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  1. Yeah we sort of done that already, we put forward a 212th idea and thats been made to focus on mobility so sort of a QRF type legion, we weren't entirely happy with how its come out but the heavies get to keep the mortars so that a slight reconciliation for mud and we're currently trying to put forward a different idea for the scout troopers to better fit with how we would see the legion going
  2. its not that it isn't communicated as I said we had contact with john who then relayed to tempest and once they had decided what the plan was tempest came to tell us himself not much that could be changed at that point though
  3. I dont know about the management not being exposed to the negative feedback as with the 275th our whole dealings with the only people we could talk to about it being tempest and john, they only repeated to us "I know your not gonna like this but here's the options" so the knowledge that none of us liked any of it was definitely there but was just ignored. We had to make do with picking the least shitty option among what they offered us and were still fairly unhappy with what was being forced upon us, the main reason that we hated the idea was that it seemed they were trying to make us into a 5
  4. PapaMT


    Purchased it yesterday only had a few hours to play but made it to valentine, very beautiful game and runs well on max settings, was able to get it cheaper on the g2a sale too
  5. PapaMT


    reckon its still worth $100?
  6. PapaMT


    im just weary to try it as its fairly expensive for a game that seems to take so long to complete, dont know if id take the time to finish it if its not as good as the first game
  7. PapaMT


    Yeah i remember playing the first one when i was young but had fond memories of it would you say the world is better or worse than the first, i liked the vibe of the dusty old desert is it still like that? @Lachlan
  8. Anyone got red dead 2 thats played the first one? is it worth buying compared to the first and also considering its still $100, also for people who haven't played the first one, opinions on number 2?
  9. I'm not gonna say hes wrong, but......
  10. tbf the extension of the ban to a week over a half assed ban appeal is a bit silly, coulda just said no to the appeal and left it at that or maybe a day or 2
  11. The correct answer is none of those choices, the T-21b sniper is god tier EC's fear the wielders
  12. How the hell would ENG make money?
  13. Yesh but i was thinking we should just make it a default thing instead of a perk tree cause there arent many good ways to make creds, either spend your whole time grinding ilc missions or risk losing it all on gambling
  14. Wouldn't even have to be much even like 50 creds a kill would give people a boost with how long npc events usually last
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