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  1. Hey @Fox, nice to meet you sir
  2. Hey nice to meet you
  3. Can you stop spamming my ban appeal up, if you have a problem private message me
  4. Obvious +1, Kumo is one of the best developers I have seen in the garry’s mod community and the fact he is applying for a volunteering position here at IG is a privlege in my opinion. People of his skill and level would normally be asking for prices in the GMOD store and elsewhere. I think Kumo would be a great asset to the development team and it would be a real disappointment to see him go.
  5. Caught what for the third time??
  6. What? That makes no sense at all. That’s like saying “if you goto jail, you’ll go again”. Or “If you buy a game, you’ll buy it again”. No offence but that is such a stupid response
  7. Yeah, love you Stevo, bit sad to see you take a break but you have earned it man. In my opinion your the best general imperial gaming has ever seen. I’d like to personally thank you for being the backbone of IMC. Maybe when you come back I might be here ??????
  8. That was on gamma’s stream and how did I harass members of the community by giving my opinion in a stream since moose has bullied me in the past. I only see 1 piece of evidence, you said members?
  9. I’d love to help revive it @Anthony, but
  10. I’m not asking to get unbanned, I’m just asking for a ban reduction like 3 months
  11. Would love to speak to you in ts tommorow
  12. Would love to speak to you in ts tommorow
  13. Considering last time we spoke was well over a year ago really means something. Your judging me over text and when I am offering to speak to you and talk about things you don’t wish to do that? You seem to have a grudge on me and I want to resolve that but obviously you don’t. I don’t understand where this deep emotion comes from but I feel as you need a hug ?. Yes I am a proud staff member of another community but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be unbanned. Besides this time I am just asking for a reduction not a full unban. This was ages ago, how am I suppose to remember what wrong doings I did? I did wrong doings and now I am here to apologise and get given a chance. I would love to speak to you, @Marlin and @SCHEFF In a teamspeak like mature people to discuss your -1’s. I understand if you don’t want to but I am offering you a chance to see the new me but if not then that’s fine.
  14. Yes I understand I was given a chance before and I botched it up but no one is perfect and all humans make mistakes
  15. Shit can someone move this to the ban appeal section not accepted section @Wolf
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