commando's .... It's quite sad for me but I'm up for a change.
  13. Thank you all for your support and feedback!
  14. -DENIED- It's sad to see you go you are a great EM and a good friend Good luck
  15. NEUTRAL (edited) -Good intentions -History of staff positions on other servers. -Many past warnings -May need longer playtime. Generally 2 weeks is appropriate. -Repetition of your phrase "great" isn't as precise or specific as it can be. -Not enough detail in "why you're applying for this position". -One warning out of five is for racism. Even for a mingey ST, racism is not allowed. You may have changed though. -Little detail in general for each question. Especially 1 or 2 of them. Be more specific and don't just say "deal with minges and trolls", the
  16. Well.. I'm not going to state my +1, -1, or neutral opinion just yet... But your phrasing and wording are identical to mine, with little changes applied.... You may have rephrased some things.. But..... Really? I see no attitude or dedication in this app, and you have clearly used only a few of your own words to change it up slightly.... Sorry but I do not welcome any form of Plagiarism. we may be in the same reg and this may sound harsh, but I'll say it here: All of my words are my words and they represent MY thinking. Not yours.
  17. Thank you for all of your support and feedback guys!~
  18. What is your in-game name? Krypton. Inquisitor Apprentice. What is your steam ID? STEAM_0:1:175129137 Steam link http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198310524003/ Playtime 2 weeks, 2 days, 5 hours. Have you used PAC before? I have not used PAC before on a legitimate server. However, I have been learning about this addon on YouTube while also experimenting with PAC in single player to prepare myself for this application. I wouldn't say that I am expert at the skills/uses of PAC3 but I do believe I have a basic level of knowledge.
  19. -1 -Big improvement from last app. -Good intentions and good goals -A bit too young (see below for clarifications) -Not enough playtime, 2 weeks would be preferable. It partially shows your experience but also how dedicated you are to the server. -Some serious grammar issues in app, this may drastically affect your duty as a Mod. -Immature from what I've seen around the ship (calling emperor "best buddy", asking directly to be friends with the emperor) -Need more experience on the server, reflected not only by your playtime. 10 days is not enough for a consid
  20. Krypton

    New Dropship

    NEUTRAL I do agree with the new dropship, now that since the server is growing in population and sometimes we need more dropships than the MH's could handle. HOWEVER, I also agree with the colliding issue, although it is very unlikely, because Sith & high ranking personnel will be in the lambda, and the rest of the players could probably barely fill up 2 - 3 dropships, we wouldn't often need 4 full dropships like this.
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