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  1. Caaaaan yoooou maaaake a cloooone waaars oneeeee pleaseeee
  2. 15/1000 posts were actual comments that had meaning behind them Congrats <3
  3. As requested this is the Event list for Clone Wars RP. This was so hard as I've never been on the Clone Wars Server for an event Hope I did okay... Note: If you are an EM that wants this information just post a comment below. Remember: You can either vote on the polls below or leave a comment like this. Example: Off-Ship Breach Battle Droid or On-Ship Passive Bounty Hunter Thanks for your replies Cronos
  4. Don't know if you're being serious or not
  5. Sure, don’t know the type of enemies you fight but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out.
  6. I sure can if the EM team would like this information. Happy to help. Also, not too sure why the EM team haven’t done this. It’s pretty simple and an easy way to find what the community actually want.
  7. Hi all, I made a post similar to this about a year. On my return, I have noticed that there are barely any more off-ship events which is a HUGE change from this time last year. I just wanted to know which type of events the player base enjoys more as it helped me out a lot last year. You can either vote on the polls below or leave a comment like this. Example: Off-Ship Breach Jedi or On-Ship Passive Mandalorian Thanks for your replies Cronos
  8. Ahhhhh General Kenobi
  9. Hell no! Imperial RP is where it’s at...
  10. Hi, I’m Cronos. Some of you may remember me from mid 2017 - early 2018. I was an EM and the SG Commander. Good to see a few of you still playing the server but also nice to see a few fresh faces entering the mix. Can’t wait to get to know more as you as I start to get my time played up again. Cya around, Cronos
  11. What is your Steam display name?: Papa What is your current in-game rank and regiment?: Navy Chief How much time have you spent on the server?: 3 weeks 4 days How active are you in-game and on the forums?: Everyday Do you have any kicks, warnings or bans?: No What do you know about Military High Command?: MHC help run the Military trought the generals orders. They are resposible for making decisions surrounding military tactics, law and order, recruitment and education of troopers. They assist in promotioning troopers to high ranks within their regiment and the
  12. Bye Barron, catch you on the flip side :'(
  13. I assumed by dead you meant old because most dead games are old.... CS still has a lot more players on than GMod does though...
  14. Cronos

    Waynes unban app

    If you really wanted to get back into the server then you seriously need to add more detail and put more effort into this appeal...
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